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custom pens

Posted on 08/10/2017 by Renske Visser

everyone uses a pen at least once a day. why wouldn’t you print your company name on it? these pens with print have been the most sold promotional item for years on end, and not without reason. at school, at the office or at home; not only do you use pens everywhere, you also wouldn’t just throw a nice pen in the garbage.

that’s why these pens are still a very popular promotional item. pens are always accepted. each time the pen is used, people will see your company name/logo. this way, you’ll have a ton of promotion for a sharp price.

here you see a variety of pens including the touch pen. is the wanted pen not included? please ask us if the model you want is available. the models shown below are just a fraction of our assortment.

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Posted on 30/09/2017 by Renske Visser
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wobblers are one of the most understated promotional articles.

once you’ve got to know the wobbler you’ll soon appreciate their promotional worth.

the wobblers  will make your message stand out, because they’re attached to a surface with a flexible strip, making them wobble. this will attract extra attention

the wobbler is an ideal marketing tool for big products and stores. we love to think together with you on how you can achieve the wanted effect with use of the wobbler.

we have a wide arrangement of shapes for the wobblers, but you can also design your own shape.

standard shapes:


the wobbler is standardly printed in full color. you can also combine the wobblers with our winnies (a.k.a. weepul)

the standard wobblers are to be ordered with a starting amount of 250 pieces. custom made wobblers are to be ordered with a starting amount of 2500 pieces.

for more information please contact us:

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custom sunglasses

Posted on 22/09/2017 by Renske Visser

cheap custom sunglasses, starting with 0,69 cents per piece. with each pair of sunglasses a print and UV400 protection is included.


these custom shades are very trendy, and you can make good use of that.

we can print a text or logo on any kind of model. this way, you’ll always have unique sunglasses. we also have kid’s sunglasses with UV400 protection. of course, these shades also come in different colors and with your own print.

besides our standard model, we also have many shapes, sizes and variations. we can print a text or logo on all of these. the cheapest model is to be ordered with a starting amount of 250 pieces. contact us for more information on different models and prices.

we have to be  careful with our eyes, so some shades are always a welcome gift. our sunglasses have UV400 protection and thus is keeps your eyes protected.

your logo on a pair of sunglasses is a commercial in itself. ideal for when you have a sunny message, or when you have an event on a sunny location.


  • beautiful synthetic sunglasses
  • cheap sunglasses with a starting amount of 250 pieces
  • UV400 protection with each pair!
  • available in two sizes: for adults, and for children.
  • we can print on the sides of the sunglasses. maximal size: 4cm X 6mm
  • shades for adults available in: yellow, orange, fuchsia, white, red, blue, pink, green and black
  • shades for kids are available in: white, red, blue and yellow.

if you are interested in buying any of our products, please contact us


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customised buttons!

Posted on 18/09/2017 by Renske Visser


buttons are one of the most timeless commercial items, and they are getting more and more popular as well. to show everyone what you stand for or what you’re a fan of, you can order buttons with your own design or logo

these buttons with print are a way of expressing your opinion, character and emotions. if you’re a fan of something, everyone can know.

the buttons we provide are of the best quality and are available in a wide arrangement of shapes and sizes.

we can print one or more colors on the buttons, or we can print them in full color. if you want to order these

buttons but are not yet sure what kind of design you want, we are more than happy to help you decide.


these buttons are very easy to spread during a (business) event or festival. and the more people have your buttons, the more people will know about your business. the big buttons (almost 8 centimeters in diameter) are very popular amongst children.

  • we offer buttons with a beautiful and good quality
  • we can print the buttons with single colors or full color
  • you can order these buttons starting with 250 pieces.
  • on the backside of the button is a safety pin so it’s easy to wear
  • they’re available in the following sizes: 32mm, 45mm, 57mm and 77mm

if you are interested in buying these buttons, please E-mail us.

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fan banners

Posted on 12/09/2017 by Renske Visser

you want to make something clear, and absolutely not in a subtle way. your message or statement, your support or opinion can reach the horizon! the fan banner is a retractable banner made out of PVC, it also has grips on the side. it’s a surprisingly cheap and extraordinarily useful object. the fan banner is perfect for sport events if you want to cheer for your favorite team, but it can also be used as a banner for protests, events or parades. with this fan banner you can show everyone which team you support, and that your opinion will be heard.

  • -these good quality fan banners are completely customizable, you can have us print the name of your club, your logo, text and many other things!
  • -we can print the fan banners in 1,2,3 or multiple colors.
  • -the size of a rolled out fan banner is 24,5X70 cm.
  • -the fan banner automatically retracts itself, so it’s easy to bring along in your purse or bag.
  • -the material is white, so if you want a different color fan banner, the background color counts as 1 color.
  • -you can order our fan banner starting with 1000 pieces.

if you’d like more information on our fan banners, please E-mail us

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socks with custom logo

Posted on 03/09/2017 by Renske Visser

are you looking for customizable socks?

We can offer them to you in a wide arrangement of colors and styles.

the following image we’ll give you some examples of socks with logos, so you have a clear view of what the possibilities and what the differences are.

standard socks with logo

these standard socks with text or logo are 21,5 cm long and can be ordered with a starting amount of 500 pairs. they’re also available in multiple colors.

there’s two sizes

women’s size: 21,5 cm (size 37-41)

men’s size: 23,5 cm (size 42-46)


we can also embellish the socks with your own logo, name or text by weaving them in. we don’t print your logo on the socks, but instead neatly weave it in so it won’t get damaged so easily and it looks nicer.

there are three types of standard socks with logo: no terry cloth on the inside, terry cloth on the foot and complete terry cloth inside. the socks with terry cloth are slightly more expensive than the ones without.

as an extra option, we can put anti-slip patches on the bottom of the socks, so that your customers won’t slip.

sport socks with logo

the sport socks with logo are twelve centimeters in length and are available for order with a starting amount of 500 pairs.





the sizes are the same as they are for the standard socks.

we can also weave your logo into these sport socks, for a

nice finish that will last longer than a print.

for these socks the terry cloth options are also available.

running socks

we also sell running socks that have extra support in them,

to make running a lot more comfortable.

please ask us for more options.

long socks with logo

these long socks are 35 cm long and are available for order with a starting amount of 500 pairs.

the sizes are identical to the standard sock sizes.

we can also weave your loo and/or text into these socks to make the design look neat and last long.

for these socks there is also a terry cloth option, it’s the same as for the socks shown above. these terry cloth socks are slightly more expensive than the non-terry cloth ones.

as an extra feature, we can add anti-slip patches on the sole so your customers won’t slip.

would you like to order socks, or acquire more information on the socks? please contact us via E-mail

or call us +31 020 – 800 48 21




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Gold and silver flash-tattoos

Posted on 29/08/2017 by Renske Visser

Flash tattoos

These temporary tattoos are all the rage nowadays, especially the gold and silver ones. These are also called « flash tattoos »

These temporary tattoos in gold and silver colors aren’t just fun for the summer, they’re also fun for events, festivals and holidays!

Flash tattoos are fun all year long!

At our company you can have us make your own custom flash tattoos. This means you don’t have to pick one design out of a few. If you get flash tattoos made with your own design, you’re unique, because nobody else has the same fake tattoos.

You can get these flash tattoos made in gold, silver and copper. You can also combine colors with these metallic hues. For instance, a silver tattoo with turquoise details!

Would you like to give these tattoos as a present and would you like it to be nicely packaged? We’d love to make you a fitted package. Just ask for all our possibilities.


Our flash tattoos are safe, easy to apply and also easy to remove.

There’s many sizes available, from 38x38mm, 51x51mm, or even A5 or A4 format. (and all sizes in between)

On 1 piece of tattoo paper you can have us print out multiple designs, as well. This way you’ll have multiple samples without having to pay extra.

You can order the flash tattoos starting with 2500 pieces!

On the backside of the tattoos are instructions on how to apply/remove them.

We can also print your logo and company name next to these instructions. (in black)

Delivery time is 2-3 weeks.

Besides flash tattoos we also have 3D tattoos and standard black tattoos (also available in color).

These tattoos are standardly packaged in a neat pile, in a box. But if you’d prefer to have them packaged separately, that’s also possible. For a small fee we’ll package your tattoos one by one.

Please e-mail us for more information

or call us

+31 020 – 800 48 21

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customized backpacks

Posted on 19/08/2017 by Renske Visser

Backpacks with customized print

Would you like backpacks with your own customized print? That’s possible here at Euro Logo. There are many different kinds of backpacks, this is why we’d like to give you some samples.

Model 1

These pretty polyester backpacks are available in many fun colors; pink, yellow, green, neon yellow, neon pink and neon orange. We can print these backpacks with your text and logo!

You can order these cute backpacks starting with 250 pieces. Within one order you can choose different colors. This way you’ll have backpacks for different audiences (for instance girls, boys, and elderly people) in just one order.


Model 2



Even for children we have backpacks.

We can also print your name and logo on these small backpacks. They’re made of nice polyester, which makes them easy to carry for children.

You can order these starting with 250 pieces in the colors red, blue, and yellow.

These children’s backpacks are smaller than the regular ones and have a piece of fabric over the zipper.





Model 3

These backpacks (35x 45 cm) are ideal for travelling or hiking.

They have a special place for a bottle of water and a hole you can put your headphones through,

so you can listen to music comfortably while travelling or taking a walk.

We can print your text or logo on these backpacks. They are of good quality polyester and will last a long time.

You can order these starting with 250mpieces in the following colors: red, blue, black and green.


Model 4

We can print your logo and text on these backpacks drive.

Lightweight polyester backpacks drive have a nifty pocket for your keys or money,

and they also have a hole for your headphones.

You can order thesis starting 250 pieces in black, blue, green and orange.

Size: 35 x 45 cm






Model 5

These backpacks drive are available in fun colors like green, pink, yellow, light blue, red, bright blue, black and green.

You can order thesis starting 250 pieces. Of course, we can also print your text and logo on them.

Interested? E-mail us

or call us

+31 020 – 800 48 21

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