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are you looking for customizable socks?

We can offer them to you in a wide arrangement of colors and styles.

the following image we’ll give you some examples of socks with logos, so you have a clear view of what the possibilities and what the differences are.

standard socks with logo

these standard socks with text or logo are 21,5 cm long and can be ordered with a starting amount of 500 pairs. they’re also available in multiple colors.

there’s two sizes

women’s size: 21,5 cm (size 37-41)

men’s size: 23,5 cm (size 42-46)


we can also embellish the socks with your own logo, name or text by weaving them in. we don’t print your logo on the socks, but instead neatly weave it in so it won’t get damaged so easily and it looks nicer.

there are three types of standard socks with logo: no terry cloth on the inside, terry cloth on the foot and complete terry cloth inside. the socks with terry cloth are slightly more expensive than the ones without.

as an extra option, we can put anti-slip patches on the bottom of the socks, so that your customers won’t slip.

sport socks with logo

the sport socks with logo are twelve centimeters in length and are available for order with a starting amount of 500 pairs.





the sizes are the same as they are for the standard socks.

we can also weave your logo into these sport socks, for a

nice finish that will last longer than a print.

for these socks the terry cloth options are also available.

running socks

we also sell running socks that have extra support in them,

to make running a lot more comfortable.

please ask us for more options.

long socks with logo

these long socks are 35 cm long and are available for order with a starting amount of 500 pairs.

the sizes are identical to the standard sock sizes.

we can also weave your loo and/or text into these socks to make the design look neat and last long.

for these socks there is also a terry cloth option, it’s the same as for the socks shown above. these terry cloth socks are slightly more expensive than the non-terry cloth ones.

as an extra feature, we can add anti-slip patches on the sole so your customers won’t slip.

would you like to order socks, or acquire more information on the socks? please contact us via E-mail

or call us +31 020 – 800 48 21




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