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Promotional Sport Items

Posted on 05/11/2008 by Carletti mathilde

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The most moving steps of all major professional sports league are coming: UEFA Champions League, for football but also in many other disciplines: Basketball, Voleyball, Handball, etc.

And the supporters to do their job: : ENCOURAGE THEIR TEAMS !!!

Some say that the supporters are the 12th player (in the case of football) and for that reason games are won when playing local, with the cheering of its public.
With this purpose, clubs and sponsors look for sport promotional items to offer to the supporters…
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4 sponsors on your PONCHO!

Posted on 30/11/2007 by Carletti mathilde

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For sure, you already know the Promotional rain poncho ?!: This unusual promotional product is really solid, light and cheap!
This product is perfect for street marketing, sport event sponsorship

The rain poncho offers two imprint options :
Single imprint on the front or back of the poncho
or Random imprint.

This last imprint option is far the most interesting in communication as your logo visibility is optimized!

MY ADVICE: : you can insert 4 different logos which are going to be repeated several times on the poncho.
For a sports event, for example, you can have the logos of 4 sponsors imprint and repeated on the rain poncho!
Is there any better communication tool than this promotional rain poncho?

To have more information on the promotional rain poncho: click here

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ATISHOO!! God bless…the rain poncho!

Posted on 26/09/2007 by Carletti mathilde

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We are entering the PERFECT season for Promotional Rain Ponchos!

Automn coming with its lot of rain and greyness…

The perfect item for street marketing, sport or outdoor events…

Example: A big outside event: festival, concert or meeting is planed. Organizers and especially sponsors pushing their brand, anticipating a possible shower, buy customized rain ponchos with their logo on it: they just have to hand them out if it starts raining.

Let’s imagine the impact of this communication!
It has a double positive effect: on one hand, participants are offered a rain poncho which shows how well organised the event is..
On the other hand, the communication impact will be very strong if thousands of people all wear your promotional rain poncho at the same time! And if the event is broadcast on TV, Success is guaranted!
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