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Delivery time for the promotional products

  • authorDoc Logo
  • dateThu 29 Mar 12
  • comments1
Article written by Doc Logo on 05/12/2006 cargoFastness and reactivity, these are two important points on which the promotional products market has been working lately. A good example: the average delivery time for the promotional products in Europe was around 4 weeks about less than 15 years ago. The file used for the printing was put on a CD or other physical devices and sent by post, and thus it took clients more than one week to sign their visual art proof. Our American colleagues were the first to drastically reduce the delays! Currently, such firms as Magnet LLC or Prime are capable of shipping your personalized orders in one or two days. We could think that this significant delivery time reduction led to nervous breakdowns among the stressed employees of these companies..but no! I was even impressed when several years ago I paid a call to these 2 companies no one was running around, there was no stress, the organization was perfect and there were logical fixed points during the production process.delivery Was Europe forced to follow this movement even though on our continent I do not know a lot of importers and manufacturers who could dispatch a personalized order in 2 days? However, clients have become more and more demanding regarding this point. Every day, our purchase department receives requests to deliver promotional products in just a few days! I firmly believe that the future of the promotional products European market will be dominated by a few companies which will be capable of delivering in record time, as right now the delivery time for clients has become more important than the actual price! funny promotional productsIf you are interested in funny, cute but useful promotional products, do not hesitate to contact: www.horizonsources.net


  • authorRussell Dower MELBOURNE
  • comments2013-06-07 12:29:23
Only a few years back we made our clients feel "penalised" by adding a surcharge for a rush job. In retrospect, I think it caused unnecessary ill-feeling, & nowadays, whilst quicker turnarounds might still attract higher prices, right upfront, we simply quote different service levels. ie: 24hr express , 3 day, 7 or 10 day service & of course the prices may vary depending on the product &/or decoration method. Also with a lot of IMPORTS, clients can choose different service levels: seafreight, airfreight, or air express. So we are not penalising clients for quicker delivery, they simply choose the service level (delivery time) that suits them and the price that suits them.

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