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Yes, money grows on tree!!

Posted on 26/05/2008 by roksane

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Money tree
Today, we received an e-mail about a new product, the Money tree. Nice idea !

Created by 2 young Dutchmen, this advertising gift conveys an original idea:
Everyone knows the line: « Money doesn’t grow on trees! »

From now on that is history. You can now achieve your dream of having your own Money Tree !!

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Honda has green fingers

Posted on 05/05/2008 by Laure Berthon

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letter to plant

Here is the new concept of Honda : a letter that grows. With this idea, Honda wants to raise the green credentials of its lawn and garden equipment, reminding its customers that its products don’t damage the environment.
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"Guerilla" Marketing…

Posted on 11/04/2008 by roksane

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Doc Logo + What is « Guerilla Marketing » ?

According to Isaac Belmar, expert in Marketing and Communication, the Guerilla Marketing is a marketing philosophy which is defending a non-traditional use of the media… Actually, its technique is to add another element to the media: a different and innovator one, which have a strong impact on the target appeal.

The key of Guerilla Marketing is to catch the attention… Which is possible if you manage to differentiate yourself from the dozens of competitors who are struggling to fill their clients’ mailbox with tasteless promotions…

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"Beach" marketing…

Posted on 04/04/2008 by roksane

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After the Street marketing era…comes the « Beach » marketing time!

The Australian communication agency Rapp Collins dealt with the promotion of the fantastic documentary series SHARK WEEK, exclusively broadcasted on AUSTAR’s Discovery Channel.

During a complete sunny week of January, the crew scattered numerous « damaged » surfboards on Sydney’s prestigious beaches.

The sharks’ teeth mark is doubtlessly what caught the attention of onlookers in swimsuits…

And it’s another successful communication!


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In-pack boomerang from Brazil

Posted on 25/02/2008 by Henk KROON

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inpack Here is a nice in-pack promotion offered by Kellogg’s in Brazil. A small boomerang with molded logo. The promotional boomerang was made of three pieces and kids could assemble them easily.

I like the product, I imagine that colours can be mixed to obtain for example the national colours. Kellogg’s Brazil distributed 5 million pieces of this boomerang. Kellogg’s Chili and Kellogg’s Colombiadid distribute each 350 000 pieces.

promotional boomerang The logo can be printed or moulded on the wings. The minimum quantity order is 100 000 pieces. colours can be chosen by the client. Delivery time is very short, the product is made in South America, with production capacity of 70 000 units per day!!!

For more information about this product you can contact us :
www.horizonsources.com or contact-us@horizonsources.com


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Bubble wrap keychain

Posted on 05/09/2007 by Henk KROON

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bubble wrap toy

I’m sure you do the same as I do – when you have a piece of bubble wrap, you MUST pop the bubbles out of it. I like the feeling… haha!
But not easy to walk around with a large piece of bubble wrap.

So, a Japanese company invented this small bubble wrap keychain, you can pop the bubbles as many times as you want !
Easy to convert to an anti-stress promotional product once you print a logo there.
bubble wrap

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For weddings, Winnies get dressed up to the nines !

Posted on 15/06/2007 by Carletti mathilde

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Ah, weddings…!

What a delicious ceremony!
A union between a man and a woman who love each other and which goal is to set up a family under God’s benevolent eye! …

A whole institution!

For such an important event it was worth launching the appropriate winnie: husband and wife winnies !

The idea was quite good and we found ourselves under a flood of requests…

But, as we got blamed by Steph Weigert (of Zintuig in Holland) for segregating a part of society, we found ourselves moraly obliged to adapt to society’s development…

Therefore we launched… WINNIES FOR GAY WEDDINGS…
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Give it to the right person

Posted on 24/05/2007 by Henk KROON

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Editorial Presença, in order to promote several books for Father’s Day, with the following slogan’s campaign : « Because your father doesn’t like flowers – The taste for reading« , structured its campain 3 ways:

1. Flowers were placed in the city in places such as parks and public benches.
2. A promoter was giving flowers in the street while another was passing out flyers. The flowers were given mainly to men.
3. Bowls with bookmarks were placed in the city.

Agency: Torke Stunt
Source : www.invisiblered.blogspot.com An excellent blog about street marketing!

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