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Color your summer with the personalized slap wristbands !

Posted on 17/07/2012 by Lorene

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Summer time, here we are ! And what is synonymous of summer ? Beach, the sun, farniente, swimsuit…  About the look : flashy colors are totally trendy in this year 2012, the more fluorescent it is, the best look you have !


Concerning the jewels, even if you’re relaxed in this period, you continue to match them with your clothes despite of your lack of motivation for spending an hour to put them all.  The solution : the personalized slap wristband of course ! They definitely are THE holiday’s wristbands.


Super stylish with their flashy colors (obviously, you can choose them), the slap wristband is also the fastest to put. You just have to “slap” it on your arm and here we go ! Done in 1 second !

This is a fun product. Why ? Because you can personalize THE SLAP WRISTBAND  EXACTLY AS YOU WANT.

What is more is the personalization you can do on this awesome gadget. You choose the wristbands’ color of course, but you also choose what you want to write on it : sea, sex and sun… Whatever, you’re free.  Summer time is the perfect timing to show who we really are without staying in the skimpy “society  mold”… Do what you want, wear what you want, say what you want : holidays in other words !

Last summer, the slap watch success strengthened the position of the silicon jewels. More sophisticated than silicon wristbands (even if the success of this product is always at the top), the personalized slap wristbands have another advantage : you can choose among different quality range : the economic slap wristband in reflective PVC and the Premium quality slap wristband in silicone (100 %) which has a larger range of colors and personalization.slap-watch

In consequences, we can say the promotional slap wristband is THE jewel you have to wear this summer 2012. Preferably choose an ultra bright color to bring out your fabulous suntan and seduce the slap watch owners : birds of a feather flock together !

You too you’re interested in making your own personalized slap wristbands ? Do not hesitate and contact the specialist : www.euro logo.com

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What to think of a customized rubber wristband?

Posted on 28/05/2012 by Yuliya

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Article written on 05/09/2012 by Webmaster

bracelets-siliconeLet’s start from the very beginning: with the difference between the rubber wristband and the silicone wristband!

Without any doubt, you have already had in your hands some of these wristbands with texts in different colours on them. You should know that 80% of these bands are made of silicone and surely not of rubber. The rubber band, a bit less expensive than the silicone one, has a very unpleasant smell, it is usually thinner than the silicone wristband, more fragile, less pretty and less comfortable when worn on the hand. Imagine a huge rubber band: this is the rubber wristband.

If you wish to make some wristbands and put your own text or logo on them make sure to buy 100% silicone wrisbands. The only way to be sure: ask for a sample before ordering.

If a reseller is unable to provide you with a sample, this might be bacause he is probably thinking of selling you a rubber wristband instead.


A few sites where you can find silicone wristbands in UK :

Silicone wristbands : www.horizonsources.net

Silicone wristbands : http://www.cheap-wristbands.com

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Customized seatcovers: keep your but dry and boost your promotion!

Posted on 16/05/2012 by Yuliya

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Article written by Lorène on 16/05/2012

seatcover04-bigI know: you really have this idea that whenever it rains whatever is plastic can protect you from humidity, however, it usually makes you look very foolish. The first picture that comes to your mind is a poncho, and let’s be honest here: very often it looks like a trash bag. Well, it is not what will turn you into a beauty queen.

However, there is still hope: you can keep your dignity in the rain! As in all fashion trends, what makes a product fashionable is actually its personalization. This is the secret. A basic silicone wristband can thus become a real jewel, just like a ridiculous rain poncho can become a product that people will fight over if only you use the right colors and the right catchphrase to personalize it. People, proud of wearing the colors of the event they have been waiting for, will be happy to make the common to all symbol visible! The product considered as « has been » can become the « in » in one second!seatcover03-big

A perfect example of a good plastic product (to be more precise, a PVC one) is a customized seatcover. It is super original and can be customized according to your taste. What is more, it is also known for being useful. It will let you get on your bike, you’ll be calm and serene because you won’t get your but wet while going home!

We know that you have always wished to go to work by bike, because of ecological concerns and because you want to keep your body of an athlete in good shape at the same time. Because of bad weather and dangerous traffic you seem to be discouraged and your good intentions towards the planet are no longer a priority. We understand you perfectly well. After a long « rainy » day at work where you deal with problems all day long, you would like to take your bike and avoid the feeling of having a wet but. Too much is too much. As for your ecological intentions..well there is a limit to everything! That is why the customized seatcover is perfect to cover your seat and protect it from rain and other dirty marks.

Extra light and small, the coverseat can be folded easily and you can put it into any small pocket of your bag, even the tiniest one. It is hard-wearing and you can reuse it whenever. The fun part: this product can be entirely customized. All colors can be printed, it is an extraordinary advertising aid, which is already a proof of future success for your promotion.seatcover-01-big

So, no more excuses: get on your bike that has a customized seatcover, pedal to make your legs tapering and sleep well as you are preserving the planet! 🙂

Do you wish to get some customized seatcovers? Contact the specialist: www.horizonsources.net

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The « weight » of promotional products in France

Posted on 12/04/2012 by Yuliya

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silicone wristbandsPromotional products are a very effective means of communication and therefore they are more and more used. Very often companies make themselves known by giving out promotional gadgets to their potential clients.

It is true that because of this detrimental economic recession that has been hanging over France for several years already, some tend to reduce their budgets originally intended to be used for advertising. Alas, we are talking about a big mistake here! Advertising is what allows you to come to the surface faster than the others and to conquer new markets! Actually, as everybody cuts his or her advertising budgets, you will do the opposite and this will let you be visible and win the 1st place! When your competitors disappear from the advertising arena, clients will think of only one name: YOURS! This will be the sign of good « company health » and stability!

Communicating through promotional products is particularly efficient when you realize that they are used by clients in their everyday life!

Consciously or not, consumers will think about you and your company when writing with a promotional pen customized in your name, when wearing a silicone wristband that will remind them of the moment when they got it as a gift (probably a festive event, so a positive association with you) or when jogging and wearing your logosocks or your personalized lanyards!Transfer-Printing-Lanyards-with-Plastic-Buckles

Despite the crisis, Media and alternative Media communication reached 31.4 billion euros in France, according to the 2FPCO and France Pub. Promotional products represent 4.4% of this figure (that is to say 1 billion 400 million euros in 2011!)

In April, we will have the opportunity to discover the origin of these products and their destination. The 2FPCO will publish the results for its subscribers. Do not hesitate to have a look at : www.2fpco.com

If you too, you want to remain visible and you wish to seduce your clients by producing promotional products in you your name, contact the specialist in the matter: www.horizonsources.net

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Promotional products for Whitney Houston: last homage to the diva

Posted on 05/03/2012 by Yuliya

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whitney-houston2On February 11th 2012, the world was in shock: American diva Whitney Houston passed away so unexpectedly. What we usually see when a star departures (we have seen it already with Michael Jackson) is that record sales soar; the same happened to Whitney Houston. The most popular record is of course ‘I will always love you’, the famous song from unforgettable Bodyguard starring Kevin Costner, the movie that is the top of Whitney’s career.

I have always admired Whitney. Her extraordinary, unbelievably beautiful voice touched and still touches a great majority of people, deep down in their hearts. Her songs are close to our emotions, our feelings, our misfortunes and our happiness; in short, they are close to us. Beyond her status of a interplanetary star, Whitney Houston was also a woman, with her hardships but also with success, just like you and me.whitney t-shirt

After her death, her fans have started buying different advertising products more than ever. We can already find personalized T-shirts with the most beautiful pictures of Whitney on them as well as with the dates of her birth and death printed on them.happy-whitney-houston-morphing-mug-7296-933

Undoubtedly, the Internet offers its share of by-products: personalized mugs with her picture, silicone wristbands with the name ‘Whitney’. What is more, in order to see one’s idol every day while looking at the names of people whom you have to wish happy Birthday, you can choose personalized calendars with Whitney in the background…

All these Whitney Houston advertising items are, in a way, a means for her admirers to honor her death.

If you want to personalize some items in the name of Whitney or your other idols, do not hesitate to contact: www.euro-logo.com


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Plastic is fantastic

Posted on 13/12/2010 by Carletti mathilde

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We really are in the silicone age!

Wristbands, watches, Muffin pans, sex toys, breast implants and a lot more products are made in silicone.
Why? Because it’s a smooth material, flexible, non porous, ultra resistant, odourless, and last but not least: totally non toxic!

Derivative from the quartz, it’s a material widely used with a medical and surgical purpose.

In the promotional product industry, the most successful silicone promotional products are : the silicone wristbands, silicone watches, and the silly bands…
Those products are made of 100% silicone, and can be customized in a thousand colours and models:

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Silly bandz Crazyness!

Posted on 07/10/2010 by Carletti mathilde

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You must have heard about the Silly Bandz!

Since May 2010 it’s an absolute craze over the youngs and teenagers. The trend started in the USA and is now invading Europe!!

The Silly Bandz or Crazy bandz are wristbands that are shaped like animals, cars, stars and many other shapes.
Kids and tennagers are becoming crazy over these shaped bands.
They collect them, compare them, hoard them, make videos of their new crazy bands purchase…

I know what I am talking about: my 16 year old little sister is just obsessed with them:  » I need some more colors… I still don’t have this shape! »

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Paper Identification wristbands

Posted on 26/08/2010 by Henk KROON

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Wristbands for Fairs and Festivals

When you’re bringing in hundreds, or thousands of visitors to events like fairs and festivals, you need an efficient, inexpensive way for you to track admission and identify customers. Medtech wristbands provide you with a highly effective visitor identification wristband solution, and they will hardly break the budget! With a huge variety of colors and designs, and fantastic customization capabilities, your wristband options are limitless which allow you to maintain a secure environment for you and your guests, of all ages!

paper wristbands The anti-counterfeit (Supertek) Tyvek wristbands are strong, waterproof, tear resistant, tamper resistant wristbands that ensure the patrons visiting you have been prescreened for payment, age and group restrictions, and special access to different areas of your venue. Easy to see and comfortable to wear, these wristbands are perfect for events, tour groups, schools, teams and parties. Add sequential numbering, or bar coding to track attendance rates, or customize your wristbands with your festival or venue promotions and upcoming special events, in combination with sponsor information for great exposure 24-7 exposure!

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