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The « weight » of promotional products in France

Posted on 12/04/2012 by Yuliya

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silicone wristbandsPromotional products are a very effective means of communication and therefore they are more and more used. Very often companies make themselves known by giving out promotional gadgets to their potential clients.

It is true that because of this detrimental economic recession that has been hanging over France for several years already, some tend to reduce their budgets originally intended to be used for advertising. Alas, we are talking about a big mistake here! Advertising is what allows you to come to the surface faster than the others and to conquer new markets! Actually, as everybody cuts his or her advertising budgets, you will do the opposite and this will let you be visible and win the 1st place! When your competitors disappear from the advertising arena, clients will think of only one name: YOURS! This will be the sign of good « company health » and stability!

Communicating through promotional products is particularly efficient when you realize that they are used by clients in their everyday life!

Consciously or not, consumers will think about you and your company when writing with a promotional pen customized in your name, when wearing a silicone wristband that will remind them of the moment when they got it as a gift (probably a festive event, so a positive association with you) or when jogging and wearing your logosocks or your personalized lanyards!Transfer-Printing-Lanyards-with-Plastic-Buckles

Despite the crisis, Media and alternative Media communication reached 31.4 billion euros in France, according to the 2FPCO and France Pub. Promotional products represent 4.4% of this figure (that is to say 1 billion 400 million euros in 2011!)

In April, we will have the opportunity to discover the origin of these products and their destination. The 2FPCO will publish the results for its subscribers. Do not hesitate to have a look at : www.2fpco.com

If you too, you want to remain visible and you wish to seduce your clients by producing promotional products in you your name, contact the specialist in the matter: www.horizonsources.net

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Socks with logo

Posted on 05/12/2009 by Henk KROON

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This December J-MEN, a Hong Kong fashion magazine, is giving away a free pair of Socks by LLOYD; Germany as a gift with purchase. This is a great simple everyday gift for their readers.

socks with logos Perceived value is always key for a promotion. The magazine front cover values the socks at a massive US$ 23/pair going on the retail price at this brands stores. It certainly appears to be a high value gift.

The magazine is sold at a discounted price from US$2.60 to US$1.30 – you might also consider that basically this magazine is free with a pair of socks. A great deal…

promotional socks Packed in a simple gold envelope, the socks come only in one colour-black, and one size. There is a simple embroidered logo on each sock.

The packaging of the socks also holds a voucher for US$40 discount on all purchases in Lloyd stores for purchases over about US$ 260.

More information about socks with logos : www.logosocks.net

Via : ODM Group

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4 seasons Socks : think about your promotion during spring and summer time

Posted on 28/02/2007 by Beatrice Briand

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Socks are one of the oldest essentials and are worn as people consider underwear as something useful…

We always associate socks as a part of our clothing for winter time as we need to protect our feet and to keep them warm.

But today socks and especially sneaker are worn for comfort and fashion.

Spring and summer time are a wonderful time to propose promotional socks to your customers.

4 Seasons socks: your promotion won’t stop just because sun is shining.
You even can be stronger as we can see the socks which are not the case in winter…
Take the opportunity during this time to push this item choosing bright colours for bright promotions.

For further more info on socks : please have a look on logosocks

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Boost your booth traffic with promotional giveaways!

Posted on 31/01/2007 by Henk KROON

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How to use promotional product to boost your booth traffic ?
Brenda Keener from Suite 101 gives us some good hints on her website : Choosing promotional giveaways
For example, at one point, she reminds us to keep in mind that what you give away is a reflection of your company.

Below is the first of a series of case studies from all around the world on this subject.

A very original giveaway is the one used by DME in Belgium last year. DME had two booths at the same trade show but quite far from each other. They were looking for a way to get visitors from one booth to visit also visit the other.
DME used nice black socks displaying their logo. Each sock had a headercard explaining that the visitor could claim the second sock at the other booth to make the complete pair.

The gift was original and usefull as many visitors kept the sock in their hand till they arrived at the next booth.

To get more info about socks with logos :
www.logosocks.net ( Europe )
www.leoetlesbas.com ( North America )

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Sport socks with logos

Posted on 12/11/2006 by Henk KROON

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Where to buy quality sport socks?

Rugby socks, tennis socks, golf socks and Ski socks, all of them can be customised, up from 250 pairs already with logos and texts. Just let your imagination go to decorate these socks in an original way.
The brand will be woven directly into the socks and a message can be added even under the sole.

sport socks
For more info about sport socks :
www.logosocks.net for Europe
www.leoetlesbas.com for Canada

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How to use Logosocks for a promotion ?

Posted on 03/11/2006 by Henk KROON

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Easy to understand what it is, a sock with a logo.. sure, but it ‘s much more than that !

It’s a way to promote a brand, to vehicle a website, suprise a client with an original gift.

Logo socks can be used in post mailings, you can separate the pair, send one sock along with the first letter and the second , one week later, with the second letter. It will create a good link between both letters, and marketing people will be enthusiastic to find the right message for such a campaign.

To learn more about logosocks visit the manufacturer’s websites.

www.logosocks.net for Europe
www.leoetlesbas.com for Canada

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Logo socks

Posted on 02/10/2006 by Henk KROON

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Your customers will appreciate the originality of this present to wish a happy new year. Of course the wine bottle or the chocolate box is appreciated as present of the end of year. But they really miss originality!

logo socks

Show to your customers that this year you had some imagination and do your best to surprise them! How? With Christmas socks The Christmas Socks can be personalized from 250 pairs with your name and logo . It is an original and lasting present.

For more information about logo socks :
www.logosocks.net for Europe
www.leoetlesbas.com for Canada and USA

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