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Posted on 26/06/2017 by Stecy Khelaifia
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Whether you are a beekeeper, an animal welfare association, a milk producer or any other animal related organization and you wish to deliver a message you care about; do it with your preferred animals. Distribute them to your clients who will keep them for a long time.

The Weepuls are made for you!

They are made of:

  • Nice small hairballs which take the form of your chosen animal: cow, bird, dolphin, car, dog, spider, etc.
  • Small adhesives feet, which enable your weepuls to stick to almost any surface.
  • A polysoft paper ribbon on which you can print in full color the message / logo of your choice!

Thanks to the weepuls, everyone will be amazed and see your communication tool!

If you wish to communicate on a particular topic, choose these low price weepuls: we are sure there is one suiting your situation.  We can help you find it!

Contact Horizonsources through the phone: 04 76 32 80 50 or by e-mail at

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You want to personalize the hats with your own logo ?

Posted on 22/07/2016 by Mathieu Alaimo

It’s summertime, the season for outdoor events and especially music festivals.

Diapositive 1

The organizers and the sponsors are always looking for goodies to give to the participants. Nowadays, their choice goes more and more to useful products : people will accept them easily and moreover, they’ll keep it even once the event is over. You see what I mean : the advert will keep on circulating, even after the end of the event.

One of the best model is the one inspired by the well-known Panama. It’s the perfect choice, both for staff and participants.

hats for staff

You can choose between many colors for the hats and even for the ribbons : it’s up to you to build the best possible mix.

The imprint on the ribbon is still more precise : you can choose the PMS color you want and your message and logo will be disseminated all around the hats ! More efficient than caps, don’t you think ?



customized hat

Last but not least : you don’t have to be a member of the Coachella’s staff if you want these hats : only 250 pieces are enough to order and customize them and they’ll be in your hands 3 weeks later.

Feel free to ask for the prices, you’ll be surprised how cheap they are. Contact euro-logo either by phone +44 207 099 21 66 or by mail :

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Divage, the new cosmetic brand which builds buzz thanks to promotional items

Posted on 06/11/2014 by Lorene

Do you know Divage? I bet you don’t…yet. This is a young cosmetic brand which is growing very fast. Founded in 1999 in Russia, the mark is now targeting the Italian and French markets.  Its positioning « average range » makes it aim women like us, neither with very big income nor without. With a young and fresh communication, the young brand follows fashion and shares its good taste for joy, beauty and life though social media.
Divage-the-new-cosmetic-brand-which-builds-buzz-thanks-to-promotional-items (1)Divage-the-new-cosmetic-brand-which-builds-buzz-thanks-to-promotional-items (4)

Divage-the-new-cosmetic-brand-which-builds-buzz-thanks-to-promotional-items (3)Divage-the-new-cosmetic-brand-which-builds-buzz-thanks-to-promotional-items (8)

For its development in Italy, the communication team chose what its considered as the best by young people : social media and personalized goodies! Divage mostly chose silicone wristbands and satin wristbands and added some personalized flags and other printed tee-shirts perfectly staged on Instagram. Why these promotional items instead of others and how have they been used ? Yana Nanova, the communication manager explains the role of these goodies and the different ways Divage used them for 3 different events :

-Event n° 1 : the GAMF (= Golffo Aranci Music Festival) from the 1st to the 14th of August 2014 in Sardinia. Divage was sponsor of the music festival and presented its products by giving free make-up, make-up artists’tips and promotional goodies. Satin wristbands were used to wrap gifts while silicone wristbands were distributed (new king of visiting card.)
Divage-the-new-cosmetic-brand-which-builds-buzz-thanks-to-promotional-items (6)Divage-the-new-cosmetic-brand-which-builds-buzz-thanks-to-promotional-items (2)

-Event n° 2fashion show and gala dinner Divage on the 11th of August at Bagno Adriaco in Italy. The aim was to communicate on the brand, again. The main word was visibility. This time, satin wristbands was multi-use, showing the clever and creative spirit of the marketing team. Satin wristbands were used as hair accessories in the beautiful hairdressing of the models. Some mascaras were offered to women during the dinner, they were wrapped with the beautiful pink satin wristbands. Some other were just decorating the tables.

Divage-the-new-cosmetic-brand-which-builds-buzz-thanks-to-promotional-items (7)Divage-the-new-cosmetic-brand-which-builds-buzz-thanks-to-promotional-items (5)

-Event n° 3 : During the Divage conference form the 22 to the 23 of September in Rimini, Italy. The aim was to present Divage products to different potential distributors of the brand. The atmosphere was more serious and studious but the promotional items did their effect anyway. Satin wristbands  injected some dynamism in this space decorating the table of work while silicone wrisbtands were given to the potential distributors with tee-shirts and catalog. Who wouldn’t want to sell Divage products after that ?

Divage-the-new-cosmetic-brand-which-builds-buzz-thanks-to-promotional-items (9)Divage-the-new-cosmetic-brand-which-builds-buzz-thanks-to-promotional-items (10)

Divage chose promotional items to push the development of the brand and to increase its visibility towards the public and the distributors. By using these goodies, the aim was clear : silicone wristbands were useful to remind the name of the company in people’s mind. With its punchy colors, the silicone wristbands were a physical  and visible trace of the brand and they were fun enough to be worn. Satin wristbands were a perfect support of Divage image on different « scenes » : decoration on table, fashion hair accessories or simple ribbon for gift, this product is simple, useful and beautiful.

For Yana, the importance of using promotional items to communicate is huge :  « I think goodies are less formal visiting card. People  remind us by wearing our wristbands and other people discover them. That’s why quality and design are super important. The more a product is attractive and fun, the more people will use it or wear it and the more they will spread the word by speaking of it or showing it to other people. We know where starts this communication  but we don’t know where it ends… »

Divage definitely understood the importance of promotional items to succeed in its development.

You want to know more about Divage ? www.divage.comYou want to communicate thanks to promotional itemps, just like Divage ? Contact

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The role of promotional items during the Independance campaign of Scotland

Posted on 17/10/2014 by Lorene

Last 18th of September, Scottish had finally the possibility to speak their mind thanks to the referendum on Scotland independance : « Should Scotland be an independant country ? » The answer was NO but weeks before, we could assist to a « battle » between the pro and the anti. What did we see everywhere to help people show on what side they were ? Promotional items of course !

BRITAIN-SCOTLAND-INDEPENDENCE-VOTEThe-role-of-promotional-items-during-the-Independance-campaign-of-Scotland (7)

The-role-of-promotional-items-during-the-Independance-campaign-of-Scotland (8)The-role-of-promotional-items-during-the-Independance-campaign-of-Scotland (6)

Personalized goodies were activists’ number 1 weapon. Of course, the most successfull item was the national flag.  Fan clappers had a big success as well, as they were neither heavy nor bulky and they allowed to put clearly your ideas up. You couldn’t miss Foam hands as well. Personalized badges were also everywere, just like in all political battles. They’re classic, except when they are on glasses, just like below.

The-role-of-promotional-items-during-the-Independance-campaign-of-Scotland (4)The-role-of-promotional-items-during-the-Independance-campaign-of-Scotland (1)

In a cute style, we saw  inflatable balloons printed with NO or YES. Hard-liner activists chose  a must : the personalized tee-shirts while  bold ones dared body makeup they wore bare chested (with a kilt of course). Using your body as a communication medium. Message well-received thanks to this pushy attitutude ! 🙂

The-role-of-promotional-items-during-the-Independance-campaign-of-Scotland (5)The-role-of-promotional-items-during-the-Independance-campaign-of-Scotland (2)

Finally, we have to talk about these pompom girls « on the returns » who dared (bold girls) to personalized themselves their pants, each one wearing a letter for SCOTLAND. Isn’t this national pride moving ? 🙂

You want to support a cause and wants to personalize promotional items to comunicate ? Contact

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Coachella 2014 and its mythical ID wristbands

Posted on 25/04/2014 by Lorene

Coachella-2014-and-its-mythical-ID-wristbands1827165_et_2014_coachella_photo_2000_Day3_ 016_LS

Coachella is THE festival you have to attend if you want to be seen and if you want to be part of the « beautiful people » clan. A music and art festival held in Indio, California, USA since 1999. A very cool, fun and festive atmosphere with a tendancy to nature and flowers in your hair.

Coachella-2014-and-its-mythical-ID-wristbands (4)Coachella-2014-and-its-mythical-ID-wristbands (3)

Anyway, every young fashionable Hollywood actors and singers attend to this event, every spring, to celebrate the beautiful days coming. They all walk around in hippie-chic outfits, more hype one from another. Thanks to this Golden youth who enjoy this euphoric ride for a long weekend, Coachella Festival is now the centre of media attention and benefit from a huge media hype.

Coachella-2014-and-its-mythical-ID-wristbands-Jared-Leto (7)Coachella-2014-and-its-mythical-ID-wristbands-Ryan-Kwanten (11)

Jared Leto, Ryan Kwanten (True Blood), Kid Cudi, David Hasselhoff (who seem to have lot of fun) and Vanessa Hudgens who really  bet on the hippie influence (did she think it was a Halloween party ?), you can see here a bunch of popular people who are having a blast at Coachella with their ID wristbands completely integrated to their outfit.

Coachella-2014-and-its-mythical-ID-wristbands-Vanessa-Hudgens (8)Coachella-2014-and-its-mythical-ID-wristbands-Kid-Cudi-Davi-Hasselhoff (10)

With thousands of visitors, Coachella festival is like a new Woodstock. Each year, the music programming is the best of the best,with very different styles. This eclectism is really appreciated and satisfy a wide range of people. This year, Pharell Williams, Ellie Goulding, Lorde, Beyoncé, set fire in the Coachella Valley.

Coachella-2014-and-its-mythical-ID-wristbands (6)Of course, you imagine that, like for all « superior cast« , there is a distinctive element that allows us, poor not-hippie-not -from-Hollywood not fashionable people, to recognize hype people who succeeded to have a ticket : the Identification wristband. Yes, if you want to be allowed in the closed circle of Coachella visitors, you have to get the magic object : THE ticket that will open the door. You better be on the look-out : tickets are being snapped up as soon as the ticket office open on the Internet.


Coachella-2014-and-its-mythical-ID-wristbands (9)For music lovers who drive thousand miles to assist to awesome summer festivals everywhere in the world, collecting these ID wristbands is like adding a star to his record. it’s a pride, it means  « I was there » ! In Coachella, with celebrities who pose for the photographs with these wristbands and twit pictures of this precious gadget, the woven ID wristbands becomes THE fashion accessory we keep even when the event is finished. Even tyvek wristbands or PVC wristbands, printed with the logo of the major sponsor (nothing can’t serve advertisement !) which are for controlling the ingoing become very cool gadgets. Why ? For the feeling of belonging of course !

You too you want to personalize ID wristbands for your event and create a buzz ? Contact

You want to know everything about Coachella ? Facebook


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Prince Charming Gifts – Top 10 Gifts for William and Kate’s Son

Posted on 26/07/2013 by Lorene

Article written by Chris Turton & Kathryn Holloway

Royal-baby-diamond-pacifier-Prince-of-CambridgeWith the arrival of Prince George of Cambridge, William and Kate’s son on July 22, 2013, many well-wishers will want to send the new yet to be named prince a gift. But it begs the question – what do you get a baby boy who will one day sit on the throne?
Extravagance and opulence rule the day when it comes to gifts for the new prince.
Here are the top 10 gifts companies could use as the ultimate promotional item for a royal baby.


1. Pacifier – But we’re not just talking about any pacifier. We’re talking about a $17,000 14K pacifier in white gold studded with more than 278 diamonds.

2. Baby bathtub – The royal prince, when he takes his first bath, might just like to settle down in a $3,800 baby bathtub that’s 31 inches long covered in Swarovski crystals.

3.  Pram – For when he goes out to meet his public, why not give the royal prince a pram made in collaboration with Aston Martin? Priced at $3,100, this pram is just the thing to wheel the royal prince around for his many engagements.


4. Baby set – Though it will be quite a while before the young prince is ready to use dishes, it’s never too early to start getting ready. From Tiffany & Co comes a sterling silver set with a cup, fork, and spoon, which can be engraved with the baby’s name or a message for a price of $745.

Royal-baby-promotional-products5. Trust fund– Want to send the royal baby a bank to start his own coffers of gold? An adorable silver kangaroo from Asprey has a price tag of 3,900.

6. Teddy bear– This isn’t your mother’s teddy bear. From Gucci comes an adorable leather teddy bear for the young prince to cuddle with a price of just $1,030.

7. Towel and robe set – After taking his royal bath, the prince will need something to dry him off. With a towel and bathrobe set from Hermes, which can last him for up to two years, the price tag of $810 seems worth it.

8. Scent-sational – Another nice touch after his royal bath would be a little scent, and what would be better than Bulgari’s Baby Eau de Toilette? It is available for $58 and can be used for Kate too, so that mum and baby can both smell sweet.


9. Booties – For the heir to the throne, the regular booties just won’t do. That is why Hermes offers cashmere baby socks priced at $230.

10.The royal outfit – Once the prince has been fed, bathed, changed, and he’s ready to meet his public, Gucci has just the thing for him to wear. With his choice of long or short sleeves, plus a hat and a bib, this set is just $285.

So, there you have it. You now know some of the top gifts that William and Kate’s son may be getting from his fans around the world.  It’s hard to know what to get for the boy who has everything, including a kingdom someday, but these gifts are all fit for a king, or a prince that will be king some day.

Article written by Chris Turton  & Kathryn Holloway from

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Personalized 89th birthday socks for George Bush

Posted on 20/06/2013 by Lorene
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socks-89th-birthday-george-BushAmerican people are the more innovative and daring. In order to honor their former President, the George Bush center launched an operation  which drove the « buzz » : the aim was to send picture of people with socks for the 89th birthday of George Bush senior (born on the 12th of June 1924.) In only few days, more than 3000 pictures have been sent on the Flickr account created for the occasion.


condoleeza-rice-socks-89th-birthday-Georges-BushWhy socks ? Simply because when  the George Bush center was unveiled in Dallas, a picture had created  a pretty big reaction on the Internet. the reason ?  Because It was a picture of M. Bush senior wearing pink socks with patterns.  The center decided to use this funny anecdote and get the idea to create the « 89th birthday socks operation. »



socks-89th-birthsay-george-bush-2Plenty of anonymous people played the game and sent great and funny pictures of themselves, with fabulous socks : personalized socks, colored socks, small or big socks, anti-slip socks…  What is more is the number of famous people who played the game as well, including Condoleeza Rice and Mitt Romney. A friendly atmosphere which pleased  to the former President because he posted others pictures of himself wearing personalized socks with the colors and design of the American flag (still the patriotic soul) and  another one of his feet and her granddaughter feet. Cute !socks-89th-birthday-george-bush-and-granddaughter

Anyway, this was clearly George’s party AND  personalized socks days who proved they are a great communication support.

You want to personalized some socks as well ? Do not hesitate and contact

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Your religious messages on silicon wristbands

Posted on 05/04/2013 by Lorene

These last months have been rich in changes for the Christians, in particular with the new pope election.
The catholic church tries to modernize itself and we can see it at a lower level.

Religious associations use more fashion ways to communicate. The best example is the huge increase of promotional product personalized with religious messages. The best seller : the personalized silicon wristband.

Firstly reserved to young people, silicon wristbands printed with a Psalm are now a fashion way to proudly set up your belief, no matter your age.

The silicon slap wristbands is also very appreciated thanks to his large printed area which allows to write a long text.

If you’re inspired and want to spread the word as well, do not hesitate to contact the specialist :

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