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How to Market Your Brand Effectively With Printed USB Sticks

Posted on 28/04/2015 by Lorene

How-to-Market-Your-Brand-Effectively-With-Printed-USB Sticks-Whether you’re at an exhibition, simply meeting a client for the first time, or sending a gift in the post — Printed USB’s can get you noticed & remembered. USB’s are reusable, portable & extremely useful items. According to research from the BPMA, branded flash drives lead the way as the item that recipients find most useful.

When considering a ROI (Return on investment) or the potential for increased brand awareness, printed USB’s could well be the ideal promotional product. This is due to their proven useful nature, durability & combined with the fact that product recipients feel they would keep a USB longer than any other item, ensures maximum exposure. This is research reiterated by in Printed USB Sticks; the Facts, Figures & Research info graphic.


Top Tip
Memory sticks can be pre-loaded with data such as music, images, videos & documents. Preloading data can be a very , effective marketing toolas you are not only gaining exposure from the branded USB itself, but also from the stored files. Whether it be a video demonstrating a new product, a brochure or maybe a podcast.

How-to-Market-Your-Brand-Effectively-With-Printed-USB Sticks

Options for pre-loaded USB’s include
Standard preloaded – can be edited & deleted
Non-erasable – can’t be edited or deleted
Non-erasable autorun – can’t be edited or deleted, files added will automatically run when the flash drive is inserted.

If you’re going to pre-load data, make sure the files are in a standardised file format that all everyone can open & use!
Recommended Formats include

–          PDF’s for a literature such as brochures & text documents
–          JPEG / PNG / GIF for pictures
–          MP3  for audio & music
–          MPEG1 for videos, this will work on all PC’s but the quality can be low with a high file size – consider a hyper link to a YouTube or Vimeo page.

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Promotional power banks beat records of sale in 2014!

Posted on 08/12/2014 by Carletti mathilde

Promotional-power-banks-beat-records-of-sale-in-2014Your mobile phone gets off battery at the worst moment? When your are waiting for this important call, or about to meet a friend, or even when you are lost in a city you don’t know, and you can’t access Google Maps because your battery is lower than the sea level! We all have those failed moments with our beloved phone !

And while I am writing, I realize how addicted we have become to our Smartphones, tabs, and all member of the electronic devices family!  We are so dependant and over-connected that the smallest disconnection is stressful and uncomfortable.
Happily, a new product have seen the light to give an effective solution to the « low-battery problem »: the Promotional power bank!

The promotional power bank, also called external battery charger or powerbank is a portable emergency charger to carry with you everywhere to give an extra shot of power for all your electronic devices.

Promotional-power-banks-beat-records-of-sale-in-2014.2WHAT IS IT ?
A promotional power bank is essentially  a battery  that stores and transfers power to your devices thanks to a USB /micro US cable. There are many different models and capacities from 1400 mAh to up to 30 000 mAh. The bigger the capacity of your promotional power bank is, the more you will recharge your phone.
To give you an example, an Iphone 4 ‘s battery is 1420 mAh. A 4000 mAh promotional power bank would recharge completely your iphone 2.25 times!
For most promotional power banks, about 20% of its capacity is consumed during the charging process. Here is a simple formula to know how many times you will recharge your phone with a promotional power bank : (capacity of the promotional power bank in mAh x 80% ) / Capacity of your Smartphone/device in mAh


To use a promotional power bank, you only have to connect it via the USB cable to a power source, charge it completely, then take it with you wherever you go and use it to recharge your mobile devices when the battery threatens to give-up and tadaaaa! An extra shot of power for you phone! Some precious hours of phone calls, google maping, texting, and access to the World Wide Web!

Promotional-power-banks-beat-records-of-sale-in-2014-4 Promotional-power-banks-beat-records-of-sale-in-2014-3

As you can see, a promotional power bank is a very useful product! Furthemore, a quality promotional power bank has a long-lasting life as they offer a minimum of 500 charging cycles, which represent years of good services.
Last but not least, it’s universal. It can be used with all of the electronic devices that are manufactured nowadays thanks to the universal USB cable for all Mac products and any other brand!
In other words, it possesses the 3 highest assets a great promotional product must have for the European  consumers!

Then it’s not surprising that the promotional power bank was the best sale of 2014 isn’t it?


If you are looking for doing some promotional power banks for you company, association or event, please click here and discover our power banks full range.

And for any question, or need of any kind regarding promotional products, please contact-us!


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Go Go Gadget Giveaways!

Posted on 23/07/2012 by Henk KROON
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Written by Lorna Walkden,

When apportioning marketing spend to promotional gifts, it is vital to maximise ROI with the right product selection. Gadgets are attention-grabbing, with a high interest factor and retention – a winning combination for promotional campaigns.

USB-gadgets Gadgets are typically very well received, being on-trend and up to date by nature. Many recipients prefer a gadget rather than a traditional gift such as a pen or a mug, as they have an inherent usefulness. For example, branding a USB stick will virtually guarantee a high retention time – particularly if you opt for a large memory size. Indeed, USBs can be pre-loaded with company or product information, whilst still leaving room for use by the recipient. Bespoke shapes are also available, allowing a company to tailor the product to the advertising campaign.

Other USB promotional gadgets can be branded too, putting your logo in prime position and readily to hand on a desk. There are many multi-port hubs available with a good sized print area, which provide a usefulness that is often under-estimated. Choose a version with a variety of ports, and your clients will appreciate never having to search for the correct charger or cable again! Your branding will also be at the forefront of the working day, with an eyeline desk position.

The popularity of new technology gives fresh opportunities for branding; the association with an on-trend tech craze will heighten your marketing. Mobile chargers and docks, including those for iphones, are available in a wide range of styles. The iphone has become synonymous with quality; so too will your company branding.

usb-drivesSpeakers and MP3 players are a versatile and well received promotional gift, enhanced by a high retention value. When on a long lasting product, your logo has the potential to be seen for years, re-enforcing your branding for years to come. Mp3 players and speakers, in particular, will extend your marketing far beyond the office or home, reaching a virtually limitless audience.

Health-related promotions are a hot theme for 2012, not least as a tie-in with the Olympics. Branded pedometers are one of the most popular promotional gifts of the year – useful, functional, and with an inherent longevity. And for the summer sun, UV testers are a product of choice, whether it be on a keyring or a wristband. They have the ‘gadget appeal’ but with a vigilant safety purpose.

Written by Lorna Walkden,

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Different Types Of Memory Chips

Posted on 26/06/2012 by Yuliya
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USB keyThe most important component in any USB stick is of course the flash memory chip.  These chips have the acronym EEPROM, which stands for electrically, erasable, programmable, read-only memory.  As with all solid-state technology, the chips are relatively immune from damage by shock or vibration due to the lack of moving parts.

The chips come in a range of grades in respect of read, write speeds and data retention capabilities, and can be found in digital cameras and mobile phones as well as USB sticks.  In addition, with their non-volatile nature, data retention is not reliant on a constant power supply.  Other highlights include fast access times and low power consumption on a chip that on average lasts for close to 100,000 write cycles.

Quality is obviously an issue and Flash chips fall into four basic categories:

Original Branded Chips – Made by the leading well-known global producers and tested to high quality standards.  These chips come with a full warranty, a unique serial number and are highly reliable.

OEM Chips – A discounted but equally reliable version of the above but without the branding or warranties.

Downgraded Chips – Rejects from the main manufacturer’s QA process purchased by third parties.  A cheaper option but with a higher failure rate.

Fake Chips – Low capacity chips, often of a downgraded variety, reprogrammed to report much higher memory capability and sold as such.

Let’s concentrate more on the Fake Chips that are prevalent in the USB marketplace.

usb keys

Like all fakes flooded onto the market by crooks looking to make a fast buck, USB flash drives appeal to anyone keen on a bargain.  Memory after all costs money and so a large chunk of capacity for half the normal price is often hard to resist.  Resist however is the key word here as anyone buying one of these “knock down” memory sticks will not only result in disappointment but could also lose more than the money they paid for it.

It’s a simple scam but packaged to look genuine, can fool even the more experienced user as they have been sold via eBay.

The basic con is that lower capacity flash chips, often those of 2 GB, are re-programmed to falsely report a much higher capacity, very often 68 GB.  With an unfortunate user already taken in by the packaging, plugging the flash drive into their computer will only help to fool them into believing they have a bargain, but only for a time.

With a re-programmed chip at the core of the scam, a user will be blissfully unaware of the problem until the real capacity of the drive is exceeded.  Windows properties for instance will report the capacity of the fake drive as stated on the fake box giving a user plenty of confidence to save more and more data to it.

Once the real capacity is exceeded the good news stops and anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves in this position can look forward to one of three things; a failed write, a frozen flash drive or complete corruption of the files that were already stored.

USB key1Of course, there is software out there to test the capacity of USB flash drives, such as a german-developed program called “H2testw 1.4”, but such a scenario would require a conman’s agreement and that would be highly unlikely.  It is also possible in some cases to reprogram the drive back to its original state and at least have something to show for the money spent but this too can be a fruitless exercise.  Some reports of fake flash drives highlight the fact that the chips used are often low-grade factory rejects anyway and so the problem takes an even more sinister turn.

In order to avoid being the victim of this scam, a prospective buyer should bear a couple of things in mind.  If it appears an unbelievable deal then it probably is and where is the guarantee/warranty paperwork?  Buying from a reputable dealer with paperwork to fall back on will not only save money in the long run, it will also prevent sensitive and valuable data from being lost.

Ellie Parker works in PR and currently writes on behalf of the Bespoke USB team. Bespoke USB specialises in branded USB sticks and other USB products. Visit today for a  quotation:

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Posted on 07/06/2010 by Carletti mathilde
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On this Blog we already presented some very original business cards: business cards on peanuts, sand paper business cards…

But no one was as inventive and modern as the DIGITAL BUSINESS CARD- « Mingle stick ».

Mingle stick is a small, inexpensive keychain device that allows people to exchange identity information with a simple click of a button.
To read the continuation of this fascinating article, click here

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New technology brings new promotional product ideas.

Posted on 23/10/2008 by Henk KROON
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I didn’t see this in europe yet, but in the USA some credit cards now have a small radio frequence chip that allows you to use the creditcard in new payment systems where you just put your creditcard in front of the machine.

Creditcard number, ID of the cardholder and expiration date are sent by radio frequance to the payment machine.

amarillo card To avoid other people catching this precious radiofrequenced information, the Armadillo card shield was developped. It can be printed with a company logo and protects the precious card from being read by others.

Click here to see the video and website, it took me 5 minutes to understand what it all was about, but that’s maybe because I’m from the old continent.

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Memlite USB lighter

Posted on 11/02/2008 by Henk KROON
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A novelty on the USB market is the memlite USB lighter.
Memlite is basically a refillable lighter with a removable flash drive that pops out of the bottom of the lighter.
So by combining the two you won’t have to worry about forgetting your flash drive at home, just remember to keep an eye on it when people ask you for a light.

The genious memlite USB lighter weights only 35 grams, comes in five “ruber”-color schemes and, for those wondering, it does feature a refillable lighter. The removable flash drive offers read and write speeds of 11 MB/s and 7 MB/s respectively and can hold, depending on model from 64 MB to 4 GB worth of data.
Memlite is available in red, blue, orange, green, grey and black as well as with promotional lanyard.

The USB lighter can be ordered directly under

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A Solar Powered Promotional Product

Posted on 07/01/2008 by Carletti mathilde
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Let me introduce a funny promotional product to you:

It’s new, « green » and it blinks non stop!

This range of products (which include Fashion Tags, Keyrings, USB Drives, Luggage Tags, Mobile Phone Tags) is developed by Blinky® in the UK.

The main characteristic of these products is that they are solar powered flashing key rings (or key chains).
Your logo is inserted inside the tag and the flashing LCD screen, powered by solar energy, makes your logo blinke non stop!!

This is the perfect product to catch attention with your Logo!!
All the more so as it has a lifespan of 10 years…

I like the concept!!
Light upon your Logo with Blinky!!

To have more information about this product:

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