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I am fed-up with promotional products!

  • authorDoc Logo
  • dateThu 26 Mar 09
  • comments0
Well yes, I am sorry … but I think I seen too much… For today I don’t want to see them nor to talk about them. What I can propose you is to immerse in the world of StreetMarketing. I am fascinated by the ideas the creatives find to make these campaigns. I call them “creative” but I should better say Guerilla fighters, don’t you think? Have a look at this webpage: it’s name is “Conseils Marketing”. It’s a French web of marketing advises. Frederic it’s founder, a friend of Doc Logo, has listed more than 500 street marketing campaigns. Come on, have a 5 minute break and go for a walk in the street of Guerilla marketing and more!
What is Guerilla Marketing? click here

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