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Excellent promotion action for Gamma Group in Holland

  • authorDoc Logo
  • dateThu 06 Jul 06
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It’s< not easy to find new ideas or strategies for promotional items and gifts. But this one i really likes it!
A dutch friend from the company relatiegeschenken Zintuig did send me following case study : The world cup brought a wave of orange promotional products on the market, distributed by many supermarket chains like Albert Heijn who distributed Wuppies.

Once Holland was eliminated from the worldcup the orange-rush was over the next day, orange items disappeared from all promotions at once. The Gamma Group took advantage of this situation in an extremely creatif way : One day after the dutch team was eliminated from the Cup they launched this promotion :
5% discount on everything you buy if you bring us an orange promotional item in exchange. The results were excellent.


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