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Win nu een gratis powerbank via Facebook!

Posted on 28/09/2015 by Henk KROON

Bent u nog op zoek naar een powerbank? Dan hebben we voor u een leuke actie gevonden. Op de facebookpagina van Zintuig is er een leuke actie tevoorschijn gekomen. Bij deze facebook actie maakt u kans op een gratis powerbank wanneer u de zin afmaakt die u op het plaatje ziet. Het gaat hier om de zin: De laatste keer dat ik geen energie meer had toen…… Heeft u een leuke zin gevonden? Kom dan nu langs bij de facebookpagina van zintuig. Het enige wat u hoeft te doen is te reageren en het bericht te “liken”. U wilt de link van de facebookpagina hebben, dan krijgt u deze:

Wie is zintuig?

Zintuig B.V. is een online webshop die gespecialiseerd is in het bedrukken van relatiegeschenken. Op de website van Zintuig vind u een grootschalig en gevarieerd assortiment van vele verschillende relatiegeschenken. bestaat al meer dan 15 jaar en kan daarom genieten van een jarenlange ervaring in bedrukkingstechnieken en heeft de beschikking over een grote drukkerij. Relatiegeschenken kunt u daarbij in kleine en grote oplage laten bedrukken. Heeft u interesse? Like dan onze facebookpagina voor vele aanbiedingen actie’s, of bezoek

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Confidence in your Promotional Product Supplier!

Posted on 12/06/2012 by Yuliya
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Confidence in your Promotional Product Supplier!

Written by Grant & Melinda

australian-flag-mapWhen advertising your company or your business event in Australia, your desire is to wisely spend your money on suitablepromotional products. The right promotional product for your advertising is the one that represents your brand and makes people willing to remember and talk about you;  this is what the right product and the right people can do for you!

Here are some examples:

When you work with schools, you realize that children are fond of bright and funny things, going from clothes such as T-shirts and hats to such products as bangers  and clappers for their sporting events. Children can talk to their parents about our promotional products company ; thus the word of mouth works!

If you are unsure what promotional products you should opt for , a well organized promotional company can help you choose the right product for your campaign.

promotional mugThe most commonly used products are clothes such as T-shirts, caps, and jackets. Then you also have lanyards, mugs, USB keys; you should not forget hampers and confectionery. Our cooler bags range is wide; we actually sell thousands of them. You can also find sports bags, backpacks, and shopping bags. The list goes on and on, it might be overwhelming for an average buyer.lanyard avec boucle et attache de sécurité

Be sure to have confidence in your promotional products supplier because he will be the one to give you all necessary information on his product range.

Written by Grant & Melinda

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The Gang Gum or a chewable pencil: the new student revolution!

Posted on 05/06/2012 by Yuliya

chewable pencilYou have a thesis to write. It is stressful. You spend hours in front of your PC screen without any result…

We try another method: we take a piece of paper in order to do some brainstorming ; result: nothing conclusive. Instead of filling in our blank paper with our fantastic idea, we start chewing our pencil or pen, the only physical activity that or body is capable of doing…

No worries: this happens to all of us! It is such a common behavior that one brand used it to create a new innovative product: the Gang Gum.

It is actually a pencil the end of which is a real chewing-gum instead of a gum. Instead of chewing your pencil and ingesting who knows which chemical substances at the same time, you « eat » something eatable ( it is certainly not more natural, but who cares!).

In order to test the popularity of its new product before its launch, Gang Gum Company had a very clever idea to make 5000 pencils with chewing-gums and to give them out to students not aware of this plan in 15 schools of São Paulo.DSC_0104

You can imagine the rest of the story: what a surprise for the students who were trying to find an adequate answer to the asked question of the exam, stressed, with sweaty palms, with a desire to eat their pencils to evacuate stress and who found out that it wasn’t the gum they were chewing,  but a real chewing-gum! An immediate and dazzling success. The company was reassured by this test to launch this product.

Evidently, this pencil can be customized. A means of communication that could have a perfect appeal among the youth. When you associate your brand to the slightly acid taste of a chewing-gum it is a guaranteed « young image ». A product to be followed..

Would you like to customize promotional products? Contact

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QR silicone wristbands

Posted on 25/05/2012 by Yuliya

Qr-Code-ID-Silicone-BraceletDo you know what product is currently fashionable in France? The silicone wristband with a printed QR code on it. QR stands for Quick Response. When printing it on an item of your choice, you can read it either with your cell phone, or a special bar-code reader or even with a webcam.

What is the purpose of this little QR code? It actually stocks different data and information that might be useful to you. It helps you go on the Internet site of your choice directly or even pay with your cell-phone. The purpose is thus marketing. Different brands use it to push their clients (by luring them with different discounts) to go on their Website. The client does not even have to go look for the brand on the Internet, the code QR does the work and provides direct access to the site.

How does it work? You can create your own QR code on a web generator. To be able to read it, you need a cell-phone with a camera and an application to read this great code! Then, all you have to do is flash the code and it will take you to the website.

Contrary to what we could think, this code is not a new invention. It was created in 1994 by a Japanese company.Japan

Therefore, this is the comeback of the code QR together with customized silicone wristbands. When given out at a special event, the wristbands are really appreciated by everyone and it is a pleasure to wear them. The printed QR code has found itself a perfect support to encourage people to flash it! This is a great way to considerably raise the number of viewers on your page.

Do you wish to create your silicone wristband with your own QR code on it? Contact Horizonsources.

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Delivery time for the promotional products

Posted on 29/03/2012 by Yuliya

Article written by Doc Logo on 05/12/2006

cargoFastness and reactivity, these are two important points on which the promotional products market has been working lately. A good example: the average delivery time for the promotional products in Europe was around 4 weeks about less than 15 years ago.

The file used for the printing was put on a CD or other physical devices and sent by post, and thus it took clients more than one week to sign their visual art proof.

Our American colleagues were the first to drastically reduce the delays! Currently, such firms as Magnet LLC or Prime are capable of shipping your personalized orders in one or two days.

We could think that this significant delivery time reduction led to nervous breakdowns among the stressed employees of these companies..but no! I was even impressed when several years ago I paid a call to these 2 companies no one was running around, there was no stress, the organization was perfect and there were logical fixed points during the production

Was Europe forced to follow this movement even though on our continent I do not know a lot of importers and manufacturers who could dispatch a personalized order in 2 days? However, clients have become more and more demanding regarding this point. Every day, our purchase department receives requests to deliver promotional products in just a few days!

I firmly believe that the future of the promotional products European market will be dominated by a few companies which will be capable of delivering in record time, as right now the delivery time for clients has become more important than the actual price!

funny promotional productsIf you are interested in funny, cute but useful promotional products, do not hesitate to contact:

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Advertising Balloons: Long History

Posted on 13/02/2012 by Yuliya
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Did you know that the advertising balloons all kids are so crazy about go back to 1824? They were created by Professor Michael Faraday and he actually used them for professional reasons: he experimented with hydrogen at the Royal Institution in London and used rubber to make the advertising balloons.

However, when there was no rubber created yet, the concept of a balloon existed already. Children used to play with inflated bladders and used sea animals for that. Another great example was Galileo, who wanted to measure the weight of air and decided to use a pig’s bladder.

Humans are very creative and intelligent creatures. If you have a look at the balloons one can find on the market today, you realize that there is a huge variety of them: latex, rubber, and hydrogen ones etc. Lots of progress has been made in this field. What is more, balloons are more and more often used for advertising. They are an excellent promotional product used at different events. You can print your logo or text on one or both sides of the balloon making it visible to the public, in this way you personalize it according to your tastes.

As for the prices, they are rather competitive if you buy them from Euro-Logo, and they start at 0,07 per item for the quantity of 10 000.advertising balloons

If you are interested in making a campaign of advertisement among children and their parents, a bright advertising balloon would be one of the best means to communicate with them. You can use balloons for weddings, sporting events, birthday parties as well as at your restaurants to promote your brand name.

If you are interested in ordering personalized balloons for a special occasion you can contact Horizonsources Group, a promotional product specialist, at

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The Right Pen for the Job

Posted on 13/12/2011 by Lorene

From the first patent in 1888, the ballpoint pen went through multiple incarnations to iron out the bugs and create the reliable, ubiquitous ballpoint pen we know today. In 1945 Gilbel’s Department Store publicized their new offering, with their entire stock of 10,000 pens, priced at $12.50 each, selling out on the first day. As demand rose, further improvements were made, and the price fell to as little as 19 cents each. By the end of the 1940s manufacturers in the US developed the Papermate pen. In France, Marcel Bich made refinements of his own, developing the Ballpoint Bic.


Today, ballpoint pens range from cheap single-use pens for student, household and ordinary office use, to luxury refillable pens that are status symbols for executives. Logo’d Gear offers a wide range of ballpoint pens suitable for any occasion.

Economy pens come in different colors and styles. The ultra-affordable Striped Stick Pen costs as little as 20 cents, and offers up to 40 characters and spaces in a single color. Retractable Solstice Super Glide Pens are refillable and come in six colors. Archer 2 Click Action Pens can be screen printed with a one-color logo for as little as 28 cents each. Beautiful Rhea Retractable Pens, with a pearlescent barrel and soft rubber grip, are available with a single color screen print for 37 cents each. Pens with distinctive looks are available in any price range.


Novelty pens start with puzzler pens, featuring a ball maze. Short pens of different styles are a compact 3 inches long. Carabiner pens hook on to stay handy. Two-in-one highlighter pens start at 54 cents each. Neck pens are ideal for folks who must always have a pen on hand. Key ring pens in multiple varieties are ideal for automotive businesses.


Rainbow Gel Gripper Pens offer vibrant ink colors that change over the life of the pen. The Shapester Ball Pen and Magnetic Clip Pen stand out with unique curves. Some pens offer shaped tops, attached sticky notes, a retractable calendar, or even a tape measure. The bendable Spring Pen is sure to attract attention. Go green with recycled and biodegradable pens. Upscale pens include brass barrels, gorgeous lacquers, mother-of-pearl and black onyx, marble, and crocodile leather that make a lasting impression. Lavish gold-plated executive pens add prestige.

No matter what the image or need, Logo’d Gear offers the right pen for the job.

Article written by Rigette Saycon

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Time for New Calendars

Posted on 08/12/2011 by Henk KROON

Posted by Rigette Saycon at mouseandman

As 2011 winds to a close, it’s time to start penciling in important dates on the 2012 calendar. Logo’d Gear offers a wide variety of calendars to fit every need.

calendarFor keeping a logo and contact information someplace that’s easy to find, nothing beats a magnet calendar. Simple rectangles come in a variety of sizes and proportions, in landscape or portrait orientation or standby square. Stock shapes include houses and vans. Organizations looking for custom shapes can call and talk to an experienced professional. For added value, some magnet calendars include notepads, mini memo boards, and sticky notes.

Peel-n-stick calendars are economical and offer the recipient the choice of location, and are available in shapes including barn, van, car, house, animal, and heart. Keyring calendars will never be far from a customer’s hand.

promotional-plannerWall calendars come in full-year or monthly styles, are available in sizes from the economical mini 5×7 to the poster-sized 22×29. Monthly calendars come stapled or spiral-bound. Photo themes are offered to fit every organization. Automotive calendars include muscle cars, antiques, and hot rods. Americana from illustrated art to agriculture, scenic to American agriculture. Animals, such as puppies and kittens or wildlife, are perennially popular. Golf, swimsuit, homes and gardens are sure to please. Thought-provoking motivational, inspirational, and religious themes promote positivity. Mouth watering monthly recipes bring branding into the kitchen.

Businesses can cater even more to their clients’ needs with calendars featuring custom illustrations. A phone call to Logo’d Gear can get the ball rolling on these welcome gifts.

Desk pad calendars are a must-have for workers in many fields. A mousepaper calendar combines style and function, and offers a fresh surface every month. Tent desk calendars really stand out.

Farmer’s Almanac calendars are traditional favorites and come in a multitude of styles to fit every need.

promotional-calendarStriking style sets Red Moma Magnetic Perpetual Calendars apart. Photo calendar frames draw the eye, and come in traditional or digital. Cube, acrylic, and click ball styles enhance any desktop. Their lasting value makes them great gifts or rewards for dedicated employees or loyal clients. Digital perpetual calendars can include dynamic tools such as a calculator or world clock.

Of course, all of these quality calendars come with branding, and many have space for an address, phone number, business hours, and other information customers need right at hand. Logo’d Gear can help every business start the New Year right.

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