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Moonvertising: how far are we going?

  • authorDoc Logo
  • dateThu 15 May 08
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moonvertisingIf, like a lot of people, you didn’t have the chance to walk on the moon, you could have the opportunity in a near future to put your logo on the moon. So what do you think of that? This new advertising idea called Moonvertising comes from the company Rolling Rock, who was planning to put its logo on the moon via a laser beam on March 21st, when there was a full moon. Apparently, this idea was just to raise up curiosity because they didn’t do it. Apart from the fact that it is technically impossible to put a logo on the moon via laser beams, this idea goes definitely too far. It is unbelievable to see that some companies are ready to go that far just to get more money. Here are some reactions to this idea: “Realistically, it’s not possible to do what they want to do. The Moon is a quarter million miles away, and lasers spread. Even tightly focused beams will spread out hugely by that distance. That means the power gets spread out, so the laser is pretty dim by the time it gets to the Moon. Then, the light has to be reflected back to the Earth. The Moon is really not terribly reflective; its average albedo is about 12%, which means it reflects only 12% of the light that hits it. So you lose 7/8 of the light you send there anyway. Of course, a laser powerful enough to overcome all this would probably have military applications, since it would have enough power to slice an incoming missile in half. I imagine the FAA might be a little concerned about planes in the area, too.” “I THINK TECHNOLOGY IS GOING A LITTLE TOO FAR. WHILE ITS KINDA COOL IN THEORY… WHATS NEXT? I MEAN COME ON REALLY. THIS ISNT METROPOLIS! BATMAN DOESNT EXSIST… AND I WANNA BE ABLE TO LOOK AT THE MOON WITHOUT A BEER LOGO ON IT”. And you, what is your opinion?

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