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Promotional tea bag

  • authorDoc Logo
  • dateMon 07 Sep 09
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I use the occasion of the return to work, to present you a small original product. The promotional tea bag.

We found this funny new product by chance surfing on the Web. It’s sold in a few stores and were launched by Donkey products.

I imagine it’s possible personalise de tea bags with logos or a famous characters. Wouldn’t it be cool to have Ronald MacDonald or Mickey Mouse taking a bath on your cup of tea?

With a little bit of imagination, this product will have a great success as a promotional product.

What do you think of the promotional tea bag ??

I love the product…

Although, I wouldn’t like too much having Sarkozy taking a bath in my cup of Tea… You can sea more information on the Webpage of Donkey Products

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Source : Objets Publictaires Blog


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