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Glitter tattoo

  • authorDoc Logo
  • dateWed 15 Dec 10
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The new tendency in the young and teenagers, is the glitter temporary tattoo! They now sell some Glitter tattoos kits with stencils, glue and glitter so that everyone can make it’s own home-made glitter temporary tattoo! In the United States they sell those kits like hot cakes! The company HORIZONSOURCES, manufacturer of custom temporary tattoos, offer a perfect alternative: the Glitter Custom Temporary Tattoo! The Glitter tattoo is printed full colour, same as the classic temporary tattoo, and the design is covered with a multicolour Glitter coat for a sparkling effect. Up from 5000 units, we make Glitter tattoos with your own design or logo. The Glitter temporary tattoo has a great success among the young, teenagers and women as we could verify it during the promotion of a big cosmetic brand which used our glitter temporary tattoos. Suggested use: * Teenage promotions * Kids promotions * Women’s and children’s footwear and clothing promotions * Health and beauty aid promotions * Cosmetic and fragrance industry promotions * Beverage Promotions * Swimwear, beach, and sun care product TO BUY SOME CUSTOM GLITTER TATTOOS OR ASK FOR A QUOTE, FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US at www.temporary-tattoo.eu !!

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