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custom pens

Posted on 08/10/2017 by Renske Visser

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colorful custom pens!

everyone uses a pen at least once a day.

why wouldn’t you print your company name on it? these pens with print have been the most sold promotional item for years on end, and not without reason. at school, at the office or at home; not only do you use pens everywhere, you also wouldn’t just throw a nice pen in the garbage.

that’s why these pens are still a very popular promotional item. pens are always accepted. each time the pen is used, people will see your company name/logo. this way, you’ll have a ton of promotion for a sharp price.

here you see a variety of pens including the touch pen. is the desired pen not included? please ask us if the model you want is available. the models shown  are just a fraction of our assortment.

if you are interested, please contact us.


and our phone number: +44 20 70 99 21 66


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Promotional products sales outpaced almost all other non-electronic media in 2011

Posted on 02/07/2012 by Henk KROON

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Although the U.S. economy continued its fits-and-starts recovery in 2011, promotional products sales during the period outpaced almost all other non-electronic media. PPAI’s annual survey of distributor sales, which comprises the official distributor sales estimate for the promotional products industry, shows the industry moved $17,721,945,690 worth of promotional goods last year—a seven-percent gain over 2010. This marks the second consecutive year of positive growth following declines in 2008 and 2009. The industry experienced its highest level of sales in 2007 at $19.7 billion.

Throughout 2011, PPAI monitored sales using a quarterly member-distributor sales sample. This quarterly barometer indicated a 6.7 percent increase for the entire year—a figure consistent with the all-industry (member and nonmember) calculation.

PPAI’s annual survey of distributor sales indicated that both large and small companies had much to cheer about at year’s end. Distributors in the $2.5 million-plus bracket recorded sales of $8.6 billion, up 6.7 percent; the smaller-company segment did even better—up 7.3 percent in producing orders worth $9.1 billion.

“People are opening their wallets a little more,” observes Tim Broadhead of distributor Banyan Incentives. Sixty to 70 percent of his company-designed products are new designs, he says, so he expects this year to also be a winner.

At the Vernon Co. (UPIC: vernon) it was a matter of prospecting. “Some of our salespeople found that people weren’t going to spend more, so they went out and found some new accounts,” says Dan Stevenson, executive vice president.


The Tally For Small Distributors

The revenue average for the 21,500 firms in the small-company segment was $422,505 (vs. $407,114 in 2010). A more telling sales statistic, the median—that is, the midpoint where half the population is above and half is below—was $230,066.

For several years, the industry has been a magnet for companies whose core business is unrelated to promotional products. As Table 2 indicates, almost four in 10 small distributors (sales under $2.5 million) reported they did less than 80 percent of their business in promotional merchandise. Perhaps their migration to a new vista was beneficial, because nearly a third of their revenues were from promotional merchandise. The trend line, although uneven, points to the industry’s products as an attractive second-revenue stream.


In 2011, the small-distributor cohort did 16.8 percent of its business with non-industry suppliers—that is, firms not listed with PPAI, ASI or SAGE. For the large-distributor segment, the corresponding figure was 15.4 percent. All told, distributors of all sizes placed $2,969,914,983 worth of business with suppliers that were, from the industry standpoint, “outsiders.”

Internet Sales

Over the years, the internet has become a channel inching its way to prominence as a source of distributor business. Last year, $3,099,370,950 in distributor revenues was attributed to dot.com posts. In previous years, web business percentages hovered in the 16- to 17-percent range for both large and small distributors. The 21.1-percent average for large distributors in 2011 likely represents a breakthrough.

For the small but growing number of online distributors such as Adco Marketing (UPIC: ADCOMARK) in Corte Maderia, California, the current pitch is repeat business. “We are getting customers to come back more than once a year,” says President Karen Herzog, adding that her company is attempting to maintain more contact through mailings and offers to select customers than was done previously.


How Promotional Products Fare Against Traditional Media

If you pay attention to what competing media were doing last year, you’ll be elated with the rate at which orders came in for our industry’s imprinted merchandise. The “old media,” a classification that curiously includes promotional products, got off to a fairly good start last year and then fizzled. All-media spending of $172.3 billion represented a measly 1.7 percent increase over 2010, estimates MagnaGlobal, the forecast arm of the Interpublic marketing communications empire. A look at our annual assessment of what the other media were doing (Table 4) shows that, of the traditional media, only cable TV surpassed promotional products by percentage increase.

Sporting double- and triple-digit gains, the real pacesetters are the new, interactive players such as internet advertising and mobile phone ads. These are the media preferences of the millennial generation, the 18-to-34 age group. Often characterized as “stimulation junkies,” members of this group aren’t influenced much by exposure to traditional media, according to a recent study published by MediaPost. That’s because their “immediate and delayed recall rates” are lower than for older generations. In other words, longer exposure is required for the ad to sink in. The advice: Show the product longer, make the brand name more visible and include more mentions throughout the campaign.


*A subset of internet advertising

Expenditures for selected advertising media and promotion methods were compiled for Promotional Products Association International by Richard Alan Nelson, Ph.D., University of Nevada-Las Vegas and Rick Ebel, Glenrich Business Studies. Sources include American Business Media/Business Information Network, Cable TV Advertising Bureau, Direct Marketing Association, IEG, Interactive Advertising Association, Newspaper Association of America, Outdoor Advertising Association of America, Point-of-Purchase Advertising Institute, PQ Media, Publishers Information Bureau, Radio Advertising Bureau and Television Advertising Bureau.

Show Me The Money

Respondents in our study were also asked about their profits. A little more than half (52.6 percent) reported 2011 was more profitable for them than the previous year. But check out Table 5. There was a significant difference in profit reporting between the large- and small-company cohorts.


Regardless of company size, most distributors say they’re optimistic about the current year. About seven in 10 expect greater dollar volume for their companies. But it would help if the nation’s GDP expanded a little more than the 2.2 percent experienced in the first quarter.

Fortunately, the industry’s distributors did a lot better than that in this year’s first quarter. PPAI’s quarterly barometer, reporting on 416 member and nonsmalmember distributor respondents, showed a 6.4 percent hike over the first three months of 2011.

The big ad agencies, which make TV buys, are looking for this year’s political campaigns and the Summer Olympics promotion to give them some lift. Might the same be true for distributors? Unfortunately, those markets are not for everybody. “All distributors look for a niche,” says Mark Gilman, CAS, chairman of supplier Gill Studios (UPIC:gill), “but of all the specialties they can get into, I think political sales are the least popular.”

Gilman provides some insight into the campaign bumper sticker-button-yard sign business. “Our main political business is state and local (elections). What happens is that, in presidential years, we have found that states try to have fewer political races in their states” so as not to compete with the presidential campaigns. He says this year his firm is expecting a 4.5- to five-percent uptick in campaign business over 2008 when the White House was last contested.

To make good on that 2012 optimism, it might be wise to focus on those Twitter-benumbed millennials and introduce products that can seize and hold their attention longer.

Richard Alan Nelson, Ph.D., is a professor at The University of Nevada – Las Vegas. Rick Ebel is principal of Glenrich Business Studies, a marketing communications and research company in Corvallis, Oregon.

Source : PPAI publications

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Disney and its fascinating promotional products

Posted on 21/06/2012 by Yuliya

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disney-333x400If we were to cite an example of a success story, Walt Disney would definitely fit the profile. Everything started even before the World War Two with the creation of Disney Brothers Studio on October 16, 1923.

A little after that, the company started making feature films and experienced its first success with Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs (released in 1937). Cult cartoons followed: Pinocchio, Fantasia, Dumbo, Bambi and many others that you have seen at least one in your life.

The company has had 32 Oscars and as a result, it is now on the pages of the Guinness Book of Records. In 2011, the turnover of this public company, whose headquarters are located in Burbank, was estimated at 40.9 billion dollars and its net profit at 8.8 billion USD. Its subsidiaries are numerous and its employees continue to grow in number (144 000 in 2009). Starting from 2000, the company has been a distributor and a license manager.

Today, it is very diversified. The cartoons are not the only thing that the kids all around the world are so crazy about; they are also keen on amusement parks. There are five of them: in California, Florida, in Tokyo, Paris and Hong Kong. Each vies with the others for the most fantastic attractions that the fans are desperate about trying.

Disney also has 2 water parks, 32 hotels, 8 cinema studios, 11 cable TV networks. This is definitely a perfect way to increase your turnover.

disney-s-california-adventureBut the real goldmine is elsewhere. Disney stores, present in all big cities, especially in the capitals, are a blessed bread for the company. Leave your child in this temple of dreams and he’ll be in heaven. Everything is personalized in the image of his or her favorite character: starting from a pair of panties to a real costume, from a basic necessity (a toothbrush) to the most unimportant accessory (magic ward of Tinker Bell).

These boutiques are of course popular among children, but not only among them. Adults become like crazy when they enter what we could call « a time machine » that can take you back in time. Just imagine: you can see the most serious businessman lapse into his second childhood in the twinkling of an eye when he marvels at the Peter Pan costume and regrets not having had the same one when he was 10 !

145076_candlestickDisney stores count on what we call the emotional purchase. They have understood how the system works and take advantage of it to its full potential. Their challenge: to create an emotional connection with the fans. Disney products make us want to buy them, they create emotions and most importantly childhood memories. The universal theme and the desire of our society,  more violent and blasé with every coming day, is to keep a soul of a child.

The success of Disney brand also shows how consumption has evolved for the last few years; it has passed from rational to emotional. The stores must adapt their offer to their clients’ desires in order to increase their sales: the atmosphere in a store with its music, its odors and its colors has to meet their customers’ expectations. These expectations are sometimes fantasies, but as soon as they are satisfied, they lead to a feeling of immediate trust with the client who lower’s his guard and his emotions prevail. The emotional relationship is « born ».

Thus, Disney promotional products fulfill their role: they strengthen the brand’s image among the fans. Fans’ satisfaction goes together with Walt Disney Company’s profitability.

If you too you wish to personalize promotional products with memories from your childhood, do not hesitate to contact Horizon Sources.

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Confidence in your Promotional Product Supplier!

Posted on 12/06/2012 by Yuliya

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Confidence in your Promotional Product Supplier!

Written by Grant & Melinda

australian-flag-mapWhen advertising your company or your business event in Australia, your desire is to wisely spend your money on suitablepromotional products. The right promotional product for your advertising is the one that represents your brand and makes people willing to remember and talk about you;  this is what the right product and the right people can do for you!

Here are some examples:

When you work with schools, you realize that children are fond of bright and funny things, going from clothes such as T-shirts and hats to such products as bangers  and clappers for their sporting events. Children can talk to their parents about our promotional products company ; thus the word of mouth works!

If you are unsure what promotional products you should opt for , a well organized promotional company can help you choose the right product for your campaign.

promotional mugThe most commonly used products are clothes such as T-shirts, caps, and jackets. Then you also have lanyards, mugs, USB keys; you should not forget hampers and confectionery. Our cooler bags range is wide; we actually sell thousands of them. You can also find sports bags, backpacks, and shopping bags. The list goes on and on, it might be overwhelming for an average buyer.lanyard avec boucle et attache de sécurité

Be sure to have confidence in your promotional products supplier because he will be the one to give you all necessary information on his product range.

Written by Grant & Melinda


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Posted on 11/06/2012 by Priscilla

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Written by B dynamic Australia

If you look in your stationary drawer at work, you’re most likely to find countless plastic company pens rolling around inside. You’ll grab one, realise it doesn’t even work and throw it away or back in the drawer. You won’t remember where they came from or even what the company does. And in the ever changing technological world of iPads and smart phones, who’s to say you even need a pen to jot down that memo?pens

Even though marketing spend is on the rise, more companies are having to embrace new and innovative ways of promoting and launching their products to stand out from the crowd. The promotional products industry is moving on from useless and worn-out merchandise ideas like pens and mouse pads and welcoming in “a veritable fireworks of innovations” (Source: Marketingmag.co.nz article from APPA.com.au). Clever marketers are realising that quality, exclusivity and sustainability are what really count.

Environmentally friendly products have come a long way in the last few years and are now considered a trendy way to go green. They extend beyond hemp tote bags and recycled notebooks to include travel mugs, photo frames and cooler bags. Combined with the newest technology; materials made of bamboo, cotton, jute and even corn starch create renewable and reusable products that not only care for the environment, but show that businesses care too.

7721_0003While the move to go green may seem simple or unsophisticated, the quality of these products speaks for itself. The dual nature of the materials is that they are both naturally durable as well as biodegradable. This satisfies the increasing demand for retail quality products that still have heart. Best of all, the move to use eco-friendly products doesn’t compromise relevance or style. Neither does it discriminate. B dynamic’s eco products range from herb plants in zinc pots (for the lawyers who secretly pretend to be master chef’s at home), to a solar desk tree that guarantees your iPhone will never run out of juice when you’re video conferencing.

ECO1120_BambooFrame (2)Promotional products are used not only to increase sales and brand awareness, but they also reflect back on the business that chooses them. Ultimately, the value of the product is up to the client. So, when deciding which direction to go for your next campaign, ask yourself this. Are my clients more likely to use and remember a plastic click pen that hides in their desk or an engraved bamboo photo frame of their family that sits above it?

Source :  Katia Samia

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Customized seatcovers: keep your but dry and boost your promotion!

Posted on 16/05/2012 by Yuliya

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Article written by Lorène on 16/05/2012

seatcover04-bigI know: you really have this idea that whenever it rains whatever is plastic can protect you from humidity, however, it usually makes you look very foolish. The first picture that comes to your mind is a poncho, and let’s be honest here: very often it looks like a trash bag. Well, it is not what will turn you into a beauty queen.

However, there is still hope: you can keep your dignity in the rain! As in all fashion trends, what makes a product fashionable is actually its personalization. This is the secret. A basic silicone wristband can thus become a real jewel, just like a ridiculous rain poncho can become a product that people will fight over if only you use the right colors and the right catchphrase to personalize it. People, proud of wearing the colors of the event they have been waiting for, will be happy to make the common to all symbol visible! The product considered as « has been » can become the « in » in one second!seatcover03-big

A perfect example of a good plastic product (to be more precise, a PVC one) is a customized seatcover. It is super original and can be customized according to your taste. What is more, it is also known for being useful. It will let you get on your bike, you’ll be calm and serene because you won’t get your but wet while going home!

We know that you have always wished to go to work by bike, because of ecological concerns and because you want to keep your body of an athlete in good shape at the same time. Because of bad weather and dangerous traffic you seem to be discouraged and your good intentions towards the planet are no longer a priority. We understand you perfectly well. After a long « rainy » day at work where you deal with problems all day long, you would like to take your bike and avoid the feeling of having a wet but. Too much is too much. As for your ecological intentions..well there is a limit to everything! That is why the customized seatcover is perfect to cover your seat and protect it from rain and other dirty marks.

Extra light and small, the coverseat can be folded easily and you can put it into any small pocket of your bag, even the tiniest one. It is hard-wearing and you can reuse it whenever. The fun part: this product can be entirely customized. All colors can be printed, it is an extraordinary advertising aid, which is already a proof of future success for your promotion.seatcover-01-big

So, no more excuses: get on your bike that has a customized seatcover, pedal to make your legs tapering and sleep well as you are preserving the planet! 🙂

Do you wish to get some customized seatcovers? Contact the specialist: www.horizonsources.net

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A new promotion: 100% comfort!

Posted on 11/05/2012 by Yuliya

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Article written on 31/01/2011 by Doc Logo +

footzyrolls1We have already presented this fantastic product to you: folding shoes « Chinelas », a pair of ballerina-style « emergency » folding shoes, rather chic ones; what is more, you can take them everywhere with you!

Recently, Maya Case from CoprporatesSnobs.com have shown us a similar product: the FOOTZYROLLS.

Footzyrolls are a new product invented by two sisters, Jennyfer and Sarah Caplan in the USA.

These original shoes can be folded and therefore taken with you wherever. When wearing high heels becomes unbearable, you will be thankful for taking your Footzyrolls with you!

These shoes have had even more success since actresses and top models like Kim Kardashian and Blake Lively were seen wearing Footzyrolls.

In today’s business world, Footzyrolls are very often used as a promotional gift. This is a perfect item as a present thanks to its fashionable design; but it is also extremely useful. It has a strong impact on the one receiving it. More and more companies use this item due to its effectiveness as the customer does not risk forgetting the brand.

The solution to the problem

Unlike other shoes, the Footzyrolls are comfortable and can be worn at any occasion because they suit everything!

Women who wear high heels to work or to go out have experienced this ordeal: the moment when their feet shout « help »! This is the moment when Footzyrolls come on stage. Instead of suffering the whole evening because of the high heels, ladies will take out their pretty pair of Footzyrolls from their purse and they will be able to go on dancing till dawn.

A perfect gift:

You can fold them easily and together with their special packaging they take up no space at all. Therefore, they are a perfect promotional gift.

We can easily predict that this item will be very successful in its role of the promotional product, as it meets the real need of women: spare shoes, easy to care, that take up no space and can be taken everywhere with you!
Do not hesitate to go have a look at: www.footzyrolls.com

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Free promotional pocket ashtray

Posted on 07/05/2012 by Priscilla

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Our pocket ashtray is a free packet case made in carton.
The pocket ashtray just makes up one with the packet of the smoker who has always it with him.
With a large printable surface, it is a main communication and advertising medium and it will finance the

A lot of smokers are not ready to buy pocket ashtray. Thanks to our product which offers the possibility to
make advertising, the financing and the distribution are FREE.
Doing it slide on the packet, an opening is created in which the cigarette end will be introduced without being
stub out
Inserting the packet into the case, oxygen is driven out so the cigarette end goes out in few seconds.
Thus the case can go out and keep until 8 butts which will be throwed in the dustbin. People can use our
pocket ashtray as often as they need.
With a ratio, “folded / unfolded” from 1 to 20, it is easy to stock and distribute.


Eco-friendly, the Pocket Ashtray helps to protect the environment by preventing the careless disposal of
cigarette ends in the nature.
“Cigarette butts may seem small, but with an estimated 4.5 trillion butts (worldwide) littered every year, the
toxic chemicals add up!” http://www.surfridersd.org/hotyb.php
The cigarettes ends pollutants are diffused, in short or long term in rivers which, of course, create a polluting
Studies speak about 4000 toxic products in each cigarette end
The pollutants contained in cigarette ends are not actually treated and can’t be treated by the purification
Collect the cigarette ends at the source, decreases the number of cigarette ends throw out in nature.
A very economic advertising product, sensitizer and 100% biodegradable
Besides the ecological and advertising interest, it also allows an economic interest by reducing the possible
time of collecting of the cigarette ends.
A smoker smokes on average 15 cigarettes by days, and we estimate that they keep “LePoket” around 10
days. Thus they see the publicity approximately 150 times, with a repetitious effect. In conclusion, the ratio
“price / seen” is better than others publicities.
Ashtray of beach, pocket, of ski, case of package, hides package or portable ashtray, it is excellent gifts, or
advertising object, a support of communication, or support of prevention campaign

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