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custom bookmarks

Posted on 25/11/2017 by Renske Visser
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are you looking for fun custom bookmarks?

then you’re at the right place!

we can print your text and logo on it and even add a cute Winnie.

you probably know the struggle of not wanting to fold the pages but having no other method of knowing where you left off. these fun bookmarks will help with that issue!

a colorful and fun bookmark will motivate kids to read!


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custom balloons

Posted on 19/11/2017 by Renske Visser
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no party is complete without balloons, right? but it’s even better when the balloons are custom made for you!  balloons make people happy and what child doesn’t get excited hen they see a balloon? that’s why balloons are not only a successful promotional article, but also perfect to use as a decoration when there’s a sale, for instance.

usually balloons are only available in single color, but we have made the option of using multiple colors in a single print available. this way, your message will have even more of an impact. you can, for instance, have a picture printed on the balloons in full color!

  • balloons are eye catchers, so your message will get a lot of attention
  • we can print a logo, text or a combination of both on the balloons.
  • we can print them in one color, multiple colors or in full color.
  • the standard measurements of the balloons are 25 x 32 cm, but
  • we can also offer larger or smaller sizes. (35cm, 40cm and even heart shaped balloons 30x 12 cm)
  • printed balloons are cheap and easy to order.
  • you can order these balloons starting with 500 pieces, or if you want full color print you can order them starting with 1000 pieces.
  • full color print is available on one side of the balloons.
  • delivery time is about two to three weeks.
  • with your order you can also choose to buy balloon sticks,
  • available in multiple colors.

             metallic balloons                                                                                     regular balloons                                 heart-shaped balloons


if you are interested in buying our custom balloons, please contact us.

and our phone number: +44 20 70 99 21 66


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custom sunglasses

Posted on 22/09/2017 by Renske Visser
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cheap custom sunglasses, starting with 0,69 cents per piece. with each pair of sunglasses a print and UV400 protection is included.


these custom shades are very trendy, and you can make good use of that.

we can print a text or logo on any kind of model. this way, you’ll always have unique sunglasses. we also have kid’s sunglasses with UV400 protection. of course, these shades also come in different colors and with your own print.

besides our standard model, we also have many shapes, sizes and variations. we can print a text or logo on all of these. the cheapest model is to be ordered with a starting amount of 250 pieces. contact us for more information on different models and prices.

we have to be  careful with our eyes, so some shades are always a welcome gift. our sunglasses have UV400 protection and thus is keeps your eyes protected.

your logo on a pair of sunglasses is a commercial in itself. ideal for when you have a sunny message, or when you have an event on a sunny location.


  • beautiful synthetic sunglasses
  • cheap sunglasses with a starting amount of 250 pieces
  • UV400 protection with each pair!
  • available in two sizes: for adults, and for children.
  • we can print on the sides of the sunglasses. maximal size: 4cm X 6mm
  • shades for adults available in: yellow, orange, fuchsia, white, red, blue, pink, green and black
  • shades for kids are available in: white, red, blue and yellow.

if you are interested in buying any of our products, please contact us


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socks with custom logo

Posted on 03/09/2017 by Renske Visser
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are you looking for customizable socks?

We can offer them to you in a wide arrangement of colors and styles.

the following image we’ll give you some examples of socks with logos, so you have a clear view of what the possibilities and what the differences are.

standard socks with logo

these standard socks with text or logo are 21,5 cm long and can be ordered with a starting amount of 500 pairs. they’re also available in multiple colors.

there’s two sizes

women’s size: 21,5 cm (size 37-41)

men’s size: 23,5 cm (size 42-46)


we can also embellish the socks with your own logo, name or text by weaving them in. we don’t print your logo on the socks, but instead neatly weave it in so it won’t get damaged so easily and it looks nicer.

there are three types of standard socks with logo: no terry cloth on the inside, terry cloth on the foot and complete terry cloth inside. the socks with terry cloth are slightly more expensive than the ones without.

as an extra option, we can put anti-slip patches on the bottom of the socks, so that your customers won’t slip.

sport socks with logo

the sport socks with logo are twelve centimeters in length and are available for order with a starting amount of 500 pairs.





the sizes are the same as they are for the standard socks.

we can also weave your logo into these sport socks, for a

nice finish that will last longer than a print.

for these socks the terry cloth options are also available.

running socks

we also sell running socks that have extra support in them,

to make running a lot more comfortable.

please ask us for more options.

long socks with logo

these long socks are 35 cm long and are available for order with a starting amount of 500 pairs.

the sizes are identical to the standard sock sizes.

we can also weave your loo and/or text into these socks to make the design look neat and last long.

for these socks there is also a terry cloth option, it’s the same as for the socks shown above. these terry cloth socks are slightly more expensive than the non-terry cloth ones.

as an extra feature, we can add anti-slip patches on the sole so your customers won’t slip.

would you like to order socks, or acquire more information on the socks? please contact us.

and our phone number: +44 20 70 99 21 66




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Silicone bracelets. no event is complete without them!

Posted on 28/06/2017 by Renske Visser
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Do you want to order silicone bracelets for you event?

Well, You should! Silicone bracelets in fun colors are absolute eye candy. Because when the sun shines and we’re all enjoying being outside and having fun, we get excited for short sleeves and outside events. Parks, forests, hiking, festivals and fun events; just having a great time!

For the entrepreneur it’s time for sales outside, markets and festivals. Delightfully in contact with people while working on the future of your company.

Whereas the ladies switch the pants and hoodies for skirts and dresses, exposing their ankles, the men roll up their sleeves or wear a T-shirt to show off that new watch. The fact that people have two arms and therefore two wrists, and sometimes not even a watch at all – you can check the time on your phone, right? – is a chance for you.

With these silicone bracelets you can decorate the wrists of young and old people with a fun keepsake, and also share the name and logo of your brand.

Our silicone bracelets are available in all pantone colors. This way you can always find one that fits just right with your audience or style. you can even relate them to your female or male audience by getting different sizes, even special bracelets for kids are in our assortment.

We can design the silicone bracelets with any text and a logo or image. You can even get them engraved so the text or image is deeper into the bracelet and it won’t fade. For every customization of this awesome product please check our website

Many companies ahead of you are very enthusiastic. No wonder, because who wouldn’t want such a cool silicone bracelet as a give-away? Especially when it has a cool text on it. As an example, you can put an image of your company logo on it, but also a slogan or expression that will mean something to your audience. It’s relatively cheap and wont quickly be thrown away or given to someone else.

Many companies order a new version of the silicone bracelets each and every year. If not in another color, then with another slogan or image. It becomes a so-called gimmick, and visitors of events enjoy traditions; without a bracelet from your company their visit is incomplete. This way, for just a few cents, you have a new ambassador stopping by for one of your bracelets… and some news on the advancements of your company

They may be called WRISTbands but they also function as silicone ankle bracelets, since we also sell them in different widths. Here are some examples so you can get some inspiration. Would your audience appreciate a bracelet like this? And what would your design be? If you can’t figure it out, we’d like to help you with it.

For every possibility or if you want to order immediately, please visit our website or contact s through E-mail or by calling us.

and our phone number: +44 20 70 99 21 66

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Shape Paper Clips

Posted on 21/04/2017 by Stecy Khelaifia

Who doesn’t have classic shape paper clips on his office today… A product which we use everyday for our documents, papers however without noticing it we have a golden nugget in our hands as a communication mean.

We make your shape paper clips with the form of your choice, with your logo or an object representing your business activities. Aiming to bring more gaity to every work day surprise your clients by offering them this little promotional product.



We have a big stock for standard products, it’s possible to order these shape paper clips starting from 1000 pieces.

If you have a theme to be respected, don’t hesitate to communicate it to us so that we can offer you the ideal shape paper clip !

We have a large choice of colors so that your shape paper clips are 100 % unique.


Packaging :

Standard packaging is 20 pieces per bag. We propose a small boxes (plastic, metal,) It’s possible to customize a packaging. (1 color, full color, laser…).

Personalized shape paper clips accompanied by a beautiful box become a real adversiting gift for your clients.


Why buy Custom shape paper clip ?

The shape paper clips have a long lasting effect, it will be used every day and seen by everyone.
A successful communication for the development of the  image of your company.

Ideal for small low price budget : custom shape paper clips.

If personalized shape paper clips interest you, don’t hesitate ask more information to HORIZONSOURCES SAS

You would like to order cheap shape paper clips ? Ask us a quotation !

Contact us by phone : 04 76 32 80 50 or directly by mail :

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Customize the yoyo with your own logo

Posted on 09/06/2016 by Mathieu Alaimo

Do you wish to make some yo-yos with your own logo? It’s fast and easy thanks to Euro-Logo. In our company you can buy and personalize them, the production is really fast and above all it’s a cheap product.custom yoyo

Everyone knows the yo-yo: both children and adults, indeed it’s still a very popular and famous product.

The yo-yos are nowadays a very effective tool for brand’s communication.

For example, if you need a gift that will bring some fun to your prospects, the yo-yo will be perfect for that. You can be sure that everyone will try to play with it as soon as it’ll be given one. Most likely, the yo-yos will be given to the kids and your message will be delivered many times and for a long period.
promotional yoyo

Another important point, one that should be the first to be taken into account while choosing a promotional gift : what kind of reaction do you want from the prospect when he receives the gift. If the answer is a smile, the yo-yo with your logo will be perfect for that.

There are several models of yo-yos: made in wood, plastic or stainless steel, with lights and/or sounds, all of them are printable and they can be customized with a text, a picture or a logo.light-up yoyo
Do you also have a precise PMS color for your company? No problem, you can have it on the yo-yos very easily.

The MOQ is 250 pieces; we’re at your disposal for any questions.

The model you’re looking for isn’t there? Feel free to ask us, through the phone 004402070992166 or through mail: we don’t have enough place here to show them all!


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Weepuls and Logobugs Messenger bugs Fluffy bugs

Posted on 13/05/2011 by Henk KROON
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weepulsI don’t think there are many products in the promotional product industry that did get so many differents names !

Here are just some I found in the UK:

Logobugs, Logo-bugs, Messenger Bugs, Promo Bugs, Fluffy Bugs, Furry Bugs, Weepuls, Billbos, GB1, Budget Bugs, Handy Bugs, Promotional Bugs, Flumps, Original Bug, Ad Bugs, Ad-bugs, Shaggies, Novelty Bugs, Bug novelties, Sticky Bugs, Bugs, Advertising Bugs Pon Poms, Galaxy Bugs, Glitter Bugs, Themed Bugs, Fluffy Balls, Gonks, Fuzzy bugs.

logobugsI’m sure some of them are familiar to you ! All these names are gives to the same product, the logobugs, a product that keeps up it’s place in the market of promotional products since more than 25 years.

up from 250 pieces your message can be printed on the ribbon, and you can choose from many different themes, sport logobugs, animal logo bugs, and many more. Below  are a few nice examples.

If you want more information about this evergreen promotional product, contact for example these guys :



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