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Summer is coming and temporary tattoos are appearing!

  • authorDoc Logo
  • dateWed 30 May 07
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Finally summer is coming! Sun, beach, tanned and oiled bodies… It’s the ideal period of the year for the Promotional Temporary Tattoos!! Choice is as wide as our range: Our standard Temporary tattoo, extremely low cost per unit, can be completely customized in full colour imprint, as well as all “special effects” tattoos: The Glow-in-the-dark tattoo: Perfect for Evening events, Nightclubs and bar promotions The Scented tattoo: It works great for scented products or services by releasing brand aroma to create name recognition. The glitter Tattoo: Which add a flashy element to your next promotion. But I must admit that my favorite tattoos are the Thermocromic and the Photocromic. If you are curious of these tattoos effect, do not hesitate to visit our website:www.temporary-tattoos.eu Our Temporary tattoos are high quality, full colour imprint, but above all, they are completely safe. Our tattoos are non-toxic, hypoallergenic and FDA certified. It’s also the guaranty of a successful communication: This product is a perfect giveaway, ideal for product launches and in many other occasions. I have to say that I love this product, it’s high quality and very cheap. Therefore, I encourage you to see our success-stories. You should try it for your next communication, it will work…. It always work!

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