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questions-for-logobugsWe all know these little furry animals don’t we ? Here in the UK we call them logobugs ! In the USA their name is Weepuls.

There are hundreds of different Logobugs, on for each sport or corporation. The slogan or logo can be printed on the ribon in full color.

Below are a few questions and answers from the producer about this evergreen promoter .

How many different Logobugs do you offer ?

There are 100’s of different Logobugs that have been created over the past 34 years since the product was first invented.We have the most popular product that is the Original Standard logobug.All the other different models are the original logobug + hats and handholders and more pom poms to create animal characters.There have been a great many bespoke creations which are a combination of all these components .The promotional Logobug  is without doubt the most flexible product available to match any marketing or advertising scheme.You have a large choice of Pom pom andfeet colour that further increases the choice.

Can I choose the color of the pompom and the feets ?

Yes you can ,plus you can order assorted colours to give a really exciting look to your order.

Can I mix pompom colours for one order of custom logobugs? for example 500 Logobugs total but with 50 pieces of each color.

Yes as long as the order is in multiples of no less than 50 per colour. 

hand-hatjpgWhat is the minimum quantity I should order to have my own print on the ribbon of the logobug?

Minimum is 250 to have a full colour print on The Ribbon style attachment

What is the average size of a Logobug ?

15 cms x 3,4 cms

Can you print a full color image on the ribbon?

Full colour print was introduced by Logobugs when the Apple Mac revolution changed marketings attitude to Full colour .

What is the size of the ribbon and what is the print surface ?

The standard ribbon is 100mm x 19 mm ,but if you want  a different size of ribbon we can make it.
hand-logobugsHow long does it take for me to receive the order?

From the telephone call “Can you do” we have achieved a completed order for 1000 pieces including printing and production in 26 minutes .In normal circumstances up to 5000 pieces can be made and shipped in 5/6 days .The larger the order the longer the production time. All orders are subject to our current stock levels.This is when assorted colours will help us to provide larger orders in quicker time.

Are Logobugs safe for children ?

Every Logobug has a sensible  warning printed on the underside of the feet advising that they are unsuitable for children under 5 years

Do the logobugs come with sticky feets and do these leave any marks ?

They all come with sticky feet and over the 34 years of the product we have had only 2 genuine complaints about marking of clothes and in both cases these involved a silk blouse .

In which countries do you deliver and which languages can you deal in ?

We have made orders for every European country ,and wth our European distributors understand many languages.

logobugs-londonDo all the Logobugs have the same cost ?

We have tried to keep the number of price Bands to a minimum .On large quantities we will quote a specific price .

see online prices in sterling here : Cost for logobugs

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