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Search online for Promotional Products

  • authorDoc Logo
  • dateSat 07 Apr 07
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Internet consultant Bart Schutz from Jungle Rating did an analysis (commisioned by Duth firm Adforesult) of the 8 most important online shops for pormotional products in Holland.

The following benchmark of online shops were tested and evaluated :


The website of the company Zintuig Media,, is by far the best, explains Bart Schutz, for several reasons : the phone number where you can ring for advice is clearly indicated on the top right corner. Small pictures indicate clearly the steps to be taken on the website. The website displays a list of best sold products per range. There is online information about your running order and you can select an item, put it on your personal list, so that when you revisit the website you immedialty see that selected product.

The analysis was made on the following points : inform, advise, offer, interactivity, multimedia.

The Zintuig website is indeed worth a close look, after that we will all go back to our own websites and see how we can become as capable as this company!


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