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Paper flags

Posted on 25/04/2017 by Cathleen Kroon

You’re looking for paper flags with your own logo on it and you want them cheap? We can do it ! Choose among our two sizes: 15 x 21 cm or 12 x 24 cm to suit perfectly your situation. You have access to one color printed flags, but also to several colors printed flags.


Made from a special paper, they are heavy-duty and can be used inside and outside. This is an important feature for kids: they can use it without fear of tearing it.

Paper flags are perfect for any event. The minimum order quantity is 1000 pieces, with one or several colors printing. Your logo will appear on both sides of the flag: to be seen by everyone.


For any question or quote, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail  or by phone 04 76 32 80 50.

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Temporary tattoos on TV and Movies: what do you think about?

Posted on 04/03/2014 by Lorene

Last Sunday at the Dolby Theater of Los Angeles took place the 86th Oscar ceremony. This is THE big event of the year in the show business world.  Here, at the promotional product blog, we love 7th Art and we are TV shows nerds. That’s why we decided to focus on Hollywood make-up artists’ secret weapon: temporary tattoos.

temporary-tattoos-on-TV-and Movies-Prison-Bearck-Michael-ScofieldOn set, everything’s begins with make-up but sometimes, it’s just not enough. When it’s an entire body part like the back that has to be covered by fake tattoos, wounds or burns, make-up artists calls professionals of temporary tattoos to buy time.

Do you remember the TV Show Prison Break with the handsome Wentworth Miller playing Michael Scofield ? Our hero had a huge tattoo which covered the entire high part of his body: arms, back, chest, and belly. The actor spent at least 5 hours at the making-up to get this result. Unbearable, even with a Hollywood salary! Fortunately for him, make-up artists of the show had the great idea to call a former tattooist who moved into official supplier of make-up and temporary tattoos specialized in Special effects in Hollywood. These guys released everyone.

7th Art world uses a lot this « trick« . Brad Pitt’s tattoos in Ocean movies, Sean Penn’s tattoo in the cult film Mystic River, Vin Diesel’s tattoos in XXX and Gary Oldman’s ones in Harry Potter.


Oh and we don’t forget the sex-symbol Ryan Gosling playing in the great movie « The place belond the Pines » where his numerous tattoos are very important and full of sense. Impossible to think temporary tattoos are dorky seeing these pictures.


Of course, we also think about the famous reproduction of Mike Tyson’s tribal tattoos on the face of one of the hero of Very Bad Trip 2. Warner even had problems because of it as the design was copyright! Ouch, we can’t play with everyone!

Your time to play now! Tell us to what movie or TV shows character you think about when we say temporary tatoos. If you wanna be the actor and have the main role, contact the specialist to order temporary tattoos www.temporary-tattoos-eu

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Use the balloons to « shape » your decoration!

Posted on 13/04/2012 by Yuliya

Balloons. An essential accessory to your festive events. It does not matter what occasion is in question, a birthday party, a wedding or a reception, balloons are the unbeatable element that brings you happiness, joie de vivre and the touch of colours! When you notice them on entering the hall you smile even without realizing it.

The boldest will use their imagination to create real balloon masterpieces, from the most simple to the most sophisticated ones.

A few examples here below:

A balloon arch can embellish your wedding and make your dream come true!


Hearts and flowers: essential basics.


ballon fleur

A cute snowman that was probably the result of a lot of effort!


If you desire to make a cherished event unforgettable and extraordinary, choose the balloons and let the artist inside you express himself! Contact

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Plastic is fantastic

Posted on 13/12/2010 by Carletti mathilde
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We really are in the silicone age!

Wristbands, watches, Muffin pans, sex toys, breast implants and a lot more products are made in silicone.
Why? Because it’s a smooth material, flexible, non porous, ultra resistant, odourless, and last but not least: totally non toxic!

Derivative from the quartz, it’s a material widely used with a medical and surgical purpose.

In the promotional product industry, the most successful silicone promotional products are : the silicone wristbands, silicone watches, and the silly bands…
Those products are made of 100% silicone, and can be customized in a thousand colours and models:

To read the continuation of this fascinating article, click here

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10 most read posts – SUMMER 2010

Posted on 06/09/2010 by Carletti mathilde
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We are back from our holidays since one week now! Last week I was still relaxed and tanned but the market sets the pace…
While checking the statistics from the blog, those are the most read articles of July and august by our loyal readers.

For those who haven’t had the opportunity to read them, here is the list of the 10 most read articles this summer:

Fresh air promo.
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How are produced silicone wristbands
How to mess up an order of promotional products
Striking bangers
Quill, pencil and promotional product
How are Temporary-tattoos produced

You want to present a new promotional product? you have a fresh information on the industry? Contact us and become one of the author of the blog.

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Posted on 08/01/2010 by Carletti mathilde
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You may know that the PPIBlog is THE specialist of the ephemeral tattoo!

You will find here everything you need to know on temporary tattoos.

Here is the list of all the articles written on the Ephermeral tattoo since thee very beginning of the PPIBLOG:

Temporary tattoos for your next promotion
Temporary tattoos
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To buy High quality temporary tattoos:
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Promotional Pocket Light

Posted on 19/02/2009 by Carletti mathilde
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The LED technology (Light Emitting Diode) is probably the best revolution we’ve ever seen in floodlight since electricity was invented.
The uses of LED lights are innumerable, because it diffuses a powerful light and it saves a lot of energy.

The promotional pocket light « LOGOLIGHT » is an adequate gift for car companies (concessionaire, car mechanics, spare patch shops, etc.)
To read the continuation of this fascinating article, click here

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Glow in the dark tattoos

Posted on 31/01/2009 by Henk KROON
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temporary tattoos
How do these tattoos work ?

Where can they be used ?

Where can you buy them ?

To read the continuation of this fascinating article, click here

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