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Invoking Loyalty, Appreciation & Provoking a CTA with Promotional Products

Posted on 08/04/2015 by Lorene

Invoking-Loyalty-Appreciation-and-Provoking-a-CTA-with-Promotional-ProductsA recent study by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) demonstrates just how effective promotional items are for invoking loyalty, appreciation & also for provoking a call to action (CTA).

The study compares promotional items, TV, Direct Mail, Online & Print. The questionnaire was served to 1000 participants, each of whom were asked following three questions:

  1. Which advertising medium has the ability to make you feel appreciated?
  2. Which advertising medium provides you with an incentive to take action?
  3. Which advertising medium is best suited to invoking loyalty to an event or cause?

 Promotional Products - Print - Direct Mail - Online - TV Infographic-2WAPP Promotional Products have put together this info-graphic (click on it) which displays the results.
From these results it’s clear to see that promotional products are indeed the best marketing & advertising medium to make your customers feel appreciated, this is something that allot of companies do not focus on and ultimately your clients are undoubtedly your biggest asset. Invoking loyalty in business is priceless, if your customers look to you & see you as friendly and caring company, the chances are that you will be the first in line the next time they need a product or service that you provide.

Just over half of the people asked thought that receiving a branded gift would motivate them to complete a call to action, this could be anything from phoning or emailing a company to visiting a website or even buying a product. It’s therefore important to add any relevant information to a printed item that can help & persuade the recipient to complete a desired call to action, this can be anything from phone numbers to web addresses to a QR code.

The results are quite obvious when we compare the advertising mediums as whole, promotional products can be personally handed out & stand out as the one marketing tool that are useful due to their reusable & practical nature. This is extremely effective when combined with the fact that on average 87% of people who received a branded gift, kept that item for over one year.


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Hunger Games 3 the mockingjay: the merchandising success

Posted on 18/11/2014 by Lorene

Tomorrow is the big day : the release of Hunger Games 3  the Mockingjay part 1. With the huge success of the two first movies,  the production company Lionsgate has a field day with this high quality teen movie. Also producer of Divergent, the company understands how much teenagers  can be profitable to business  thanks to their passion for their heroes but also thanks to their tendency to identify themselves with the characters. During adolescence, the identification is a very strong feeling and makes young people want to scream to the world what they love and where they belong. That’s exactly why tie-in products are so successful with the young.


We’re talking about a huge business that production companies  take care of developing a lot. Besides the capital choices of the right actors, of the story, of the set ; the work on the right communication plan is significant. Communicate with promotional items is as important as the rest of the business plan ;  it extends the passion feelings for a movie or a tangible product.

You’re working in communication and are looking for ideas ? Follow the  Hunger Games example. Here is our selection of the best tie-in products that you can win by assisting to preview showing  or by answering to quizzes on the Internet.


We begin with temporary tattoos. Still fashionable, the fake tattoos are awesome for young people who feel like they are breaking the rules…while they’re only playing. The wide silicone wristbands is great as well, it allows  the slogan to be seen correctly.  My favourite ones are the glitter silicone wristbands : different and classic at the same time.  If you’re really fed up of the silicone wristbands, you can choose the Hunger Games slap wristbands, very efficient as well. Once it’s put on the wrist, it stays there for generally a while.  That’s it for the  personalized jewel part.


Then, you have the Hunger Games outfit : sweatshirts,tee-shirts and personalized socks. Really cool ! My favourite ones are the Katniss socks. All the big fans will wear it and make you a huge promotion for free. I also found this original items : the Hunger Games shoes-socks converse style. If you believe they’re « too much », you can choose the Hunger Games flip flops, efficient as well.


Finally, when you’ll have dressed up your « promotional target« , you’ll just have to give them plenty of personalized accessories : a beautiful Hunger Games Lanyard where people will hang their pass for the preview showing, a gorgeous Mylar balloon and a Hunger Games bag. That’s how a pure fan becomes a perfect mobile advertisement support who has the virtue to smile all the time and makes us want to do the same. Cute and efficient.


You want to  communicate thanks to promotional items as well ? Contact the expert

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Highlights on Guest Events and its promotional items which extend the dream

Posted on 29/09/2014 by Lorene

Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream -Guest Events is THE reference for everyone who loves American TV shows.  The event company is born in 2011 and is specialized in organizing fan conventions. What is that ? It’s an event where people can meet the stars of their favourite TV show. You’ll do some photoshoot with your idols, Q&A sessions, autograph sessions, private meetings and even cocktail evening with your favorite actors… If you dream to meet your favourite TV hero, this is the best way to make your dream come true.

Brigitte Gillet, the co-manager of the company (with her daughter)  had the idea to start this business after assisting to that kind of event herself.  Their job : « to sell some dreams. ». It was  huge financial and human challenge for both. Their credo ? Bet on the leading actors and have at least 5 cast members present during the convention (even if we often reach the amazing number of 9 actors !). Sure bet.


Brigitte and her daughter entered in the arena in May 2013 with the BITE ME I’M FAMOUS convention, dedicated to The Vampire Diaries TV show. With more than 900 participants, the success was huge and went beyond what they expected. The event knew some little slip-up inherent in the 1st time. These two great managers immediately made the arrangement and from the second convention, Guest Events became the most successful convention organizer, with a strong reputation of quality and reliability. Today,  the loyal members buy their pass for future conventions without even knowing the guest participants. This is a trust relationship and a successful business that every entrepreneur would envy.

This is a convention :  you between actors for a great picture you’ll love until your last breath, you in front of the scene where actors will answer to your questions…

Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream -4Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream -6

Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream -5Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream -7

How such a successful event company communicate ? Social media are the best friends of Guest Events. Their major communication way is Facebook. For every convention, a private group is created. Nothing more is required. Brigitte only used radio advertisement for the first convention ; then, it wasn’t necessary anymore.

Guest Events dolls up her aficionados.  As a gift and because the pass to have access to the convention can easily reach 500 €, personalized goodies are offered to the participants. For every convention, you’ll received a personalized tote bag. The perfect gift to put your pictures (or your treasure, it depends on how you see it) or your make-up to be absolutely gorgeous when you’ll finally meet the man or woman of your dream. Even actors love these bags as they use it to put all the gifts given by fans. These tote bags are some of the most appreciated gifts simply because they’re useful.

Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream-1Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream -2

Over the different conventions, the organizers change the promotional items : personalized silicone wristbands, 4 colours ball pen… Last July,  for the Teen Wolf convention, slap silicone wristbands printed with the name of the event TEAM WOLF were a hit. « People nicely goofed around with these wristbands, hitting each other with these wristbands » tells Brigitte, happy of the friendly atmosphere.

Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream-3Promotional items are a great way to bring a souvenir of an unforgettable weekend. In the light of this, fans keep them. For example, lanyards and ID wristbands, which allow the entrance to the event, are often kept. Why ? Because of the emotional charge linked to this particular day. The promotional item is more than that, it becomes the Proust Madeleine for a lot of fans.

This is borne out by the fact that social medias are sufficient to spread information for such major events while promotional items remain an integral part of the communication.

Brigitte is already thinking about future personalized goodies she’ll pick up for next events. 2015 will be a huge year for Guest Events who’s preparing quiet one convention every month. For now, she’s working on the next one : From Wilmington to Paris 2, dedicated to the One Tree Hill fans.

Brigitte and her daughter spent 3 weeks in the USA last summer to plan the coming of guests for future conventions and keep putting stars in your eyes.

You want to participate to a convention ? Contact :
You want to personalize promotional items  for your future events ?




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YOU are the goodies’ king ! Share your stories

Posted on 01/08/2014 by Lorene

You-are-the-goodies-king-share-your-stories-2Hey guys, this blog is also yours ! If you’re here, it’s because  you’re interested in marketing, promotional items market and communication in general. You probably use it as well. Don’t be shy, share your experiences, your opinion, your doubts, have a rant, show us what you’ve accomplished, organized, succeed and/or fail.

Tell us your experiences, send us your pictures and you’ll be published ! You organized an event ? You support a great cause very important to you and you’re using goodies and personalized items to finance it ? Promotional items are your favorite communication tool ? Promotional products are part of your loyalty campaign ? TELL US !!! SHOW US !!

Communicate here as well ! A free adverstisement is always good to take.  Your message will be heard thanks to all our readers and followers on Twitter.
You-are-the-goodies-king-share-your-storiesNothing is easier :  send us your piece, answering the following question : where, when, what, why and how. Above all, don’t forget to send pictures (this is the only requirement). Show us people wearing your fabulous silicone wristbands or a place decorated with your promotional balloons… Let speak your imagination and your truth !

You’re not at ease  as a writer ? Don’t worry, we’ll do it for you. After a small interview, we’ll write a great post about YOUR event and you’ll be the blog star !

Let’s have fun guys ! Spread the word ! We’re looking forward to read you 🙂
Contact-us !

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History of rubber latex and toy balloon

Posted on 09/12/2013 by Lorene

Written by  Guido Van Rossen



The water proofing and elastic properties of various rubber producing plants were discovered by native American cultures, the Aztecs or earlier mesoamericans, and South American tribes.

The Aztecs and Mayans bled natural rubber latex from the Hevea brasiliensis trees in the local forests, formed the junk into balls, and played the Mesoamerican ball game with the resulting bouncy balls. The losers were sometimes ritually executed. Those balls cannot have lasted much longer than the losing players. Uncured (curing or vulcanization, a process of treating rubber with sulphur at great heat to improve elasticity and strength or to harden them ) natural rubber turns very smelly within a few days as it starts to rot.

Rubber Tapping RowsRubber-tree-hevea-natural

Another latex, of the sapodilla plant is also the source of chicle, the chewing gum of the Aztecs.

Natural rubber first arrived in Europe, when Christopher Columbus sailed back from the West Indies with the first rubber balls. The arrival of these rubber balls in Spain in 1496 is the first known presence of natural rubber in Europe and it was said of them that there was ‘nothing comparable in the world to the way that the balls bounced’. Previous balls had been made from stuffed leather, so there was indeed little comparison! Its first use in latex form was the discovery by the Spaniards, to its ability to waterproof fabrics. However since  1615, there was no means of stabilizing the latex, the white sap of rubber producing plants, and a thriving fabric proofing industry sprung up in Mexico with the treated fabric being exported.

Mentioned by Spanish and Portuguese writers in the 16th century, reports about rubber were made (1736–1751) to the French Academy of Sciences. In later years, rubber was used only for elastic bands and erasers, and these were made by cutting up pieces imported from Brazil.

Joseph Priestley (England) is credited with the discovery c.1770 of its use as an eraser, also called a “rubber”.
In 1770, Edward Nairne was selling cubes of natural rubber from his shop  in London. The cubes, meant to be erasers, sold for the astonishingly high price of 3 shillings per half-inch cube.
The first rubber factory in the world was established near Paris in 1803, the first in England by Thomas Hancock in 1820.

waterproof-coating-rubber-MackintoshFrom the early days to the mid-19th century, rubber was a novelty material, but it did not find much application in the industrial world. It was used first as erasers, and then as medical devices for connecting tubes and for inhaling [medicinal] gases. With the discovery that rubber was soluble in ether, it found applications in waterproof coatings, notably for shoes and soon after this, the rubberised Mackintosh coat became very popular.

Nevertheless, most of these applications were in small volumes and the material did not last long. The reason for this lack of serious applications was the fact that the material was not durable, was sticky and often rotted and smelled bad because it remained in its uncured state.

In Europe in 1818 Charles Macintosh also discovered waterproofing. In his case, as an industrial chemist in Glasgow, he was seeking ways to exploit the waste products of the new coal gasification process. A medical student by the name of James Syme discovered that coal tar naphtha was a good solvent for rubber and Macintosh’s skill came in using this rubber solution as a waterproofing layer between to fabrics. Hence the ‘Macintosh’.

Close on Macintosh’s new process came Thomas Hancock’s discovery of mastication in 1820. Hancock was using thin rings of rubber for elastic fastenings for gloves, shoes and stockings, and observed that fresh cut edges would perfectly unite. Since he had much waste, it occurred to him that if these pieces of rubber were minced up very small, the amount of fresh cut edges would be greatly increased and by heat and pressure might unite sufficiently for some purposes. Hancock thus developed his ‘Pickle’ or wooden masticator. This was made from a cylinder of wood studded with teeth surrounded by a wooden frame also with teeth. Hancock found that the effort to shred the rubber did not decrease with time but increased, and finally gave a homogeneous ball of rubber when he opened his machine. Later models were properly engineered and Hancock used his ‘pickle’ to supply Macintosh’s factory. He kept his process secret, but was forced to patent it in 1837.

goodyear-originIn this post-mastication/pre vulcanisation period, the rubber industry grew in Great Britain and a whole range of applications for rubber were developed covering whole spectra of items from cushions and mattresses through  hoses for beer engines and fire engines, to shoes and even early tyres. However, whilst rubber products were suitable in Britain with its relatively mild and wet climate, this was not so true in the United States. Here excessive high temperatures or cold made Macintoshes and related products either sticky or rigid, resulting in loss of confidence in the US rubber industry and many factories were closed down. This failure of rubber to meet these temperature changes made Charles Goodyear seek modifications to it to avoid this defect. He tried a variety of chemicals and processes including magnesia, boiling in lime, bronze powder and nitric acid. It was actually a Nathaniel Hayward who first introduced Goodyear to sulphur in 1838. However, Goodyear fell upon hard times both financially and domestically, so it was not until 1841 that he accidentally over-heated a mixture of rubber, sulphur, and white lead, which led to the discovery of vulcanisation, and a rubber, which did not harden in winter and soften in summer. Goodyear patented his invention on December 6th, 1842. Hancock, to whom the discovery of vulcanisation is also ascribed, came into the picture via a William Brockendon (who is thought to have coined the name ‘vulacnization’). Public opinion in the US was still hostile to rubber, so Goodyear entrusted his idea to a Stephen Moulton who was returning to England to take his improved rubber to the new prospering Macintosh Company.
Somehow William Brockendon obtained samples of Goodyear’s rubber and passed them to Hancock, who deduced from the bloom that sulphur was present. Thomas Hancock then discovered that strips of rubber immersed in molten sulphur changed character, and patented the process in November 1843, only a few weeks before Goodyear’s’ belated English patent.


The British rubber industry thus grew still further with the advent of vulcanisation. Hancock recognized the need to establish plantations outside South America where there was poor management, appalling conditions and leaf blight. He also saw that such trees could give financial return. He therefore approached Sir John Hooker, Director of Kew Gardens with his idea, and so the Wickham legend was born. The stories of Wickham secretly stealing seeds from the Amazon are wholly untrue.
In fact, Henry Wickham was simply the right man in the right place at the right time.
Sir John Hooker took up Hancock’s idea and commissioned Henry Wickham (later Sir Henry) who was there at the time, to collect the seeds and ship them to Kew for £10 per 1000. The collection of the seeds was with the agreement of the local authorities and in 1876 ; 70000 seeds were sent to Kew. Of these 1900 germinated and the seedlings were shipped to Colombo, Ceylon where 90% are reputed to have survived. Some 25 seedlings went onto Singapore and some of these up to Malaysia, as it is known today. Thus virtually all of the rubber trees in the Far East are derived from the seeds collected by Sir Henry Wickham, and some of those original trees are still alive in Sri Lanka to this day.

The other highly significant development was the discovery of tapping techniques by Henry Ridley. The only known way in South America in the 1850s of collecting the latex from the tree was to cut it down and slash it’s bark to drain out the white milky liquid. Ridley was the Director of the Singapore Botanic Gardens from 1888-1911. It was he who developed early forms of today’s tapping techniques, studied the effects of daily/alternate day tapping and best age to tap, and saw the importance of morning tapping. Thus the rubber producing industry grew in the Far East to meet the increasing demand for natural rubber in the West.


1st pneumatic tyre factory-Dunlop

The demand for rubber had grown quite significantly following John Boyd Dunlop’s invention of the pneumatic tyre in 1888. Whilst steam vehicles were too heavy for these, the early petrol cars were not, and the Michelin Brothers completed the 1895 Paris-Bordeaux car race on a vehicle fitted with pneumatic tyres in the early days of motoring tyres could cost $100 and cover only 750 kilometres. By the 1920’s, the cost was down to $30 and expected mileage raised to 21000 kilometres.
Aircraft tyres were first marketed around 1910, but the first pneumatic truck tyres did not appear until 1917 almost 30 years after Dunlop’s invention.

1st pneumatic tyre factory-Dunlop-2

In the 19th century wild rubber was harvested in South and Central America and in Africa; most of it came from the rubber tree, Hevea Brasilliensis, of the Amazon basin. Natural rubber (caoutchouc) is obtained from various plants, as a latex, mostly   white in colour. Congo forests were rich in a latex-producing vine, a latex exported at that time. The rubber tree, Hevea Brasilliensis, is the most economical source for latex today. Currently, the country of Maylasia is the world’s largest producer of natural Latex.


During World War I, Germany made a synthetic rubber, but it was too expensive for peacetime use. In 1927 a less costly variety was invented. German scientists developed a synthetic rubber, whose properties are close to those of natural rubber, just prior to World War II. When importation of natural rubber from the East Indies was cut off during World War II, the United States began large-scale manufacture of synthetic rubber.

The first rubber balloons were made by Professor Michael Faraday in 1824 for use in his experiments with hydrogen at the Royal Institution in London. `The caoutchouc is exceedingly elastic’, he wrote in the Quarterly Journal of Science the same year. `Bags made of it…have been expanded by having air forced into them, until the caoutchouc was quite transparent, and when expanded by hydrogen they were so light as to form balloons with considerable ascending power….’ Faraday made his balloons by cutting round two sheets of rubber laid together and pressing the edges together. The tacky rubber welded automatically, and the inside of the balloon was rubbed with flour to prevent the opposing surfaces joining together.

Vulcanized toy balloons, which unlike the earlier kind were unaffected by changes in temperature, were first manufactured by J.G. Ingram of London in 1847 and can be regarded as the prototype of modern toy balloons. »


In 1931 a engineer from New England named Neil Tillotson was in search to make inner tubes from raw latex. For fun, he shaped a cat’s head from a cardboard and dipped it in a liquid latex. After drying he inflated the little bag and much to his surprise he had made a “cat balloon”, complete with ears. He produced about 2000 of these balloons and sold them on the street corner at Boston’s annual Patriot’s Day Parade that year.

The first manufacture of balloons in the United States came in 1907.

In 1912, for the first time a balloon was manufactured that wasn’t round.

From « Manual of Balloon Modeling, Vol. 1, An Encyclopedic Series » by Val Andrews, 1981, Magico Magazine, NYC : I have found the art of balloon modeling a joy to watch since I first saw it done by Wally Boag in the early ‘fifties. But I understand that « Windy Blow » was performing the art in England as early as 1945. Both Jay Marshall and Tommy Windsor name one H.J. Bonnert of Scranton, PA, as the « daddy of them all. »
It seems that Mr. Bonnert performed a modeling act with balloons at a Pittsburgh Magicians’ Convention way back in 1938!…. As far as modeling from one long balloon is concerned, Windy Blow claims to have done this in 1945, and he certainly published a one-balloon animal with details in Max Andrew’s Magic Magazine in February, 1953. At least this proves wrong the generally held view that one-balloon animals were originated as late as 1960, and in the United States.

Silver-metallized-balloonsIn the late 1970’s, silver metalized balloons were developed for the New York City Ballet.These balloons are commonly called Mylar.

The toy balloon remains very must in demand on the world’s scene. A balloon which abound in colour and leads to excitement at private parties, fairs, carnivals, circuses, store sales, trade expositions, and at any other place that people gather for relief from work and routine.


Written by Guido Van Rossen from the European Ballon & Party Council

You want to buy some promotional products 100 % latex ?

Bibliography :
See P. W. Allen, Natural Rubber and the Synthetics (1972); M. Morton, Rubber Technology (3d ed. 1987).

From The Book of Firsts by Patrick Robertson, Bramhall House, NY, 1978:



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Enjoy your 4th of July with great promotional products !

Posted on 04/07/2013 by Lorene

4th-of-July-promotional-productsYeah, today is the 4th of July. This is a very important date in the USA  as American people commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence ( 1776). From this date, the United States of America  has been independant for the Kingdom of Great Britain.silicon-wristbands-4th-july-USA





As the 14th July in France, the 4th of July in the USA is synonymous of outdoors parties, fireworks, big family reunions.  Of course, when we talk about big parties which take place all over the country, we have to talk about promotional products used to celebrate.4th-of-july-weepuls


We can easily find people wearing silicon wristbands with American flags that won’t ever go out of fashion.The patriotic feeling is exalted everywhere, even on the the cupcakes with little paper flags put up in it.




Anyway, this year, our favorite gadget is the patriotic weepuls. With its multicolor pompom and its American flag in the hand, it’s just the cutest personalized product you can offer to honor such a great day.  Its ribbon will allow you to write the message you want and people will be able to stick it wherever they want to remind this super pleasant summer day.

You want to create your own weepuls to celebrate your event ? Contact the specialist :

Follow the weepuls’ expert on facebook here

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Customized candles (for Christmas): are you a Grinch?

Posted on 29/11/2012 by Alice
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You don’t need that much to get into the Christmas holidays spirit.

But are you among those that kinda hate decorating Christmas trees, shiver at the idea of buying garlands and all other sorts of red and green decorations? We can understand you, so we won’t blame you… You are simply not into it, we get it!

Anyway, we also know that you might feel obliged to decorate (just a little, of course) so that nobody can call you a cynical or even worst a Grinch!

So, we found something perfect for you: customized candles with snowflakes drawings! Small and cute, they are definitely Christmas gadgets but way more discrete than Santa wishing you Merry Christmas every time you walk in front of him!








These customized candles are sold in set of two, white or pink.

To conclude we want to wish you a Merry Christ…. sorry, holidays!

If you want to customize your promotional products for Christmas, contact us!

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The Perfect Giveaway for the Perfect Event

Posted on 17/09/2012 by Alice
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Organizing events is a stressful activity, consuming plenty of time and draining the organizers’ energies from the start of production all the way to the end of the show. But all that hard work pays off in the joy these gatherings bring to the people attending them. Make the occasion even more memorable by giving the attendees something to remember it by.

Weddings – These are celebrations of two souls officially coming together as one, so why not send guests away happy with a reminder of the sweetness of the newlyweds’ love? It can be in the form of an elegant glass jar with a lovely wedding wrapper and a ribbon, filled to the brim with delectable chocolates.  How about a beautiful crystal wedding bell that captures the moment of matrimony with the engraved names of the couple?

Promopeddler two rings - clear mint - 8 oz plastic jar filled with stock design wrapped candyPromopeddler Flavor Burst and Clear Mint Wedding Day Wrapper

Political Assemblies – Members of a political group coming together will want to feel united in their convictions to better the country. Mobilize the masses with themed mousepads that remind them that they, too, can make a difference especially in this digital age. Bring the message straight to their homes with coasters that will certainly ignite important conversations over drinks regarding the state of the nation.

Promopeddler antimicrobial fabric surface mousPromopeddler Promotional Mousepad Original Fabric

Environmental Causes – Although more and more people are starting to recognize planet Earth’s suffering, there is still much more work to be done to raise awareness of the need to safeguard the world’s precious ecosystems. Help spread the word without contributing to harmful waste with adhesive notes made from 100% recycled paper, nature-friendly sticky pads and biodegradable bamboo wood barrel ballpens.

Promopeddler eco-responsible (tm) - smiley sticky jotter, 5 page markers and yellow sticky pad. Promopedder Promotional Tanker Truck Shaped Candy Dispenser.

Fashion Shows ­– There are no other events where the most beautiful people gather to showcase their styles, so everyone in attendance will want to stand out from the crowd. Let each one make a statement with hip and comfortable tank tops that show off their fit and toned bodies. From beater tanks to spandex camisoles to junior fit cotton tops, they’ll be looking good no matter the time or place.

Promopeddler anvil (r) - heathers 2xl - preshrunk 6.1 ounce cotton tank top with self trim.

Promopeddler bella + canvas (r) - colors s-xl - ladies 5.8 oz., baby rib spaghetti strap tank.

Food Bazaars – It is easy to get lost in the sights and smells of the finest offerings in a food bazaar where just one sample taste can lead to a dozen more. But there is only so much time and so much space in customers’ stomachs to try everything in the market. By giving them chic tote bags, food shoppers can literally bring home the bacon and get more out of their tongue-talizing experiences!

Preparing an awesome celebration that guest’s won’t forget means leaving them with something they can hold onto for a long time. Make events last and keep the fun going with the right giveaways.

Promopeddler built (r) everyday (r) - tote made from protective neoprene material.Promopeddler tote for garden contains hand lotion, flower seed packet & gardening gloves.

Gwency Radnor, im a marketing consultant for Promo Peddler. A company that helps their other businesses with their marketing and advertising needs through promotional products.

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