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Repurposing: Evolving Your Income Stream

Posted on 13/12/2013 by Henk KROON

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catWhen my great-grandmother grabbed a box of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda to bake the weekly bread, I doubt that it crossed her mind that it could also help keep the cat box smelling fresh. Likewise, as I’m standing there sprinkling it in the cat box, I don’t give too much thought to baking with it.

As times have changed, Arm & Hammer has done a great job repurposing its product. I keep an open box in the refrigerator. And per the instructions on the box, at the end of the month, I replace the box and “ … pour the old box down the drain to keep it smelling clean and fresh.” Today you find Arm & Hammer in everything from toothpaste to laundry detergent.

kellogsRepurposing is different than line extension. Seldom does repurposing a product cannibalize sales or market share of the repurposed product. Take Kellogg’s Rice Krispies. The invention of Rice Krispies Treats in the late 1930’s helped sell more Rice Krispies. Chex repurposed its breakfast cereal as Chex Mix giving people a reason, other then breakfast, to buy and consume the cereal. And I’m pretty sure a lot of oatmeal sales through the years are a result of the invention of the oatmeal cookie.

doclogplusSavvy marketers know that finding a new use for their product or, repurposing, can have a dramatic positive effect on the bottom line. WD-40 is another example of repurposing. In addition to getting rid of annoying squeaks, there are hundreds of other uses for WD-40. And WD-40 has joined other iconic brand names as such as BIC, Thermos, Coleman and Victorinox by making their brands available to the promotional market. It may take a minute to wrap your mind around it, but these brands and others have repurposed a retail brand as a promotional product — effectively broadening their market.

In our quest for the next new fantastic promotional item with which to capture a client’s imagination and budget, we often overlook repurposing products we already know and love. While it’s fine and dandy to use a 9” plastic flying disk to promote a children’s event, you can flip it over and use it to hold a paper plate. When megaphones are repurposed, they become pylons for a children’s bicycle safety clinic, start and finish lines for a corporate field day and even centerpieces for a banquet. Silicone wristbands can be used as proof of admission and as a fundraiser. A coffee mug can be paired with flower seeds to create a promotion that delivers months of play. Repurposing can be a fun and exciting undertaking. Sometimes, however, the real thrill isn’t so much coming up with a new use for an old product, it’s realizing just how far an idea can take you.

doclogoplus-newFrom a creative standpoint, learning to open your mind to repurposing isn’t hard. Examples are all around us. After all, meatloaf is just hamburger- repurposed. A tire swing is just a tire – repurposed. French fries are just repurposed potatoes. I personally use a 12 gage shotgun and 00-buck as a cutting tool to dispatch with tree limbs I can’t reach.

Repurposing is a concept that can apply to your distributorship as well. In much the same why major manufacturers have come up with new uses for their products to remain competitive, you can develop new uses for your services. Here’s a couple examples.

Almost everywhere I go there’s a garbage can … just begging to be used as advertising space. All it takes it for someone (like you) to put together the program. Roofers and other construction companies utilize dumpsters at residential worksites. Those dumpsters have lots of usable, sellable space on them. That space can be sold to other companies who’d like their name in front of the people in that neighborhood for a week. Face it, if you can show a client or prospect how to put money in THEIR pocket, you can be sure that will put money in YOUR pocket. And all you’re doing is repurposing your ability to put logos and messages on products.

artFor too long, distributors have relied on suppliers to come up with new and exciting products. As competition increases and pricing pressures continue to erode margins, the make-it or break-it difference could very well be your ability to out-think your competition by developing your own “new products through repurposing. All it takes is the ability to see beyond what is … and grasp a vision of what can be.



Michael Crooks: Since 1984 he's become known internationally for his creative prowess and insightful thinking. He's VP, U.S. Operations of Weepuline, LLC, sole manufacturer of the only product that can legally be called a Weepul™.  hello@weepuls.com« 


Color your summer with the personalized slap wristbands !

Posted on 17/07/2012 by Lorene

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Summer time, here we are ! And what is synonymous of summer ? Beach, the sun, farniente, swimsuit…  About the look : flashy colors are totally trendy in this year 2012, the more fluorescent it is, the best look you have !


Concerning the jewels, even if you’re relaxed in this period, you continue to match them with your clothes despite of your lack of motivation for spending an hour to put them all.  The solution : the personalized slap wristband of course ! They definitely are THE holiday’s wristbands.


Super stylish with their flashy colors (obviously, you can choose them), the slap wristband is also the fastest to put. You just have to “slap” it on your arm and here we go ! Done in 1 second !

This is a fun product. Why ? Because you can personalize THE SLAP WRISTBAND  EXACTLY AS YOU WANT.

What is more is the personalization you can do on this awesome gadget. You choose the wristbands’ color of course, but you also choose what you want to write on it : sea, sex and sun… Whatever, you’re free.  Summer time is the perfect timing to show who we really are without staying in the skimpy “society  mold”… Do what you want, wear what you want, say what you want : holidays in other words !

Last summer, the slap watch success strengthened the position of the silicon jewels. More sophisticated than silicon wristbands (even if the success of this product is always at the top), the personalized slap wristbands have another advantage : you can choose among different quality range : the economic slap wristband in reflective PVC and the Premium quality slap wristband in silicone (100 %) which has a larger range of colors and personalization.slap-watch

In consequences, we can say the promotional slap wristband is THE jewel you have to wear this summer 2012. Preferably choose an ultra bright color to bring out your fabulous suntan and seduce the slap watch owners : birds of a feather flock together !

You too you’re interested in making your own personalized slap wristbands ? Do not hesitate and contact the specialist : www.euro logo.com

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Is Social Media Right For Your Business

Posted on 29/02/2012 by Yuliya

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Written by Liz Allen

social-mediaI recently read that Proctor & Gamble are going to lay off 1,600 people in order to “moderate” their advertising budget because social media can be “more efficient” than traditional media. The CEO, Robert McDonald is quoted as saying:

“In the digital space, with things like Facebook and Google and others, we find that return on investment of the advertising, when properly designed, when the big idea is there, can be much more efficient.”

P&G spend 9–11% of their sales budget on marketing, a huge sum of money which hasn’t wavered in the face of recession or poor sales results. I’ve heard frequent criticism of the ‘flabby’, non-ROI driven tactics deployed by the company, but is Mr McDonald over-rating social media as a “free” resource that can achieve the same as 1,600 people?

Time will tell, but what this does illustrate is the approaching shift in resources towards digital marketing. I really do believe it behoves all of us working in the marketing sphere to get a better grasp of the tools available, and how both we and our clients can benefit from their use.

So what’s so good about social media?Social-Media1

  1. It’s free.
  2. It’s measurable. You can easily see how many likes you have on Facebook, how many followers on Twitter, and how many connections you have on LinkedIn. You can also track 12 different social media platforms at once using the (also free) Klout website (http://klout.com).
  3. You can’t fake it. If you’re really passionate about what you do, and what your customers think, social media is ideally positioned to help you narrowcast at a grassroots level. On the other hand, if you’re a modern day Gerald Ratner, your lack of authenticity will show.
  4. When integrated with traditional media it provides a cross-channel, cross-experience and cross-audience campaign which – like P&G’s wildly successful Old Spice advert – can have a dramatic effect on sales.

The main negative levelled at social media is that most marketers (as yet) haven’t seen a direct impact on sales, but arguably they’re missing the point.

Alex Pearmain, head of social media at O2, says it’s in engagement and not direct response where social media will prove successful for marketers.

He adds: “Social media can make money, but businesses need to have a broader view of how it can do this. If someone invests in direct response and wants a return within 10 days, I would query the use of social media.

“However, if it is a longer-term approach to drive customer engagement and customer value, then social media is more appropriate.”[1]

The other issue – for me, certainly – has been the ever increasing number of social media platforms available.

Here for your viewing pleasure are the main ones that I’m aware of, along with my – highly inexpert – feedback on using them!social-media3

  • LinkedIn – My personal favourite, with the discussions being fantastic for both market research, gauging customer opinion, and yes, even direct sales!
  • Facebook – Great for connecting with existing customers and industry peers. Haven’t yet nailed getting the world at large to take notice!
  • Twitter – Again, great for engaging with your peers.
  • Google+ – I haven’t really given this a proper shot yet… Too early to tell. It seems pretty similar to Facebook.
  • Foursquare – I don’t really see this as a business app but it’s good fun.
  • YouTube – Video content is surprisingly good for SEO, and this is the home of viral campaigns too. One area I’m really going to push in 2012.
  • Instagram – This is a photo sharing app that publishes your photos to most of your social media platforms. Handy!
  • Tumblr – An easy to set up and use website for blogging. I’ve just started on this but it’s great for sharing content.
  • Pinterest – The hottest thing in the world right now! I’ve just signed up. Very excited about using this to share content and (hopefully) drive traffic to our websites.

I’m aware I’ve missed out loads but that’s the point – you can’t possibly expect to get great results from each one.

Each one you sign up to means a little less time on the others, which probably means poorer quality and less frequent posts. I think the answer here is to give them all a fair trial and then cut back to the ones which show the most promise.

So in conclusion, I don’t think any of us can afford to ignore or avoid the social media explosion, whether it’s from the perspective of growing your own business, or advising your customers on achieving the best results from their cross-channel campaigns. Better to be driving the band wagon than merely riding it!social-media-world

Written by Liz Allen

[1] Source: Marketing Week

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8 fatal marketing errors..

Posted on 27/10/2010 by Carletti mathilde

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Article written by Jesús Lopez from the « blog del Marketing » (es):

” Marketing programs are usually realised by experts employed on behalf of the companies, however, they also make some fatal mistakes as far as marketing is concerned:

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Promotion through Beauty Salons and Barbershops

Posted on 08/09/2010 by Henk KROON

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Posted by Bric McMann from www.campaigncapes.com

The Campaign Capes Advertising Network

capes advertisingCaptive audiences are attractive audiences to advertisers, especially when that captive audience is in a relaxed and happy setting.
You don’t get much more relaxed and happy than at a hair salon or barber shop, enjoying
a great haircut or service and the company of others.
Salons and barber shops and are a great place for advertisers to target consumers.

What’s the case for using a salon as a marketing tool?
More and more time being spent out of home and the salon customer demographics are perfect for active consumers because they offer a truly captive audience with lots of dwell time.
Salons are described as recession proof. Research has found that salons are open later hours than most businesses and the average customer spends 90 minutes in the salon and return as often as every 4 weeks.
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Buzz marketing

Posted on 14/11/2009 by Henk KROON

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Our weekly Marketing post comes from Singapore this week and is about… FAST FOOD.

buzz marketing

Talented chefs from the Royal Plaza on Scotts hotel in Singapore have created this awesome life-sized Formula 1 race car out of different types of bread.

fast food marketing

It took a total of 14 litres of water, 15 kg of yeast, 2 kg of salt, 10800 ml of food varnish and 549 hours of hard work to complete the car.

Via : www.toxel.com

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Posted on 04/02/2009 by Carletti mathilde

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By Sergio Luna Vargas, marketing consultant and university doctor.

The colours we see everyday in shops or in the streets have a strong influence on our psychology and purchase decision.
The majority of the products and advertisements have a strong colour strategy element,, designed by specialists in this field, according to the relation each colour have with each specific product.

The physical colours we see around us are colours approved by people. The consumer decides which colours he likes and rejects the one he doesn’t like. Very often, the sale will depend on the colour (of the packaging, of the product itself, etc.) as the great majority of the promotional products and ads of the market appeal to people’s unconscious.

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Don’t drink and drive!

Posted on 21/01/2009 by Carletti mathilde

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Look at what we saw on the great Direct Daily Blog:

Here is a nice street marketing campaign financed by the German Federal ministry of Transport:
The goal was to raise awareness on the dangers of Driving your car under influence in a funny way, not chocking one.


For this purpose, a fleet of Volkswagen New Beetle was specially decorated with eyeballs wheel caps, and turned the beetle silhouette into a human face with drunken revolving eyes…
This promotion caused quite sensation in the national media!

I admit that it’s a funny and impacting campaign!
We are used to see a lot of blood and young people killed in a horrible car accident…
A soft way to communicate the message!

Personally, the solution I found to solve this problem was to sell my car!!

See more marketing campaigns on: Direct Daily Blog

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