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inflatable cheering sticks

Posted on 08/11/2017 by Renske Visser
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when you have an event or game, maybe you’d like to do something extra. something to make the atmosphere energetic and exciting.  these inflatable cheering sticks might just be your answer.

when you inflate these cheering sticks and bang them together they make a loud noise, ideal for a big event. they’re meant to create an even better atmosphere, in for example a stadium, or to cheer on your team. it will definitely add some color and excitement to your event. kids will love these, and the colors, logo or catchphrase of your club will be shown to everyone, and will have a motivational effect.

  • these cheering sticks are easy to inflate with a little plastic straw
  • these sticks are also very suited for selling to supporters in your stadium or club.
  • we can print your logo or slogan on the cheering sticks
  • quick delivery- about 1 week- is possible if you order them without print.
  • available in multiple models, like sticks, fingers or a V-shape (peace-sign)
  • available in a multitude of colors.
  • it’s possible to have them printed in multiple colors and on both sides.



if you are interested, please contact us.

and our phone number: +44 20 70 99 21 66


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Gold and silver flash-tattoos

Posted on 29/08/2017 by Renske Visser
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Flash tattoos

These temporary tattoos are all the rage nowadays, especially the gold and silver ones. These are also called « flash tattoos »

These temporary tattoos in gold and silver colors aren’t just fun for the summer, they’re also fun for events, festivals and holidays!

Flash tattoos are fun all year long!

At our company you can have us make your own custom flash tattoos. This means you don’t have to pick one design out of a few. If you get flash tattoos made with your own design, you’re unique, because nobody else has the same fake tattoos.

You can get these flash tattoos made in gold, silver and copper. You can also combine colors with these metallic hues. For instance, a silver tattoo with turquoise details!

Would you like to give these tattoos as a present and would you like it to be nicely packaged? We’d love to make you a fitted package. Just ask for all our possibilities.


Our flash tattoos are safe, easy to apply and also easy to remove.

There’s many sizes available, from 38x38mm, 51x51mm, or even A5 or A4 format. (and all sizes in between)

On 1 piece of tattoo paper you can have us print out multiple designs, as well. This way you’ll have multiple samples without having to pay extra.

You can order the flash tattoos starting with 2500 pieces!

On the backside of the tattoos are instructions on how to apply/remove them.

We can also print your logo and company name next to these instructions. (in black)

Delivery time is 2-3 weeks.

Besides flash tattoos we also have 3D tattoos and standard black tattoos (also available in color).

These tattoos are standardly packaged in a neat pile, in a box. But if you’d prefer to have them packaged separately, that’s also possible. For a small fee we’ll package your tattoos one by one.

if you are interested, please contact us.

and our phone number: +44 20 70 99 21 66

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Silicone bracelets. no event is complete without them!

Posted on 28/06/2017 by Renske Visser
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Do you want to order silicone bracelets for you event?

Well, You should! Silicone bracelets in fun colors are absolute eye candy. Because when the sun shines and we’re all enjoying being outside and having fun, we get excited for short sleeves and outside events. Parks, forests, hiking, festivals and fun events; just having a great time!

For the entrepreneur it’s time for sales outside, markets and festivals. Delightfully in contact with people while working on the future of your company.

Whereas the ladies switch the pants and hoodies for skirts and dresses, exposing their ankles, the men roll up their sleeves or wear a T-shirt to show off that new watch. The fact that people have two arms and therefore two wrists, and sometimes not even a watch at all – you can check the time on your phone, right? – is a chance for you.

With these silicone bracelets you can decorate the wrists of young and old people with a fun keepsake, and also share the name and logo of your brand.

Our silicone bracelets are available in all pantone colors. This way you can always find one that fits just right with your audience or style. you can even relate them to your female or male audience by getting different sizes, even special bracelets for kids are in our assortment.

We can design the silicone bracelets with any text and a logo or image. You can even get them engraved so the text or image is deeper into the bracelet and it won’t fade. For every customization of this awesome product please check our website

Many companies ahead of you are very enthusiastic. No wonder, because who wouldn’t want such a cool silicone bracelet as a give-away? Especially when it has a cool text on it. As an example, you can put an image of your company logo on it, but also a slogan or expression that will mean something to your audience. It’s relatively cheap and wont quickly be thrown away or given to someone else.

Many companies order a new version of the silicone bracelets each and every year. If not in another color, then with another slogan or image. It becomes a so-called gimmick, and visitors of events enjoy traditions; without a bracelet from your company their visit is incomplete. This way, for just a few cents, you have a new ambassador stopping by for one of your bracelets… and some news on the advancements of your company

They may be called WRISTbands but they also function as silicone ankle bracelets, since we also sell them in different widths. Here are some examples so you can get some inspiration. Would your audience appreciate a bracelet like this? And what would your design be? If you can’t figure it out, we’d like to help you with it.

For every possibility or if you want to order immediately, please visit our website or contact s through E-mail or by calling us.

and our phone number: +44 20 70 99 21 66

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Prince Charming Gifts – Top 10 Gifts for William and Kate’s Son

Posted on 26/07/2013 by Lorene

Article written by Chris Turton & Kathryn Holloway

Royal-baby-diamond-pacifier-Prince-of-CambridgeWith the arrival of Prince George of Cambridge, William and Kate’s son on July 22, 2013, many well-wishers will want to send the new yet to be named prince a gift. But it begs the question – what do you get a baby boy who will one day sit on the throne?
Extravagance and opulence rule the day when it comes to gifts for the new prince.
Here are the top 10 gifts companies could use as the ultimate promotional item for a royal baby.


1. Pacifier – But we’re not just talking about any pacifier. We’re talking about a $17,000 14K pacifier in white gold studded with more than 278 diamonds.

2. Baby bathtub – The royal prince, when he takes his first bath, might just like to settle down in a $3,800 baby bathtub that’s 31 inches long covered in Swarovski crystals.

3.  Pram – For when he goes out to meet his public, why not give the royal prince a pram made in collaboration with Aston Martin? Priced at $3,100, this pram is just the thing to wheel the royal prince around for his many engagements.


4. Baby set – Though it will be quite a while before the young prince is ready to use dishes, it’s never too early to start getting ready. From Tiffany & Co comes a sterling silver set with a cup, fork, and spoon, which can be engraved with the baby’s name or a message for a price of $745.

Royal-baby-promotional-products5. Trust fund– Want to send the royal baby a bank to start his own coffers of gold? An adorable silver kangaroo from Asprey has a price tag of 3,900.

6. Teddy bear– This isn’t your mother’s teddy bear. From Gucci comes an adorable leather teddy bear for the young prince to cuddle with a price of just $1,030.

7. Towel and robe set – After taking his royal bath, the prince will need something to dry him off. With a towel and bathrobe set from Hermes, which can last him for up to two years, the price tag of $810 seems worth it.

8. Scent-sational – Another nice touch after his royal bath would be a little scent, and what would be better than Bulgari’s Baby Eau de Toilette? It is available for $58 and can be used for Kate too, so that mum and baby can both smell sweet.


9. Booties – For the heir to the throne, the regular booties just won’t do. That is why Hermes offers cashmere baby socks priced at $230.

10.The royal outfit – Once the prince has been fed, bathed, changed, and he’s ready to meet his public, Gucci has just the thing for him to wear. With his choice of long or short sleeves, plus a hat and a bib, this set is just $285.

So, there you have it. You now know some of the top gifts that William and Kate’s son may be getting from his fans around the world.  It’s hard to know what to get for the boy who has everything, including a kingdom someday, but these gifts are all fit for a king, or a prince that will be king some day.

Article written by Chris Turton  & Kathryn Holloway from

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Di Caprio and his Gatsby personalized umbrella in Cannes Festival

Posted on 24/05/2013 by Lorene

cannes-parapluie-Renault-juryThe Cannes Festival : THE  reference  for people loving films (even intellectual elites aprove it so you can imagine !). Cannes means : movie stars, glamour, red carpet, paste, photographers, bow tie… well true chic. Cannes festival also means curious unlookers fight to have a chance to see their idol walking up the mythic steps ( quiet relaxing when you’re surrounded by people in tuxes and thousands dollar dresses…)

cannes-parapluie-RenaultCannes is above all a huge and  well organized business where luxurious brands show their masterpieces (jewels, dresses, cars…) and boost their image thanks to stars’ halo promoting the brand. Even the rain, feared by organizers cannot ruin the event ! Yes I insist. thanks the rain, we can bring out other personalized items that are going to help us promoting even more our brand : personalized umbrellas. You just said dorky ? No, not when a movie star uses them. What a star touches becomes gold you know that and it works the same for printed umbrellas which whould almost become a super hype accessory. Nicole Kidman still is fascinating with her « Renault » printed umbrella.

parapluie-Gatsby-Leonardo-di-caprio-festival-de-cannes-2013You still don’t believe me ? Here’s a proof : Leonardo Di Caprio and its Gatsby umbrella. How the Great Gatsby, how  Di Caprio, the most talented actor of its generation  could seem ridiculous with an umbrella in its hands ? IMPOSSIBLE. Leo has been photographed by hundreds of people and made the biggest promotion he could. Its personalized umbrella screamed to the entire world he was proud of this movie (and was here to defend it. As you can see, personalized umbrellas are the best allies of actors in Cannes this year and allow a bigger advertisement coverage by sponsors (Canal +, Renault…). In Cannes, there’s no money saving and no adverstisement space lost either !

If you want to do like Leonardo Di Caprio and personalize your umbrellas or other promotional products for your events, contact the specialist :

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Customized lip balm : kiss the idea !

Posted on 02/07/2012 by Lorene

A customized lip balm, have you already thought about it ?

A super idea for a special « gentle » offer. Indeed, every product represents certain brand images and values. Swiss knife makes us think of an adventurer who tries to survive in the forest (MacGyver, what a hero!) while a customized feather pen takes us back in history and gives us a strong desire to write poems in the light of a candle


A lip balm is associated with well-being, care, softness. It has a very positive image because moisturizing your lips is important and helps you avoid irritation or even some pain because of chaps. Therefore, it is a health asset as well as a beauty one.

This product has one more advantage : the possibility to chose your flavor that will probably bring back memories (your tiny Proust Madeleine) and will take you back to the gardens of your childhood with the flavor of strawberry..

The customized lip balm is a perfect promotional product for the beauty trade ( hair salons, massage parlors, beauty salons..). It offers great visibility due to its large printable surface and especially because it is a product that we can keep in our purse and that we use several times a day. If Coca Cola has launched it, then you can trust it too!

baume-à-lèvres-CocaCoca-Cola was right creating its own product range in 2010. Available in three flavors, classic, cherry and vanilla, the lip balms of a multinational American company let it keep the « addiction » to its soda (the lip balm in Fanta flavor exists as well) as they keep the flavor for some time on the lips. This is a way to be ever-present among its clients during the day.

The lip balm suits both men and women and is more and more used at the weddings; it is personalized in the names of the newly-weds. It provides a perfect image of gentleness and cocooning of a young couple that is creating its own cocoon. We should not forget that the lips also symbolize desire and seduction

Do you wish to have more information on customized promotional products? Contact the specialist

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What to think of a customized rubber wristband?

Posted on 28/05/2012 by Yuliya
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Article written on 05/09/2012 by Webmaster

bracelets-siliconeLet’s start from the very beginning: with the difference between the rubber wristband and the silicone wristband!

Without any doubt, you have already had in your hands some of these wristbands with texts in different colours on them. You should know that 80% of these bands are made of silicone and surely not of rubber. The rubber band, a bit less expensive than the silicone one, has a very unpleasant smell, it is usually thinner than the silicone wristband, more fragile, less pretty and less comfortable when worn on the hand. Imagine a huge rubber band: this is the rubber wristband.

If you wish to make some wristbands and put your own text or logo on them make sure to buy 100% silicone wrisbands. The only way to be sure: ask for a sample before ordering.

If a reseller is unable to provide you with a sample, this might be bacause he is probably thinking of selling you a rubber wristband instead.


A few sites where you can find silicone wristbands in UK :

Silicone wristbands :

Silicone wristbands :

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A magnetic bookmark to save your reading!

Posted on 02/05/2012 by Yuliya

Magnetic bookmark in bookDo you like reading? If you do,  you probably often use your bus ticket or a piece of paper as a bookmark in order to help you find the page where you stopped reading. You are not alone! Lots of us, ordinary people, do it too.

Guess what you need to facilitate your reading? A magnetic bookmark ! The best way to keep your pages clean and tidy. What is more, you will always know what was the last page you were reading and you will stop leafing frantically through your favorite book trying to find the last paragraph you were reading before getting of your train.bookmark

A magnetic bookmark is a perfect way for companies to make their name known. They give you a bookmark, you put it inside a novel you’re reading every day in the morning or on weekends, and success is guaranteed! The potential customer will see your logo and your telephone number every time he opens his « Lord of the Rings ».

Horizonsources can offer you bookmarks that can be shaped according to your taste and preferences. You want to put the flag of your country on these cute magnetic bookmarks, off you go! A picture of your church, no problem! Whenever you are ready and as soon as you have your design in mind, pick up your phone and call Horizonsources!!ZAKLADKI

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