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The « weight » of promotional products in France

Posted on 12/04/2012 by Yuliya

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silicone wristbandsPromotional products are a very effective means of communication and therefore they are more and more used. Very often companies make themselves known by giving out promotional gadgets to their potential clients.

It is true that because of this detrimental economic recession that has been hanging over France for several years already, some tend to reduce their budgets originally intended to be used for advertising. Alas, we are talking about a big mistake here! Advertising is what allows you to come to the surface faster than the others and to conquer new markets! Actually, as everybody cuts his or her advertising budgets, you will do the opposite and this will let you be visible and win the 1st place! When your competitors disappear from the advertising arena, clients will think of only one name: YOURS! This will be the sign of good « company health » and stability!

Communicating through promotional products is particularly efficient when you realize that they are used by clients in their everyday life!

Consciously or not, consumers will think about you and your company when writing with a promotional pen customized in your name, when wearing a silicone wristband that will remind them of the moment when they got it as a gift (probably a festive event, so a positive association with you) or when jogging and wearing your logosocks or your personalized lanyards!Transfer-Printing-Lanyards-with-Plastic-Buckles

Despite the crisis, Media and alternative Media communication reached 31.4 billion euros in France, according to the 2FPCO and France Pub. Promotional products represent 4.4% of this figure (that is to say 1 billion 400 million euros in 2011!)

In April, we will have the opportunity to discover the origin of these products and their destination. The 2FPCO will publish the results for its subscribers. Do not hesitate to have a look at : www.2fpco.com

If you too, you want to remain visible and you wish to seduce your clients by producing promotional products in you your name, contact the specialist in the matter: www.horizonsources.net

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Little printable flag: just shake it!

Posted on 06/04/2012 by Priscilla

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The flag, a representative symbol of a country, a community, or even of a commercial group is well-known and has always been used.


This little printable flag, light and compact, is a very simple but rather funny and effective means of advertising.

It can be printed in full color, on both sides to provide you with a large surface for communicating :  there are not many promotional products  to offer you such big visibility. This little printable flag is the best ally of your publicity.

The second  asset of this customized banner, for those who yearn for more ecology, is the choice of the handle : initially in plastic, it can be replaced by a wooden handle.

Different sizes are available: for example 15×21 cm or 20×30 cm.

If you too you want to experience the pleasure of shaking YOUR OWN printable flag  please contact : www.horizonsources.com

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Promotional products for security: simple gadgets can save your life

Posted on 16/03/2012 by Yuliya

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maslows_pyramid2I think you realize that safety is fundamental in today’s society. You all know what Maslow’s Pyramid of needs represents. Abraham Maslow, American psychologist known worldwide, managed to organize humans’ needs in a hierarchy in order to be able to explain what motivates us in our everyday life. According to the pyramid, the safety and security needs are the second most important needs after the basic ones. Well, this explains why people bother to franticly search for the right commercial market…

A word to the wise is enough to put it into action: marketing specialists are here already! Promotional products retailers have already turned to this new market of the promotional items for safety and security. Just turn around and have a look! You will immediately see smoke detectors in the buildings, cute first aid kits in the cars and elsewhere; they are simply essential everywhere we go! What is more, all these items can be customized of course. What a bliss!3339first_aid_kit

Among all these useful gadgets there is one that stands out the most: the new customized breathanalyzer. This is THE product of this year thanks to the French law that will make it obligatory in every vehicle. Its personalization will not only make this new rule more “fun”  but it will also allow it to carry out its mission: avoid car accidents, or at least reduce their number.

Wherever we go, people are preoccupied with the desire to feel well, to have the environment of confidence, financial security, interpersonal safety etc. That is why insurance companies spring up, new products appear and new laws are adopted..The mine of gold for the promotional products market.Security

If you wish to acquire a “security” promotional item and to customize it according to your tastes, do not hesitate to contact: www.horizonsources.net

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Promotional products for Whitney Houston: last homage to the diva

Posted on 05/03/2012 by Yuliya

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whitney-houston2On February 11th 2012, the world was in shock: American diva Whitney Houston passed away so unexpectedly. What we usually see when a star departures (we have seen it already with Michael Jackson) is that record sales soar; the same happened to Whitney Houston. The most popular record is of course ‘I will always love you’, the famous song from unforgettable Bodyguard starring Kevin Costner, the movie that is the top of Whitney’s career.

I have always admired Whitney. Her extraordinary, unbelievably beautiful voice touched and still touches a great majority of people, deep down in their hearts. Her songs are close to our emotions, our feelings, our misfortunes and our happiness; in short, they are close to us. Beyond her status of a interplanetary star, Whitney Houston was also a woman, with her hardships but also with success, just like you and me.whitney t-shirt

After her death, her fans have started buying different advertising products more than ever. We can already find personalized T-shirts with the most beautiful pictures of Whitney on them as well as with the dates of her birth and death printed on them.happy-whitney-houston-morphing-mug-7296-933

Undoubtedly, the Internet offers its share of by-products: personalized mugs with her picture, silicone wristbands with the name ‘Whitney’. What is more, in order to see one’s idol every day while looking at the names of people whom you have to wish happy Birthday, you can choose personalized calendars with Whitney in the background…

All these Whitney Houston advertising items are, in a way, a means for her admirers to honor her death.

If you want to personalize some items in the name of Whitney or your other idols, do not hesitate to contact: www.euro-logo.com


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Advertising Balloons: Long History

Posted on 13/02/2012 by Yuliya

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Did you know that the advertising balloons all kids are so crazy about go back to 1824? They were created by Professor Michael Faraday and he actually used them for professional reasons: he experimented with hydrogen at the Royal Institution in London and used rubber to make the advertising balloons.

However, when there was no rubber created yet, the concept of a balloon existed already. Children used to play with inflated bladders and used sea animals for that. Another great example was Galileo, who wanted to measure the weight of air and decided to use a pig’s bladder.

Humans are very creative and intelligent creatures. If you have a look at the balloons one can find on the market today, you realize that there is a huge variety of them: latex, rubber, and hydrogen ones etc. Lots of progress has been made in this field. What is more, balloons are more and more often used for advertising. They are an excellent promotional product used at different events. You can print your logo or text on one or both sides of the balloon making it visible to the public, in this way you personalize it according to your tastes.

As for the prices, they are rather competitive if you buy them from Euro-Logo, and they start at 0,07 per item for the quantity of 10 000.advertising balloons

If you are interested in making a campaign of advertisement among children and their parents, a bright advertising balloon would be one of the best means to communicate with them. You can use balloons for weddings, sporting events, birthday parties as well as at your restaurants to promote your brand name.

If you are interested in ordering personalized balloons for a special occasion you can contact Horizonsources Group, a promotional product specialist, at http://www.horizonsources.net/.

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Eco Giveaways for the Style Conscious

Posted on 09/02/2012 by Priscilla

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Written by Helen Louka from www.ellenell.com

Environmental awareness is now firmly engrained in our lives and that extends to promotional product selection. Giveaways do not need to be wasteful and harming to the environment so if you plan to use eco gifts, try our top picks for a stylish but green promotion…

Jute Bags
Spotted on celebs such as Amy Childs and Little Mix the jute bag is set to surpass all other promotional bags as a top trend this spring. No longer resigned to the supermarket checkout, jute bags are now a fashion staple – a coveted item on which to promote your logo. Available in a vast range of sizes, the jute tote bag is not just a pretty canvas; it also provides a great print area for personalisation so plenty of room to add a logo, contact details, and a strapline. Giving jute bags as part of your advertising campaign is a sure fire way to get your logo noticed, as any recipient is certain to want to carry this ‘it’ bag everywhere!3471

Organic Cotton T-Shirts

Organic cotton t-shirts are a popular alternative to traditional promotional t-shirts, especially the trendy skinny fit. Ideal for staff uniforms or to personalise with your message, an organic t-shirt will promote your brand to today’s eco conscious consumers. And did we mention price? No longer a high ticket item, eco t-shirts are an affordable fashion staple which won’t break the bank.

Eco Sports Bottles
2012 is an Olympic year and that means sports promotions will be high on the agenda.  Eco sports bottles are hotly tipped to become the ‘must have’ sporting souvenir offering a convenient and popular way to showcase your green values. And banish all thoughts of cheap recycled plastic, today’s eco bottles are made for the style conscious, on and off the field.

Bamboo Computer Accessories


For a distinctive promotion, nothing says ‘eco chic’ more than a stylish bamboo computer accessory. For office workers, how about giving a promotional bamboo mouse, made from environmentally friendly bamboo? Used with great frequency, a mouse is an ideal way to keep your logo in view and can be teamed up with a bamboo USB flashdrive to give an air of real elegance to the workspace.

Eco Notepads
With the current trend for all things vintage there is an increasing interest in promotional gifts with a retro look and feel. In some cases, the more rustic the better so an eco friendly notepad with retro looking recycled paper is the perfect backdrop for your logo. For added visibility why not accessorise with a recycled pen and hand out as part of your next green promotion.


Remember, care about your carbon footprint, and your customers will care about you!

If you need information concerning promotional product, don’t hesitate to contact: www. Horizonsources.com

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ASI Study: Promotional Products Beat Prime-Time TV

Posted on 10/11/2010 by Carletti mathilde

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Ad specialties are less expensive per impression than most other media

TREVOSE, PA – November 8, 2010– The Advertising Specialty Institute today released a landmark study that proves advertising specialties beat out prime-time TV, radio and print advertising as the most cost-effective advertising medium available.

The most significant findings of the 2010 Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study show advertising specialties are less expensive per impression than most other media* and are very affordable and effective when compared to other forms of media.

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Promotional Folding Shoes

Posted on 22/09/2010 by Carletti mathilde

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Conor O Donovan from the ODM Group in Hong Kong comes and presents us a fantastic and new promotional giveaway:

The Folding Shoes « CHINELAS »!!

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