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Posted on 26/06/2017 by Stecy Khelaifia
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Whether you are a beekeeper, an animal welfare association, a milk producer or any other animal related organization and you wish to deliver a message you care about; do it with your preferred animals. Distribute them to your clients who will keep them for a long time.

The Weepuls are made for you!

They are made of:

  • Nice small hairballs which take the form of your chosen animal: cow, bird, dolphin, car, dog, spider, etc.
  • Small adhesives feet, which enable your weepuls to stick to almost any surface.
  • A polysoft paper ribbon on which you can print in full color the message / logo of your choice!

Thanks to the weepuls, everyone will be amazed and see your communication tool!

If you wish to communicate on a particular topic, choose these low price weepuls: we are sure there is one suiting your situation.  We can help you find it!

Contact Horizonsources through the phone: 04 76 32 80 50 or by e-mail at

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Custom printed lanyards

Posted on 19/06/2017 by Jennifer Vienne
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If you’re looking for cheap and customizable lanyards, euro-logo will make your wish come true. The lanyard is a very useful product for any event, from a professional fair to a festive event.

We will show you our different types of lanyards, all of which are totally customizable:

  • Choose any color through the PANTONE color range for your lanyard.
  • Choose until 2 printing colors for your text/logo.
  • Choose among our different lanyard sizes: 900 x 10 mm / 900 x 15 mm / 900 x 20 mm.


The basic lanyard:

Our basic lanyards, sold with a carabiner (a snap hook). Available in many colors thanks to the PANTONE color chart. Your text and/or logo will be printed with the font and the color(s) of your choice!


Buckle option:

This lanyard is made with a removable buckle, allowing to use the bottom of your lanyard without removing your lanyard. Your text and/or logo will be printed with the font and the color(s) of your choice!


Safety strap option:

This safety strap option will make it easier to remove your lanyard. Your text and/or logo will be printed with the font and the color(s) of your choice!



Of course, it is possible to combine the two options to get a safer and easier to use lanyard.

If you’re interested in our custom printed lanyards, do not hesitate to contact Horizonsources. Contact us by phone: 04 76 32 80 50 or by email: .

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Clear Balloons

Posted on 05/06/2017 by Jennifer Vienne
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Everyone knows the printed balloons. It is the perfect item for your communication:  they’re not expensive, easy to use and everyone likes it: the young and the old ones.

You could think that those balloons are not “classy” enough for your communication. We have the solution for you: the Clear balloons (or transparent balloons). The transparent balloons are fitted to a more glamorous purpose. Use it for a wedding or to promote your luxury brand.


What about the price?

The price for our clear balloons is the same than for our printed balloons. You can also print them in one or two colors. Our tip: use a golden printing for the best glamorous effect.


If you wish more information about our transparent balloons, contact the specialized wholesaler: Horizonsources by mail: or through the phone: 04 76 32 80 50.

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Bangers 2 in 1

Posted on 10/05/2017 by Jennifer Vienne
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Everyone knows the printed bangers, those polythene sticks often used during sporting events to cheer on your favorite team.

Today, I would like to introduce a new item: the LED cheer stick. They are fantastic, especially for indoor games and concerts.

They light the room with your chosen colors thanks to their LED light bulbs. The banger itself is also printable in four colors maximum, in order for you to reproduce your logo on it.


Horizonsources makes high quality printed bangers, these are equipped with an inflation valve. In case your bangers are deflated, we provide a straw which will allow you to inflate it. Your personalized bangers will stay inflated for a long time.


You wish more precisions about the LED cheer stick and all its possibilities ? Do feel free to contact us by phone (+33 4 76 32 80 50) or email (



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The personalized hand fans

Posted on 05/05/2017 by Stecy Khelaifia
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As summer is coming, you will need useful goodies: our personalized hand fans will allow your advertising message to be seen all summer long.

I agree to say that not everyone will use the hand fans; but with its large printing surface if only one person use it, nobody will miss your advertisement. This unusual advertising product is eye-catching.


You just need to be creative: choose the appropriate design and colors and leave the rest to us. Horizonsources will provide you with high quality products: with a large number of colors available and the possibility to print your hand fan in full color, your products will be unique! You can even choose the stick color.


For an added value, choose a special packing for your hand fans.

Feel free to ask us, through the phone (+33 4 76 32 80 50) or through mail: for any further information.

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The studded customized wistbands : for your communication

Posted on 04/05/2017 by Jennifer Vienne
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Horizonsources is well known for being the specialist of custom silicon wirstbands .

You are looking for glow-in-the-dark or fluorescent wristbands we can do it. You have in mind to create a silicone wristband  with metal sheet  on which will be engraved your text : ask for it and we’ll do it. The choice is quite huge . You just have to be creative to be in.

Buying your customized wristbands direct from manufacturer will bring you some advantages : we can easily help you to find the wristbands  you are looking for.

Some months ago we had the opportunity to create a custom made wristband : just have a look on the model we produced for  a famous singer in France :  Renaud.

This leather wristband has been manufactured according to the customers’ wishes.  As you can see it from the photo the result is really original.

It was personalized with a design  in metal representing the phoenix of his latest album.

To produce this custom wristband, it’s better to supply us with very precise specifications : plan and exact sizes are required..


If  you are not able to give us those information, do not panic we’ll find a way  : a simple picture in high resolution  should be ok for us to create the mold.

This leather wristband can be adjusted easily to fit your wrist : you have three positions available.

Such a lovely wristband needs a special packaging : Here again Horizonsources is able to propose you the best one. Whatever you want  we will help you to find the right packaging. the price will be higher but honestly, it’s worthy.


If this is not your choice  because your target is to fit a lower budget, you remain the master of the final decision and we can send those wristbands in bulk.

For any further information you may need  or to get a quote , do feel free to contact Horizonsources by mail Or give us a call. We will be happy to help you.




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Personalize your own key chain !

Posted on 02/05/2017 by Cathleen Kroon

If you’re looking for a cheap and useful advertising product for your clients, think about our silicone key chains.

Because they are 100% customizable, the silicone key chains are the ideal product to promote your company or association. You can choose the color of the silicone key chain through the PANTONE color range. With its usefulness, the key chain will promote your company anywhere and at anytime.

How to order and personalize the silicone key chain?

  • The minimum order quantity for our silicone key chains is 300 pieces.
  • You can print your own logo or text with the color of your choice; you’re also free to choose the font of the text.
  • A wide marking choice: printed, embossed, debossed or debossed and filled in.

The delivery lead time is three weeks from the confirmation of the artwork, which we make you for free.
If you’re interested in this product, feel free to contact us through the phone: 04 76 32 80 50 or by email: .

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Personalized poncho

Posted on 28/04/2017 by Jennifer Vienne
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Everyone knows the poncho: a piece of clothing with a hole through which you put your head. Today, we will speak about the personalized poncho: a useful tool for your communication.

It is the perfect communication tool for street marketing or for any outdoor event.

The personalized poncho has two different printing options:

  • Unique printing: your logo will appear on the front side and the back side of the poncho.
  • Repeat printing: with this printing, your logo will appear on different parts of the poncho. You can insert until four logos, these logos will be repeated all other the poncho.

This second option seems perfect for your communication as the visibility of the logo is accentuated. What a nice and original communication tool!


Feel free to contact us, through the phone (+33 4 76 32 80 50) or email: for any further information.




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