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Don’t fall into the trap when buying Thundersticks

Posted on 18/03/2009 by Laure Berthon

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taptaps-3Thundersticks, also known as tap-taps are inescapable items for cultural, political and sport events. If you want to support a team, a movement or a demonstration, you can make noise with your 2 sticks and show your logo through the crowd. Nevertheless, there are important points you need to know before falling into the trap and buying defective bangers.
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Promotional Sport Items

Posted on 05/11/2008 by Carletti mathilde

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The most moving steps of all major professional sports league are coming: UEFA Champions League, for football but also in many other disciplines: Basketball, Voleyball, Handball, etc.

And the supporters to do their job: : ENCOURAGE THEIR TEAMS !!!

Some say that the supporters are the 12th player (in the case of football) and for that reason games are won when playing local, with the cheering of its public.
With this purpose, clubs and sponsors look for sport promotional items to offer to the supporters…
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Inflatable wavers and noisemakers

Posted on 10/07/2007 by Henk KROON

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  • Perfect to advertise your image and logo at sporting or political events
  • Clap two taps together for attention-catching noise.
  • Inflate easily through a special valve and banger will not deflate.

For more information in Europe : www.horizonsources.com
For more information in North America : www.empirepromos.com

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Inflatable Hands, the product of the month!

Posted on 25/04/2007 by Henk KROON

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inflatable hands Ok, why did I choose the inflatable Hands as product of the month for April ? It’s not a fully new product although not much sold yet in Europe. In America it’s already far more popular.

The first advantage of the inflatable hand is that it doesn’t make noise like the traditional inflatable thundersticks. (The pair of stick you inflate and bang against each other to make noise). Thundersticks are forbidden during several sport events in the US as the noise disturbs the players.

Although there is no noise, the club colours and the sponsor message will still be seen from afar.
The inflatable Hands is not only good for sports events but also for political meetings, union events and so on.

To learn more about the inflatable Hands, please visit : www.horizonsources.com

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Bambams sticks

Posted on 26/06/2006 by Henk KROON

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I love this product, the Taptaps or Bambams sticks.
You hit both inflated stick against each other and you obtain a loud sound.
Image a football stadium with 10 000 or more persons banging these bambams sticks together. It makes an impressive promotion. And if the game is shown on TV the sponsor gets a free TV spot showing his logo on thousands of Bambams sticks.
For more information on the bambams sticks : www.horizonsources.com

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