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Promotional ashtrays

  • authorDoc Logo
  • dateWed 25 Aug 10
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pocket-ashtrayPromotional ashtrays are very popular now ! With more and more strict smoking bans coming out recent years, a pocket ashtray seems necessary for a smoker to build his or her smoking manners. These ashtrays have the space for logo printing and they support long time use, believe they are the ideal promotion products for you. promotional ashtray One of the leading “Ashtray” supplier in China is UKETA Ltd. To reduce the butts on street, in water and to keep the earth clean, they design these pocket ashtrays with great innovation. See here some pictures of these promotional pocket ashtrays. If you need other more information, please contact : Warren Ma / ( Smoking Ban Solution supplier) ********************************************************************* UKETA INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Shanghai UKETA Industries Co.,LTD TEL: 0086-21-65015862 FAX:0086-21-5596 5957 EMAIL: warren@uketa.com.cn or warren.uketa@gmail.com MSN: UKETA-WARREN@hotmail.com WEB: www.uketa.com.cn ************************************************************************

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