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A symbolic promotional product for a political party

  • authorDoc Logo
  • dateThu 07 Dec 06
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Some clever people will choose a promotional product for it’s symbolic power. Following the Dutch elections I saw this item of which a Dutch socialist party distributed one million pieces during the election campaign. The idea was first launched by the SP, a socialist party, in 1994, and this year they used it again, a little modified but with the same symbolic idea. it’s colour is, of course, red. It’s shape is like a tomato as a symbol of protest. The shape includes a small star as symbol of hope. 1994 slogan was “clean it and start again”. This year no slogan was used. sp-sponsje It’s a scouring pad like you use to clean dirty pans. The idea of course is cleaning the country… The idea was developed by the company Thonik in Amsterdam.

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