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Classic Polo “Eco Bag Wear”

Posted on 03/05/2010 by Henk KROON

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polo bag relaxClassic Polo, India’s leading men’s casual wear brand wanted to replace their Plastic Shopping Bags to an Eco-friendly Shopping Bag which communicates the importance of re-cycling memorably as part of their corporate social responsibility program called CLUB EARTH in all of their 76 exclusive brand outlets in India.

They developed an innovative shopping bag which can be modified into a simple casual wear, made of 100% Eco-friendly material.

The one of its kind innovation gives the consumers double advantage emphasizing the need of re-cycling. The idea was successfully executed in all the 76 exclusive outlets of Classic Polo.

The innovation immediately caught attention among the urban youth creating immense buzz and referrals.
Close to 1100 consumer enquiries and requests was registered, seeing the eco friendly shopping bag going beyond the client’s expectations.

Over and above the success story reiterated the effectiveness of eco-friendly innovation.

Want to learn more about going green ? Check here.

Agency: TCC Group, India.
Via : direct daily

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Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

Posted on 14/11/2009 by Henk KROON

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Posted by Gagandeep Singh from www.fortepromo.com

Eco-Friendly Promotional Products: – Promote Your Business in Environment Friendly Way

Promotional Products are one of the greatest ways to promote your Brand and convey your message among your audience. But With the increasing awareness about environment most of the customers prefer to use Eco-friendly products.

By Using Eco friendly promotional products not only you would be able to promote your brand but also you would establish it as an Environment friendly Brand among your customers. There are lots of Environment friendly products which you can use as your promotional products by imprinting your company logo on them.

In This Article I would be discussing the most popular Eco-friendly promotions which not only protect the Environment but would also keep your brand name in the mind of your customers.

bambou flashdrive
1. Bamboo Flash Drives: – Everybody needs to Transfer data from one place to another and now they can do this in smarter way with the help of Eco-friendly custom Flash Drives.
Bamboo Flash Drives imprinted with your Logo are one the coolest way to promote your brand in better way.

organic tote bags

2. Organic Tote Bags: – Organic Tote Bags are available in various Sizes, shapes and colors providing you a lot of options to select from.

Organic Tote Bags are made with 100% cotton fabric and perfect for carrying items to work, markets and meetings.

biodegradable pens3. Biodegradable pens: – Promotional pens imprinted with your logo are one of the most common way to promote a product But you can make it special by giving Eco-friendly Biodegradable pens.

These Pens are same like other promotional pens and come with your logo on it but these pens are made from biodegradable material Plastic providing no harm to environment.

organic caps

4. Organic Caps and T-Shirts: – Organic Caps and T-shirts imprinted with your logos would take your promotional campaign to the next level.

Attractive organic caps and t-shirts are available on lots of colors and sizes and advertise your brand to countless people who see them at an affordable price.

solar powered promotional products 5. Solar Powered Devices: – Solar powered Electronic Products are a great way to promote your business in Eco-friendly way. There are lot or Solar devices available in market like Solar Calculators, Solar Flashlights and solar Chargers which never need any batteries and get themselves charged by sunlight.
These solar powered devices are easy to use and would keep your brand name in your customers mind every time they use it.

Gagandeep Singh is working as internet marketing Executive for Fortepromo, which create a wide range of Eco-friendly Promotional Products for all kind of businesses and help them to promote their brand in a cost effective way.

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Promotional Bags of Choice!

Posted on 08/01/2009 by Carletti mathilde

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Article from James Biggin from Steel City in the UK…

As we move into a new calendar year, thoughts turn very quickly to the exhibition and conference “season” which traditionally takes place during the latter part of quarter one. Therefore the Christmas business gifts rush is long forgotten and our attention is focused on client’s who are planning events.

Aside from ensuring you have the right range of promotional merchandise to use at an event, one of the most important items to get right or even to add to your “shopping list” is the promotional bag. It is very easy to make a snap decision on this, and the product chosen may still be the right one.
However, with a bit of extra thought, you can ensure that the bag you choose can work for you, long after the stands have been taken down and the conference speech notes have been archived for future use…
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The File-Bag

Posted on 28/05/2008 by roksane

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filebag1 Walking around the 2008 Premiums and Gifts Fair in Hong Kong, Doc Logo+ found, once more, an original and shrewd promotional object : the File-Bag.

Have you never thrown away leaflets and papers because you didn’t know where to put it?

Thanks to Solar Design, specialist of the advertising gift with a unique design, this time is over!

For you, this revolutionary let fall its handle part to become an A4 file and protect your documents.

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A Fresh advertising campaign

Posted on 07/05/2008 by Laure Berthon

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Shortly after the first snow fall in Calgary, Canada, the Calgary Farmers Market has organised a great promotion to remind consumers that they can find fresh products during the Winter season: red apples were hung from bare trees in pedestrian areas.This great advertising campaign is signed Wax Calgary, Canada.

fresh apples
Such a campaign is always positive because everybody loves to receive promotional food items, especially a fresh healthy snack like apples!
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Promotional bags

Posted on 03/03/2008 by Henk KROON

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I don’t sell much promotional bags myself but these examples of advertising on promotional bags makes me enthusiastic.

promotional bag
This bag is custom dy-cut into dumbell to promote a gym.

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