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Posted on 11/06/2012 by Priscilla

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Written by B dynamic Australia

If you look in your stationary drawer at work, you’re most likely to find countless plastic company pens rolling around inside. You’ll grab one, realise it doesn’t even work and throw it away or back in the drawer. You won’t remember where they came from or even what the company does. And in the ever changing technological world of iPads and smart phones, who’s to say you even need a pen to jot down that memo?pens

Even though marketing spend is on the rise, more companies are having to embrace new and innovative ways of promoting and launching their products to stand out from the crowd. The promotional products industry is moving on from useless and worn-out merchandise ideas like pens and mouse pads and welcoming in “a veritable fireworks of innovations” (Source: Marketingmag.co.nz article from APPA.com.au). Clever marketers are realising that quality, exclusivity and sustainability are what really count.

Environmentally friendly products have come a long way in the last few years and are now considered a trendy way to go green. They extend beyond hemp tote bags and recycled notebooks to include travel mugs, photo frames and cooler bags. Combined with the newest technology; materials made of bamboo, cotton, jute and even corn starch create renewable and reusable products that not only care for the environment, but show that businesses care too.

7721_0003While the move to go green may seem simple or unsophisticated, the quality of these products speaks for itself. The dual nature of the materials is that they are both naturally durable as well as biodegradable. This satisfies the increasing demand for retail quality products that still have heart. Best of all, the move to use eco-friendly products doesn’t compromise relevance or style. Neither does it discriminate. B dynamic’s eco products range from herb plants in zinc pots (for the lawyers who secretly pretend to be master chef’s at home), to a solar desk tree that guarantees your iPhone will never run out of juice when you’re video conferencing.

ECO1120_BambooFrame (2)Promotional products are used not only to increase sales and brand awareness, but they also reflect back on the business that chooses them. Ultimately, the value of the product is up to the client. So, when deciding which direction to go for your next campaign, ask yourself this. Are my clients more likely to use and remember a plastic click pen that hides in their desk or an engraved bamboo photo frame of their family that sits above it?

Source :  Katia Samia

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Eco Giveaways for the Style Conscious

Posted on 09/02/2012 by Priscilla

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Written by Helen Louka from www.ellenell.com

Environmental awareness is now firmly engrained in our lives and that extends to promotional product selection. Giveaways do not need to be wasteful and harming to the environment so if you plan to use eco gifts, try our top picks for a stylish but green promotion…

Jute Bags
Spotted on celebs such as Amy Childs and Little Mix the jute bag is set to surpass all other promotional bags as a top trend this spring. No longer resigned to the supermarket checkout, jute bags are now a fashion staple – a coveted item on which to promote your logo. Available in a vast range of sizes, the jute tote bag is not just a pretty canvas; it also provides a great print area for personalisation so plenty of room to add a logo, contact details, and a strapline. Giving jute bags as part of your advertising campaign is a sure fire way to get your logo noticed, as any recipient is certain to want to carry this ‘it’ bag everywhere!3471

Organic Cotton T-Shirts

Organic cotton t-shirts are a popular alternative to traditional promotional t-shirts, especially the trendy skinny fit. Ideal for staff uniforms or to personalise with your message, an organic t-shirt will promote your brand to today’s eco conscious consumers. And did we mention price? No longer a high ticket item, eco t-shirts are an affordable fashion staple which won’t break the bank.

Eco Sports Bottles
2012 is an Olympic year and that means sports promotions will be high on the agenda.  Eco sports bottles are hotly tipped to become the ‘must have’ sporting souvenir offering a convenient and popular way to showcase your green values. And banish all thoughts of cheap recycled plastic, today’s eco bottles are made for the style conscious, on and off the field.

Bamboo Computer Accessories


For a distinctive promotion, nothing says ‘eco chic’ more than a stylish bamboo computer accessory. For office workers, how about giving a promotional bamboo mouse, made from environmentally friendly bamboo? Used with great frequency, a mouse is an ideal way to keep your logo in view and can be teamed up with a bamboo USB flashdrive to give an air of real elegance to the workspace.

Eco Notepads
With the current trend for all things vintage there is an increasing interest in promotional gifts with a retro look and feel. In some cases, the more rustic the better so an eco friendly notepad with retro looking recycled paper is the perfect backdrop for your logo. For added visibility why not accessorise with a recycled pen and hand out as part of your next green promotion.


Remember, care about your carbon footprint, and your customers will care about you!

If you need information concerning promotional product, don’t hesitate to contact: www. Horizonsources.com

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3 promotional items trends you should follow

Posted on 07/09/2010 by Carletti mathilde

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How do you get the best returns from a promotional advertise?
This is the main question that all marketers are wondering about. Where do you start and what should you look for?
We selected three trends this fall which are essential in the purchase of a gift or promotional product.
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Promotional ashtrays

Posted on 25/08/2010 by Henk KROON

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pocket-ashtrayPromotional ashtrays are very popular now !
With more and more strict smoking bans coming out recent years, a pocket ashtray seems necessary for a smoker to build his or her smoking manners.

These ashtrays have the space for logo printing and they support long time use, believe they are the ideal promotion products for you.

promotional ashtray One of the leading « Ashtray » supplier in China is UKETA Ltd. To reduce the butts on street, in water and to keep the earth clean, they design these pocket ashtrays with great innovation.

See here some pictures of these promotional pocket ashtrays.

If you need other more information, please contact :
Warren Ma / ( Smoking Ban Solution supplier)
Shanghai UKETA Industries Co.,LTD
TEL: 0086-21-65015862 FAX:0086-21-5596 5957
EMAIL: warren@uketa.com.cn or warren.uketa@gmail.com
MSN: UKETA-WARREN@hotmail.com
WEB: www.uketa.com.cn

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Go Green… Understanding Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

Posted on 04/01/2010 by Henk KROON

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Organic Cotton.

cotton bagOn many traditional cotton farms, the soil is most often sterile because of the depletion of nutrients and pesticides. As a result, farmers must rely on additives, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, plus vast quantities of water to keep their crops growing. In contrast, organic farming restores and builds up the soil, increasing its organic content which, in turn, increases its water-sustaining ability. The rich, moist earth results in stronger plants, which improves the soil even more. Far less water runs off organic fields, and what does run off is not polluted with pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Organic cotton must be processed separately from conventional cotton and machines must be cleaned to avoid contamination. For 100% organic products, only environmentally friendly chemicals that meet organic fiber processing standards are used. Cotton is a natural fiber and therefore is also biodegradable.

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Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

Posted on 14/11/2009 by Henk KROON

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Posted by Gagandeep Singh from www.fortepromo.com

Eco-Friendly Promotional Products: – Promote Your Business in Environment Friendly Way

Promotional Products are one of the greatest ways to promote your Brand and convey your message among your audience. But With the increasing awareness about environment most of the customers prefer to use Eco-friendly products.

By Using Eco friendly promotional products not only you would be able to promote your brand but also you would establish it as an Environment friendly Brand among your customers. There are lots of Environment friendly products which you can use as your promotional products by imprinting your company logo on them.

In This Article I would be discussing the most popular Eco-friendly promotions which not only protect the Environment but would also keep your brand name in the mind of your customers.

bambou flashdrive
1. Bamboo Flash Drives: – Everybody needs to Transfer data from one place to another and now they can do this in smarter way with the help of Eco-friendly custom Flash Drives.
Bamboo Flash Drives imprinted with your Logo are one the coolest way to promote your brand in better way.

organic tote bags

2. Organic Tote Bags: – Organic Tote Bags are available in various Sizes, shapes and colors providing you a lot of options to select from.

Organic Tote Bags are made with 100% cotton fabric and perfect for carrying items to work, markets and meetings.

biodegradable pens3. Biodegradable pens: – Promotional pens imprinted with your logo are one of the most common way to promote a product But you can make it special by giving Eco-friendly Biodegradable pens.

These Pens are same like other promotional pens and come with your logo on it but these pens are made from biodegradable material Plastic providing no harm to environment.

organic caps

4. Organic Caps and T-Shirts: – Organic Caps and T-shirts imprinted with your logos would take your promotional campaign to the next level.

Attractive organic caps and t-shirts are available on lots of colors and sizes and advertise your brand to countless people who see them at an affordable price.

solar powered promotional products 5. Solar Powered Devices: – Solar powered Electronic Products are a great way to promote your business in Eco-friendly way. There are lot or Solar devices available in market like Solar Calculators, Solar Flashlights and solar Chargers which never need any batteries and get themselves charged by sunlight.
These solar powered devices are easy to use and would keep your brand name in your customers mind every time they use it.

Gagandeep Singh is working as internet marketing Executive for Fortepromo, which create a wide range of Eco-friendly Promotional Products for all kind of businesses and help them to promote their brand in a cost effective way.

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Ecologic Promotional pen

Posted on 11/11/2009 by Henk KROON

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promotional pen A unique “Promotional Feather Quill Pen”, made of a nice goose feather and a ballpoint pen.

This new product is a fantastic alternative to the classical promotional pen, if you really want to distance from competition.

The elegance of its feather, the fineness of its printing, the precision of its point…
As many assets that will serve your logo and brand image.
The nobility of the Shakespeare-pen make it the king of the promotional writing instruments…

This promotional feather quill pen is a great tool to communicate with its large printing area: 65mm x 22mm….

promotional pen No classical promotional pen has such a large surface to communicate, and no pen can attract attention as much as this original feather pen!
biodegradable feather quill pen

  • Up From 250 units
  • 10 different colors available
  • Real Goose feather!!
  • Ecological, safe, animal-respectful

For more information : www.shakespeare-pen.com

Via : stylos-publicitaires

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Promotional Bags of Choice!

Posted on 08/01/2009 by Carletti mathilde

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Article from James Biggin from Steel City in the UK…

As we move into a new calendar year, thoughts turn very quickly to the exhibition and conference “season” which traditionally takes place during the latter part of quarter one. Therefore the Christmas business gifts rush is long forgotten and our attention is focused on client’s who are planning events.

Aside from ensuring you have the right range of promotional merchandise to use at an event, one of the most important items to get right or even to add to your “shopping list” is the promotional bag. It is very easy to make a snap decision on this, and the product chosen may still be the right one.
However, with a bit of extra thought, you can ensure that the bag you choose can work for you, long after the stands have been taken down and the conference speech notes have been archived for future use…
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