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Color your summer with the personalized slap wristbands !

Posted on 17/07/2012 by Lorene

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Summer time, here we are ! And what is synonymous of summer ? Beach, the sun, farniente, swimsuit…  About the look : flashy colors are totally trendy in this year 2012, the more fluorescent it is, the best look you have !


Concerning the jewels, even if you’re relaxed in this period, you continue to match them with your clothes despite of your lack of motivation for spending an hour to put them all.  The solution : the personalized slap wristband of course ! They definitely are THE holiday’s wristbands.


Super stylish with their flashy colors (obviously, you can choose them), the slap wristband is also the fastest to put. You just have to “slap” it on your arm and here we go ! Done in 1 second !

This is a fun product. Why ? Because you can personalize THE SLAP WRISTBAND  EXACTLY AS YOU WANT.

What is more is the personalization you can do on this awesome gadget. You choose the wristbands’ color of course, but you also choose what you want to write on it : sea, sex and sun… Whatever, you’re free.  Summer time is the perfect timing to show who we really are without staying in the skimpy “society  mold”… Do what you want, wear what you want, say what you want : holidays in other words !

Last summer, the slap watch success strengthened the position of the silicon jewels. More sophisticated than silicon wristbands (even if the success of this product is always at the top), the personalized slap wristbands have another advantage : you can choose among different quality range : the economic slap wristband in reflective PVC and the Premium quality slap wristband in silicone (100 %) which has a larger range of colors and personalization.slap-watch

In consequences, we can say the promotional slap wristband is THE jewel you have to wear this summer 2012. Preferably choose an ultra bright color to bring out your fabulous suntan and seduce the slap watch owners : birds of a feather flock together !

You too you’re interested in making your own personalized slap wristbands ? Do not hesitate and contact the specialist : www.euro logo.com

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Kick the habit with Promotional Merchandise

Posted on 29/02/2012 by Yuliya

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Written by Helen Louka from www.ellenell.com

smokingThere is never a bad time to promote an anti smoking campaign but with ‘No Smoking day’ fast approaching why not tie in your marketing activity with this key date? Promotional products offer an effective way to do this and can be specifically tailored to your audience to create a powerful message.

Perhaps the most important factor to consider for any health campaign is that of the target message, to ensure you create maximum impact.  Broadly speaking, this can be divided into two areas: prevention and, in this case, ‘stopping smoking’.

Smoking prevention campaigns are often aimed at children and young adults, so choose products that each group would like to receive. Children typically appreciate promotional gifts such as stickers, badges and toys; whilst teenagers and young adults might respond better to a message printed on a silicone wristband or watch.
A more hard hitting idea for teenagers is to use products that illustrate the effects of smoking on the skin and health. For example, a message such as ‘Don’t smoke away your looks’ could be promoted on a promotional lip balm or make up set.
By giving a product that the recipient appreciates, the message will have a much greater effect. And by targeting the younger generation, good habits will hopefully be instilled from an early age.

For stop-smoking campaigns, there are a variety of approaches that can be used – from the novelty to practical. It is often cited that keeping hands occupied is a great help when resisting a cigarette so stress toys printed with a helpful strap line make a fitting product choice. Small novelty items, such as a Rubik’s cube or a magnetic sculpture, are also ideal to fiddle with and therefore a great distraction for idle hands!

Many quitting smokers use sweets and chewing gum to help them give up, so printed lollies offer a tasty alternative to having a cigarette. Equally, chewing gum packs and mint matchboxes can be personalised to fit the campaign, so when a smoker is tempted and reaches for a light, they are presented with a much healthier option!

An unusual alternative to the run-of-the-mill anti smoking promotions is that of the novelty shaped money box. Teamed with a campaign highlighting the cost of smoking to both your health and your finances, recipients are encouraged to save the money they would ordinarily spend on tobacco. Money boxes also have a high retention factor so offer high impact advertising as the money starts to accumulate.

So, if you’re looking to promote an anti-smoking message, consider the use of promotional items for an affordable and effective awareness campaign.

Written by Helen Louka from www.ellenell.com

If you need information concerning promotional products, do not hesitate to contact: www. Horizonsources.com

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Advertising Balloons: Long History

Posted on 13/02/2012 by Yuliya

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Did you know that the advertising balloons all kids are so crazy about go back to 1824? They were created by Professor Michael Faraday and he actually used them for professional reasons: he experimented with hydrogen at the Royal Institution in London and used rubber to make the advertising balloons.

However, when there was no rubber created yet, the concept of a balloon existed already. Children used to play with inflated bladders and used sea animals for that. Another great example was Galileo, who wanted to measure the weight of air and decided to use a pig’s bladder.

Humans are very creative and intelligent creatures. If you have a look at the balloons one can find on the market today, you realize that there is a huge variety of them: latex, rubber, and hydrogen ones etc. Lots of progress has been made in this field. What is more, balloons are more and more often used for advertising. They are an excellent promotional product used at different events. You can print your logo or text on one or both sides of the balloon making it visible to the public, in this way you personalize it according to your tastes.

As for the prices, they are rather competitive if you buy them from Euro-Logo, and they start at 0,07 per item for the quantity of 10 000.advertising balloons

If you are interested in making a campaign of advertisement among children and their parents, a bright advertising balloon would be one of the best means to communicate with them. You can use balloons for weddings, sporting events, birthday parties as well as at your restaurants to promote your brand name.

If you are interested in ordering personalized balloons for a special occasion you can contact Horizonsources Group, a promotional product specialist, at http://www.horizonsources.net/.

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Posted on 21/06/2010 by barkevica lelde barkevica

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After the ingenious GripClip, we present the StikkiClean: A small product double sided, doubly effective!

How to use it?
You put the printed side of the StikkiClean, facing down, on your LCD, phone, Ipod, camera etc… and you will be able to remove the dirt off it by scrubbing lightly with your finger tip. After using it, you just stick the printed side of StikkiClean, face up, onto the cell phone or digital screen body.

It can be taken on and off many times and it can be water washed as well !! How great is that??
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Glovy, dries your Golf Gloves!

Posted on 11/05/2010 by Carletti mathilde

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I am afraid I don’t know much about Golf matters ! Almost nothing actually. I played once to miniature golf when I was 8 year old, and, I don’t how it happened , but my foot got jammed in one of the round’s hole, while I was shrilling for my father to come and free me…

But anyway, let’s try to get in a golfer’s shoes for a moment, and understand what are their needs of promotional merchandise!

We are glad to present THE novelty in terms of promotional products for golf:
Its name is GLOVY, an accessory meant for improve the player’s comfort.

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Custom guitar picks

Posted on 25/02/2010 by Carletti mathilde

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In the PPIBlog, our objective is to present some new, original, effective promotional products…
Recently we have been talking a lot of sport promotional items, obviously, because of the World Cup coming!!

But, it would be a crime to neglect other products that do not imply Soccer discipline and company…

We almost never talk about MUSIC promotions!
Stroke of luck, i have here a funny and NEW MUSIC PROMOTION PRODUCT:

« Rick Rock » The CUSTOM GUITAR PICK! Invented by a Canadian company: Zoogee World.

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Go Green… Understanding Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

Posted on 04/01/2010 by Henk KROON

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Organic Cotton.

cotton bagOn many traditional cotton farms, the soil is most often sterile because of the depletion of nutrients and pesticides. As a result, farmers must rely on additives, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, plus vast quantities of water to keep their crops growing. In contrast, organic farming restores and builds up the soil, increasing its organic content which, in turn, increases its water-sustaining ability. The rich, moist earth results in stronger plants, which improves the soil even more. Far less water runs off organic fields, and what does run off is not polluted with pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Organic cotton must be processed separately from conventional cotton and machines must be cleaned to avoid contamination. For 100% organic products, only environmentally friendly chemicals that meet organic fiber processing standards are used. Cotton is a natural fiber and therefore is also biodegradable.

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Little something

Posted on 15/10/2009 by Henk KROON

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Here is a nice idea from the USA, Little something offers you to opportunity to send a gift with personal message within 5 minutes to that client that just placed an order with your company.

It’s not a printed promotional product but for sure it’s a small gift that shows the client you’re happy with his order. See the short video in which Mark Helsel explains it all to us.

little something

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