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Weepuls and Logobugs Messenger bugs Fluffy bugs

Posted on 13/05/2011 by Henk KROON

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weepulsI don’t think there are many products in the promotional product industry that did get so many differents names !

Here are just some I found in the UK:

Logobugs, Logo-bugs, Messenger Bugs, Promo Bugs, Fluffy Bugs, Furry Bugs, Weepuls, Billbos, GB1, Budget Bugs, Handy Bugs, Promotional Bugs, Flumps, Original Bug, Ad Bugs, Ad-bugs, Shaggies, Novelty Bugs, Bug novelties, Sticky Bugs, Bugs, Advertising Bugs Pon Poms, Galaxy Bugs, Glitter Bugs, Themed Bugs, Fluffy Balls, Gonks, Fuzzy bugs.

logobugsI’m sure some of them are familiar to you ! All these names are gives to the same product, the logobugs, a product that keeps up it’s place in the market of promotional products since more than 25 years.

up from 250 pieces your message can be printed on the ribbon, and you can choose from many different themes, sport logobugs, animal logo bugs, and many more. Below  are a few nice examples.

If you want more information about this evergreen promotional product, contact for example these guys :





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Promotional pets with logo on the ribbon

Posted on 26/01/2009 by Henk KROON

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They have many differents names, some call them Logobugs, others call them Wuppies or Winnies and in the US their name is Weeples.

The logo or message is printed on the ribbon, the feets are self adhesif. Good give away for tradefairs.

See the whole range here : www.horizonsources.com

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Your best New Years’ greetings ever

Posted on 11/11/2008 by Carletti mathilde

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Christmas and New year’s season is the perfect period to thank your employees, clients, and providers by sending them a nice greeting card.

This little attention could seem to be little thing BUT by greeting all the persons you successfully worked for or worked with, you are reinforcing the quality of the relationship and creating fidelity.

Are you going to send the same sad greeting card this year ? Or are you looking for something funny and unusual?

We have an idea for this year to be your best new year’s greetings ever:
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Posted on 29/06/2007 by Henk KROON

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wuppie A small furry pompom, a pair of eyes, adhesive feet’s and a ribbon on which a logo or message can be printed. That’s the Wuppie, also called Winnie, logobug or Weepul.
The Wuppie can be declined in many different characters, animals, sportsmen, builders, policemen ect.
Why does this small promotional product still have such a strong popularity ?
simply because it has a strong promotional impact, receiving a Wuppie the client will for sure be seduced and smile. It’s the kind of promotional product people do not throw away, they’ll stick it to their computer or put it on a cupboard where it will do it’s work : promoting the logo or slogan printed on it’s ribbon.

For more information about the Wuppie : www.horizonsources.com

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Weepuls, Wuppies; Logobugs and Winnies

Posted on 28/03/2007 by Henk KROON

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wuppie We already wrote an entry about the history of these small fuzzy promo animals called Weepuls, Wuppies or Logobugs and Winnies. You can read the history here.

But where or when to use this small promotional product? The possibilities are really very wide, more than 300 different models are available.
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Effective and fast !

Posted on 05/02/2007 by Henk KROON

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Winnies drive the effectiveness of marketing campaigns in the Netherlands.

Fast marketing tools driving the message are becoming more important. As one of the leading promotional sales companies on the web in the Netherlands, we see that our customers ask for a reduction in delivery times. What used to be weeks is now sometimes reduced to days!

Winnies are made in Western Europe. Lead times are short and are easy to customize. It’s a promotional product that is increasingly used to drive a marketing campaign. For example: the Dutch railway company used the Winnie « conductor » to tell everybody that stations where being renovated. By the launch of the campaign the commuters got their winnie.

For Connexxion, the biggest public transport company in the Netherlands, the Winnie « disco » was used to introduce the Nightbus. On major squares and bus stations in the urbanized parts of the Netherlands, party goers received their Winnie Discos.

In both examples, delivery time was critical. Nowadays, compagnies use a vague marketingstrategy for the long term and use effective short term promotions to drive their strategy. Promotional products that can be produced and delivered fast are the most suitable ones. For me, the Winnie is the winner for 2007.

By Jasper Martens from Zintuig in Holland To buy Winnies or Wuppies :
www.winnieman.nl or www.wuppieman.nl

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Feliz Año Nuevo !

Posted on 31/12/2006 by Henk KROON

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El equipo de Horizon Group les desea Feliz Año Nuevo !

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Christmas Wuppies and Winnies

Posted on 07/09/2006 by Henk KROON

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Of course, Christmas is still far away, but it’s good to prepare your promotional products for christmas before the rush period of October and November.
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