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The organisations of the promotional products industry

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  • dateThu 25 Jun 09
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Did you ever hear about the APPA ? For sure distributors in Australia and NZ did, but I’m quit sure that Europeans and Americans never did. Here is a small list with the main organisations and associations dealing with promotional products. Europe www.psionline.de P.S.I. See our interview with Sabine Gelderman : PSI Show www.promota.co.uk PROMOTA Trade organisation in England. BWG bundesverband BWG bundesverband Germany www.ppp-online.nl Platform promotional products Holland www.assoprom.it ASSOPROM / Italie www.promoturk.org PROMOTURK / Turkije www.bfr.dk BFR / Denemarken www.eppa.eu.com EPPA / Engeland www.fyvar.es FYVAR / Spanje www.sbpr.se SBPR / Zweden www.bpma.co.uk BPMA / Engeland www.reklameprodukter.com / NBR Norsk Bransjeforening for Reklameprodukter Norway North America www.asicentral.com / A.S.I / USA www.ppai.org / P.P.A.I / USA www.promocan.com / PPAC / Canada www.sageworld.com / SAGE / USA www.ppam.org PPAM Promotional products association of the Midwest/ USA www.regionalassociation.com / RAC Regional Association Council / USA www.mappa-online.com MAPPA Mid-Atlantic Promotional Products Association / USA www.neppa.com / NEPPA / New england Promotional Products Association www.sunbeltppa.org / SPPA / Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida. www.azppa.org / AZPPA / Arizona Association www.oppagroup.com / OPPA / Ohio Association www.gcppa.org / GCPPA / Gold Coast Assocation www.cppa.biz / CPPA / Maryland, Northern Virginia, Delaware and Washington DC. www.ppaw.org / PPAW / Promotional Products Association of Wisconsin www.mippa.org / MIPPA / Michigan Association South America www.ampro.org AMPPRO Asociación Mexicana de Profesionales de la Promoción /Mexico Australia www.appa.com.au APPA Australia Mexico www.amppro.org AMPPRO Mexico Asia PPGA Promotional products and giftware association Singapore GAS Gifts association Singapore Hong Kong trade council TDC trade Thai Gifts & Premiums Club (TGP)Thai Gifts & Premiums Club To see the list of promotional product trade shows click here.

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