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customised wooden Yo-Yo’s

Posted on 21/07/2017 by Renske Visser

customised wooden yo-yo’s

are you looking for year original way to promote your business? Then thesis wooden Yo-Yo’s might be perfect for you!



Wooden Yo-Yo’s are the perfect gift for young and old. Can you imagine the hilarious reaction of a mature person when they receive a Yo-Yo? You can easily hand out these Yo-Yo’s at events and markets, and you can count on many visitors if you hand out these awesome gifts with your logo and company name on them. The people who get a Yo-Yo will most likely immediately start playing with them, and the people who see the it will want one as well and will visit your stand.


Here at euro-logo we only sell very high-quality wooden Yo-Yo’s. this way, you’ll give people a quality gift that they won’t just throw away. We can print you logo and company name on the Yo-Yo’s, so that everyone who has one of these, will automatically advertise your company.

Our Yo-Yo’s are good quality and available in multiple colors, like yellow, red, green, blue, white and a standard wood texture. Because of the good quality the Yo-Yo will last a long time, so that you’ll be able to enjoy the advertisement for a long time.

is your audience mostly children? Then these awesome gifts will surely get your company a lot of attention. Kids will absolutely love these! They will take them everywhere and show them to everyone, and of course this means they’ll see your company name and logo.

These Yo-Yo’s are a good investment that will surely get you many positive reactions.

They’re available in many colors, ask us if your color is available too.

You can order our Yo-Yo’s starting with 250 pieces. But the more you buy, the cheaper they get.

Would you like to order these? You can contact us: (+ 31) 020-800 48 21 or email us



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mosquito-repellent bracelets for the catering industry

Posted on 02/07/2017 by Renske Visser
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Mosquito-repellent bracelets make for a higher profit!


How do these bracelets make for a higher profit? Well, that’s because people can sit outside for longer, and the longer they sit outside, the more profit you’ll get.

It’s just that one thing you won’t consider on a summer evening. If a person gets a lot of mosquito bites, they’re less likely to order another round. Especially annoying when you’ve put on some nice summer clothes to show off your brown limbs and there are mosquito bites all over you!

Time for a solution; anti-mosquito bracelets!

By giving your customers these anti-mosquito bracelets with your logo on it, you’ll make for a higher profit.

Your customers will wear these bracelets and they’ll simultaneously advertise your business. Also, the customer won’t be annoyed by those pesky mosquitos. This way you’ll attract more customers (they’ll want to go to your place, because they’ll want a bracelet to repel those mosquitos)

We don’t just sell these bracelets in yellow, we also sell them in a nice orange tone. The bracelets also come in different sizes, for kids, for women, and for men. We can engrave the silicone bracelets as well, and put your logo on it.

I choose to go drink a beer with my friends on a terrace, not with 50 bloodsucking mosquitos. And to be honest, until not too long ago I didn’t realize it could be just as temporary as a shower of rain.

But sometimes you just want to go to that one specific place where everybody else is going, and what do you do when there’s rain and thunder on the other spot where there are less mosquitos? With these mosquito repellent bracelets you can just do what you want to do. But remember; besides your house key and lip gloss- to bring that mosquito repellent bracelet! If you have a company or catering business you can’t always expect your customers to bring one themselves, a solution to this can bring a lot of extra orders and profit.

Ordering these bracelets is possible at the bracelets work because of the citronella, they smell nice and fresh and keep mosquitos away. They can stay good up till 7 days! Besides, they’re much more efficient for the wearer than a citronella candle on the table which will also be more expensive, less stylish and you can’t put your own logo on it. The mosquito-repellent bracelets can be engraved with a company name, text or logo and are packaged separately, which is very practical when you want to hand them out. With these, we’ re absolutely ready for the summer!

For more information on these bracelets or if you want to order them immediately, please contact us.

and our phone number: +44 20 70 99 21 66


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Customize the yoyo with your own logo

Posted on 09/06/2016 by Mathieu Alaimo

Do you wish to make some yo-yos with your own logo? It’s fast and easy thanks to Euro-Logo. In our company you can buy and personalize them, the production is really fast and above all it’s a cheap product.custom yoyo

Everyone knows the yo-yo: both children and adults, indeed it’s still a very popular and famous product.

The yo-yos are nowadays a very effective tool for brand’s communication.

For example, if you need a gift that will bring some fun to your prospects, the yo-yo will be perfect for that. You can be sure that everyone will try to play with it as soon as it’ll be given one. Most likely, the yo-yos will be given to the kids and your message will be delivered many times and for a long period.
promotional yoyo

Another important point, one that should be the first to be taken into account while choosing a promotional gift : what kind of reaction do you want from the prospect when he receives the gift. If the answer is a smile, the yo-yo with your logo will be perfect for that.

There are several models of yo-yos: made in wood, plastic or stainless steel, with lights and/or sounds, all of them are printable and they can be customized with a text, a picture or a logo.light-up yoyo
Do you also have a precise PMS color for your company? No problem, you can have it on the yo-yos very easily.

The MOQ is 250 pieces; we’re at your disposal for any questions.

The model you’re looking for isn’t there? Feel free to ask us, through the phone 004402070992166 or through mail: we don’t have enough place here to show them all!


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Toothbrush Rinser : simplify your ritual

Posted on 31/08/2012 by Lorene

toothbrush-rinserTooth brushing should be easy, life is too complicated already !

After a long day, the only wish you have is to go straight to your bed without having to put on your pyjamas and especially without brushing your teeth. But knowing how important this ritual is, you move reluctantly to your bathroom, you take a cup to rinse your mouth, you squeeze the toothpaste tube onto your toothbrush and the procedure starts. Do not forget that it should last not less than 3 minutes to be effective ! 🙂

This long ritual can be turned into something easy and fun, which is even more important ! You can forget about the cups, what you need is a toothbrush with a fountain. What a miracle : you simply aim the fountain where you want it to go, you rinse your mouth and you smile when looking at yourself in a mirror, what a wonderful invention you have here ! The American company  Amron Exptl, based in Westbur (NY) in the USA received several awards for this invention. toothbrush-rinser.2jpg

You can also see a video on their website. What is more with this product, no need to buy new toothbrushes every three months, you can replace the head and keep your magic brush longer.

We are talking about a new innovative item on the market. It could be turned into a very appealing promotional product. Promotional products suppliers, cease the opportunity to be creative !

Interested in toothbrush rinser ? Visit

Intestered in original promotional product you can personalize ? Contact

Article written by Yuliya Zabitovska

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Is the Slinky the All-Time Greatest Promo Item?

Posted on 09/08/2012 by Henk KROON
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slinkyTrue story: a few years back, when my wife and I got married, it was decided–probably by her–that we needed some sort of “promotional item” for our nuptials. Personally, I think an open bar and a piece of cake should suffice, but–just like at an American baseball game–some sort of toy seems necessary these days to mark the occasion.

Rather than play the grump, I tried to get into the spirit of it, and we came up with rainbow colored Slinkys, printed with our names and the date. In their own little boxes, of course, so that everyone would have something to open.

Remarkably, when visiting friends or relatives who had been at the wedding, the Slinkys can be seen on bookshelves or desks in their homes.

“You still have the Slinky!” I’ll say.

“Love the Slinky,” is the stock reply.

All of which goes to prove that the humble Slinky might be the greatest promotional item of all time.

Which might be surprising, since–unlike many promotional items–the Slinky has almost no utilitarian use at all. It is what might be called a “pure toy.” Which might have something to do with its popularity.

Let’s face it, by this time in the game, everyone’s seen the refrigerator magnet with your name on it, or the imprinted stack of post-its, the battery powered personal fan, and the rest. But if you want to see someone’s face light up, hand them a Slinky.

I’ve gotten a similar reaction from Pez, the little plastic candy containers in various disguises–the Santa Claus Pez sits on my desk–but even there, someone is getting a piece of candy.

You might be able to get the Slinky to walk down the stairs, but other than that trick, mostly what the Slinky does is sit in your hands as you watch the coils go this way and that. Fascinating.

The Slinky may not be able to do much, but then again it makes few demands. It doesn’t need to be updated, doesn’t require a password, and it doesn’t require you to do something else first to play with it. It’s pure entertainment.

slinky-promotionalThe Slinky was invented by a naval engineer in the 1940s and first demonstrated at a Philadelphia department store in 1945. The first production run of 400 sold out in 90 minutes. Soon, Slinkys began turning up in classrooms as teaching tools–gravity, don’t you know. It’s also been used as a radio antenna, and in NASA physics experiments.

But, most people who receive a Slinky will just start playing with it in their own way.

So, if you’re looking for a promotional item that has almost zero utility, but will amuse its recipients by letting them be children for a few minutes, and will probably hang around the house for years, give ‘em a Slinky.

As the commercial said, “Everyone loves a Slinky.”

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Clipclope eco astrays : innovative and fun !

Posted on 11/07/2012 by Lorene

Hey guys, you know how bad it is to smoke but we’re not going to play the educator here. We’re just going to help you to remain clean by not putting your cigarette stub everywhere. For this, we found a very  innovative concept :  the clipclope® ashtray(you have to know that « clope » in French means « ciggie »)

clip clop astray

Seven years after Keol pocket ashtrays were first launched, I have seen many pocket ashtrays appear, but they are far from being innovative and  exciting.

Here below you will find the description of this original ecological ashtray :

° Ecological : no more stubs in nature ; this protects our environment.

° Practical : in your pocket, at home, at work, in your car...

° Can be a game : a portable ashtray : a table ashtray or a magnetic ball ! The ClipClope® can be assembled in 2 our 4 pieces by using different colours.


An ashtray for all the occasions ! The ClipClope® is a real nomadic companion of a smoker. Its magnets help it make itself comfortable anywhere. In the car, while walking, in a cafe and at home, it can be easily clipped. In a flash, it can be transformed into a ClipBoxe®, a tiny and aesthetic handy box. The material it is made of as well as its design are chosen to turn it into a nice and a long -lasting product.

There is a large colour range : available in 6 colours, the interior of its hood can be personalized in full-color. Silkscreen printing is applied.

A awesone product which will help you to be ecological smoker !

You’interested into producing promotional products ? Contact the specialist :

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Customized seatcovers: keep your but dry and boost your promotion!

Posted on 16/05/2012 by Yuliya
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Article written by Lorène on 16/05/2012

seatcover04-bigI know: you really have this idea that whenever it rains whatever is plastic can protect you from humidity, however, it usually makes you look very foolish. The first picture that comes to your mind is a poncho, and let’s be honest here: very often it looks like a trash bag. Well, it is not what will turn you into a beauty queen.

However, there is still hope: you can keep your dignity in the rain! As in all fashion trends, what makes a product fashionable is actually its personalization. This is the secret. A basic silicone wristband can thus become a real jewel, just like a ridiculous rain poncho can become a product that people will fight over if only you use the right colors and the right catchphrase to personalize it. People, proud of wearing the colors of the event they have been waiting for, will be happy to make the common to all symbol visible! The product considered as « has been » can become the « in » in one second!seatcover03-big

A perfect example of a good plastic product (to be more precise, a PVC one) is a customized seatcover. It is super original and can be customized according to your taste. What is more, it is also known for being useful. It will let you get on your bike, you’ll be calm and serene because you won’t get your but wet while going home!

We know that you have always wished to go to work by bike, because of ecological concerns and because you want to keep your body of an athlete in good shape at the same time. Because of bad weather and dangerous traffic you seem to be discouraged and your good intentions towards the planet are no longer a priority. We understand you perfectly well. After a long « rainy » day at work where you deal with problems all day long, you would like to take your bike and avoid the feeling of having a wet but. Too much is too much. As for your ecological intentions..well there is a limit to everything! That is why the customized seatcover is perfect to cover your seat and protect it from rain and other dirty marks.

Extra light and small, the coverseat can be folded easily and you can put it into any small pocket of your bag, even the tiniest one. It is hard-wearing and you can reuse it whenever. The fun part: this product can be entirely customized. All colors can be printed, it is an extraordinary advertising aid, which is already a proof of future success for your promotion.seatcover-01-big

So, no more excuses: get on your bike that has a customized seatcover, pedal to make your legs tapering and sleep well as you are preserving the planet! 🙂

Do you wish to get some customized seatcovers? Contact the specialist:

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Twist N’Ball

Posted on 04/05/2012 by Yuliya

Twist N’Ball, the 2012 discovery of the « communication through promotional products » market.

Article posted by Lorène on 20/03/2012

Article written by Augustin AUTRAND


Twist N’Co offers you more than 250 cm2 of advertising cover space on this new original communication item which is effective and common.

Whether you are Head of Marketing department in a big company, an innovative SME or a sports institution, the Twist N’Ball is a perfect communication object for your company gifts, for promoting an event internal to the company, for communicating around a sports event, for animating a seminar or a new product launch campaign.

Still unknown in France, though invented in 1998 by a Serbian mathematician Josip Matijek and patented worldwide since 2001, the Twist N’Ball is at the same time a strategy game and a small ball. It is a bit similar to the Rubik’s Cube due to being a sort of a puzzle, but it differs from it in design: it has this small ball aspect on exterior and is appreciated by everyone.

The 20 pieces of the Twist N’Ball can all be customized: colors, printed pictures, the puzzle level can be chosen by you.

Twist N’Co offers you a possibility to put up to 4 different images on the circles. On the triangles you can put 4 different texts and messages.


On the official website you can create your own model of a Twist N’Ball with your own colors; in 48 hours that follow you will receive a 3D animation with the Twist N’Ball you customized.

If we were to summarize what a Twist N’Ball is, we would choose: « originality, effectiveness, and community ». « ORIGINALITY,  EFFECTIVENESS and COMMUNITY » is indeed the promise of the Twist N’Co team.

Opt for originality with this totally new product on the French market. It will make you stand out from your competitors.

  • Choose effectiveness with more than 30 cm2 of advertising cover space for your logo and your catchphrase.
  • Opt for community with buzz community solutions developed by out teams.

These advantages are so obvious that the Twist N’Ball is piling up rewards worldwide:

–          Gold Medal at International Eureka Contest of Bruxelles (Belgium)

–          Gold Medal at the International salon of Geneva Inventions (Switzerland)

–          Silver Medal at Invention & New Product Exposition of Pittsburgh INPEX (USA)

–          Silver Medal at the Nuremberg Salon of Innovation (Germany)

Check the pricelist at:

You can order starting from 50 pieces and up to 20 000.

They are produced in our factory in Slovenia, the EU, and are in accordance with all the EC norms. The delivery costs are free starting from 2000 pieces ordered!

Do not hesitate to have a look at The whole Twist N’Ball team is waiting for you.

Written by Augustin AUTRAND

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