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Shape Paper Clips

Posted on 21/04/2017 by Stecy Khelaifia

Who doesn’t have classic shape paper clips on his office today… A product which we use everyday for our documents, papers however without noticing it we have a golden nugget in our hands as a communication mean.

We make your shape paper clips with the form of your choice, with your logo or an object representing your business activities. Aiming to bring more gaity to every work day surprise your clients by offering them this little promotional product.



We have a big stock for standard products, it’s possible to order these shape paper clips starting from 1000 pieces.

If you have a theme to be respected, don’t hesitate to communicate it to us so that we can offer you the ideal shape paper clip !

We have a large choice of colors so that your shape paper clips are 100 % unique.


Packaging :

Standard packaging is 20 pieces per bag. We propose a small boxes (plastic, metal,) It’s possible to customize a packaging. (1 color, full color, laser…).

Personalized shape paper clips accompanied by a beautiful box become a real adversiting gift for your clients.


Why buy Custom shape paper clip ?

The shape paper clips have a long lasting effect, it will be used every day and seen by everyone.
A successful communication for the development of the  image of your company.

Ideal for small low price budget : custom shape paper clips.

If personalized shape paper clips interest you, don’t hesitate ask more information to HORIZONSOURCES SAS

You would like to order cheap shape paper clips ? Ask us a quotation !

Contact us by phone : 04 76 32 80 50 or directly by mail :

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Promotional shoelaces with your logo? Now it’s possible

Posted on 29/07/2016 by Mathieu Alaimo

promotional shoe laces

Let’s start with one question: do you know someone that doesn’t wear shoe laces? No one, right? Indeed, everyone wears some: at home, at school, in the streets, during sports, at work, etc. So why not use them as promotional products? You’ll be sure to have them seen everywhere and every time!


What are the available colors?multi colored promotional shoelaces

Good question. And the answer is “Your colors of course!” Indeed shoelaces are printed according to PMS colors, there’s no restriction, you can even choose multi colored shoe laces. You can choose to print your logo, your baseline or whatever you want on a long surface: the whole length of the shoe laces is available for the personalization. You can have several colors with the same imprint and let your
clients choose the one they prefer or use them for different events.


customized shoe lacesYou can also choose between 2 sizes: 1100 x 70 mm for the adults and 800 x70 mm for the children. Of course, you can mix these sizes in your order.

Do you have to order a container? If you want! But remember that 500 pairs are enough to have your own personalized shoe laces.


Customized shoe laces : it’s up to you to choose a fun and affordable product that will make your communication take a brand new step.
Feel free to contact the specialist Euro-Logo either by phone +44 207 099 21 66 or by mail :

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Hunger Games 3 the mockingjay: the merchandising success

Posted on 18/11/2014 by Lorene

Tomorrow is the big day : the release of Hunger Games 3  the Mockingjay part 1. With the huge success of the two first movies,  the production company Lionsgate has a field day with this high quality teen movie. Also producer of Divergent, the company understands how much teenagers  can be profitable to business  thanks to their passion for their heroes but also thanks to their tendency to identify themselves with the characters. During adolescence, the identification is a very strong feeling and makes young people want to scream to the world what they love and where they belong. That’s exactly why tie-in products are so successful with the young.


We’re talking about a huge business that production companies  take care of developing a lot. Besides the capital choices of the right actors, of the story, of the set ; the work on the right communication plan is significant. Communicate with promotional items is as important as the rest of the business plan ;  it extends the passion feelings for a movie or a tangible product.

You’re working in communication and are looking for ideas ? Follow the  Hunger Games example. Here is our selection of the best tie-in products that you can win by assisting to preview showing  or by answering to quizzes on the Internet.


We begin with temporary tattoos. Still fashionable, the fake tattoos are awesome for young people who feel like they are breaking the rules…while they’re only playing. The wide silicone wristbands is great as well, it allows  the slogan to be seen correctly.  My favourite ones are the glitter silicone wristbands : different and classic at the same time.  If you’re really fed up of the silicone wristbands, you can choose the Hunger Games slap wristbands, very efficient as well. Once it’s put on the wrist, it stays there for generally a while.  That’s it for the  personalized jewel part.


Then, you have the Hunger Games outfit : sweatshirts,tee-shirts and personalized socks. Really cool ! My favourite ones are the Katniss socks. All the big fans will wear it and make you a huge promotion for free. I also found this original items : the Hunger Games shoes-socks converse style. If you believe they’re « too much », you can choose the Hunger Games flip flops, efficient as well.


Finally, when you’ll have dressed up your « promotional target« , you’ll just have to give them plenty of personalized accessories : a beautiful Hunger Games Lanyard where people will hang their pass for the preview showing, a gorgeous Mylar balloon and a Hunger Games bag. That’s how a pure fan becomes a perfect mobile advertisement support who has the virtue to smile all the time and makes us want to do the same. Cute and efficient.


You want to  communicate thanks to promotional items as well ? Contact the expert

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Coachella 2014 and its mythical ID wristbands

Posted on 25/04/2014 by Lorene

Coachella-2014-and-its-mythical-ID-wristbands1827165_et_2014_coachella_photo_2000_Day3_ 016_LS

Coachella is THE festival you have to attend if you want to be seen and if you want to be part of the « beautiful people » clan. A music and art festival held in Indio, California, USA since 1999. A very cool, fun and festive atmosphere with a tendancy to nature and flowers in your hair.

Coachella-2014-and-its-mythical-ID-wristbands (4)Coachella-2014-and-its-mythical-ID-wristbands (3)

Anyway, every young fashionable Hollywood actors and singers attend to this event, every spring, to celebrate the beautiful days coming. They all walk around in hippie-chic outfits, more hype one from another. Thanks to this Golden youth who enjoy this euphoric ride for a long weekend, Coachella Festival is now the centre of media attention and benefit from a huge media hype.

Coachella-2014-and-its-mythical-ID-wristbands-Jared-Leto (7)Coachella-2014-and-its-mythical-ID-wristbands-Ryan-Kwanten (11)

Jared Leto, Ryan Kwanten (True Blood), Kid Cudi, David Hasselhoff (who seem to have lot of fun) and Vanessa Hudgens who really  bet on the hippie influence (did she think it was a Halloween party ?), you can see here a bunch of popular people who are having a blast at Coachella with their ID wristbands completely integrated to their outfit.

Coachella-2014-and-its-mythical-ID-wristbands-Vanessa-Hudgens (8)Coachella-2014-and-its-mythical-ID-wristbands-Kid-Cudi-Davi-Hasselhoff (10)

With thousands of visitors, Coachella festival is like a new Woodstock. Each year, the music programming is the best of the best,with very different styles. This eclectism is really appreciated and satisfy a wide range of people. This year, Pharell Williams, Ellie Goulding, Lorde, Beyoncé, set fire in the Coachella Valley.

Coachella-2014-and-its-mythical-ID-wristbands (6)Of course, you imagine that, like for all « superior cast« , there is a distinctive element that allows us, poor not-hippie-not -from-Hollywood not fashionable people, to recognize hype people who succeeded to have a ticket : the Identification wristband. Yes, if you want to be allowed in the closed circle of Coachella visitors, you have to get the magic object : THE ticket that will open the door. You better be on the look-out : tickets are being snapped up as soon as the ticket office open on the Internet.


Coachella-2014-and-its-mythical-ID-wristbands (9)For music lovers who drive thousand miles to assist to awesome summer festivals everywhere in the world, collecting these ID wristbands is like adding a star to his record. it’s a pride, it means  « I was there » ! In Coachella, with celebrities who pose for the photographs with these wristbands and twit pictures of this precious gadget, the woven ID wristbands becomes THE fashion accessory we keep even when the event is finished. Even tyvek wristbands or PVC wristbands, printed with the logo of the major sponsor (nothing can’t serve advertisement !) which are for controlling the ingoing become very cool gadgets. Why ? For the feeling of belonging of course !

You too you want to personalize ID wristbands for your event and create a buzz ? Contact

You want to know everything about Coachella ? Facebook


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Time to decode the Moustache phenomenon !

Posted on 14/11/2013 by Lorene

You can see it everywhere, on expensive or cheap tee-shirts, in every magazines, on decoration objects, on jewellery : we are invaded  by the MOUSTACHE.


Everyone (including me) has been asking this question : why ? How did this trend begin ? What does it mean ? Is there a hiden sense I don’t understand ?! Is the moustache a symbol which speaks to an entire generation (apparently not mine as I’m looking for the meaning since a long time) ?

Being confronted  by all the requests on promotional products personalized with the Moustache, I decided to investigate and I found answers to our questions !


bracelet-silicone-moustacheContrary to all expectations, you can forget immediately any idea of romantic symbolism : it isn »t. There is no hidden sense, no protestor metaphor from a generation or a special mouvement ;  there is no reminder to a unifying value of a society, no there is absolutely NOTHING (except business).

This trend is born in the USA thanks to (because of ?) a tattooer who had the idea to draw the famous Moustache on a friend’s finger to create the illusion he had a moustache by putting his index finger on his mouth. No need to do more to create a buzz on the Internet.  Bam, everyone play the game, follow the example  and post pictures on Facebook and Twitter with the « moustachioed » finger. The phenomenon becomes huge and even gets a name : the fingerstache.



Robert-pattinson-fingerstacheThis happened in 2003.  The same year, Eleven Paris, the super trendy fashion label is born and created his legendary Tee-shirt range « Life is a joke. » This range uses famous people pictures  like Megan Fox, Robert Pattinson, Johnny Depp, Will Smith and even Barack obama with the famous fingerstache ! Here comes a worldwide buzz (and a perfect start for the young French brand !).  These tee-shirts are  snapped out by everyone and  the Moustache design is taken by every brands and comes in all sort of shapes, colors and products :   the inescapable temporary tattoos that even brands like Louis Pion developp, personnalized bags, clothes of all types (even for babies), jewellery (silicon wristbands with Moustache lucky-charm, Shamballa wristbands moustache, moustache earrings, moustache ring…).
The moustache works so well that it’s also applied to decoration sector. Now, you can find Moustache pillows, Moustache belts, Moustache doormat and decorative ice cube molds.




The Moustache phenomenon is amazing by the way it’s been created and by its powerful economic impact while it’s totally senseless. Some positive people will try to intellectualize the tendancy by a societal explanation, the come back to old values as the moustache reminds us the reassuring patriarch of former days, manliness… Some others more negative will see  the reflect of our actual society, consumerist and pointless

Anyway, we’re not done to see Moustache everywhere as it keeps growing sales.
I’m just waiting people brings razor and shaving foam. What about you ?

You want to personalized your own product with your own moustache design ? Contact

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Enjoy your 4th of July with great promotional products !

Posted on 04/07/2013 by Lorene

4th-of-July-promotional-productsYeah, today is the 4th of July. This is a very important date in the USA  as American people commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence ( 1776). From this date, the United States of America  has been independant for the Kingdom of Great Britain.silicon-wristbands-4th-july-USA





As the 14th July in France, the 4th of July in the USA is synonymous of outdoors parties, fireworks, big family reunions.  Of course, when we talk about big parties which take place all over the country, we have to talk about promotional products used to celebrate.4th-of-july-weepuls


We can easily find people wearing silicon wristbands with American flags that won’t ever go out of fashion.The patriotic feeling is exalted everywhere, even on the the cupcakes with little paper flags put up in it.




Anyway, this year, our favorite gadget is the patriotic weepuls. With its multicolor pompom and its American flag in the hand, it’s just the cutest personalized product you can offer to honor such a great day.  Its ribbon will allow you to write the message you want and people will be able to stick it wherever they want to remind this super pleasant summer day.

You want to create your own weepuls to celebrate your event ? Contact the specialist :

Follow the weepuls’ expert on facebook here

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When famous brands adopt the temporary tattoos…

Posted on 30/08/2012 by Lorene
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chanel2No, temporary tattoos are not only for children. No, tattoos we find in chewing gum as a gift are not the 1st thing we think about when you talk about “decalcomania”… Well, not anymore.

The huge buzz provoked by Chanel in 2010 and its “tatouages éphémères” has been an example. Now, all famous luxury brand names create their own temporary tattoos lines and make this product super fashion. Every “it girls” wear these tattoos. Witness: Leighton Meester, the actress of Gossip Girl, the famous TV Show , in which she plays  a rich girl (a total bitch !) of the New York high society, always wearing fashion design clothes, making the cover of Marie Claire in December 2010 with the Chanel dove on her shoulders.

Leighton Meester-Chanel-tattoo

We also talked a lot about Vuitton, Versace and Jean Paul Gauthier during their last fashion shows. (pictures here below). In another style, Christian Audigier attracts attention with his tattoos line as well.


JPG is so much in his tattoo period that he ‘tattooed” the Coca Cola bottles in the last ad campaign of the famous brand. We can see his face associated with a woman body integrally covered by tattoos.coca-tatoos-JPG3

The temporary tattoos infatuation is still at the top and who knows which luxury brand will be the next to succumb and to create its line?

Anyway, famous fashion designers are very conscious about the incredible quickness of the trend. They can only give their blessing to this kind of product  : impressive when we wear it but which has the advantage to be ephemeral, letting free place for the next trends.

You want to create your own tattoos just like famous fashion designers ? Contact the specialist :

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Custom logobugs

Posted on 10/08/2012 by Henk KROON
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questions-for-logobugsWe all know these little furry animals don’t we ? Here in the UK we call them logobugs ! In the USA their name is Weepuls.

There are hundreds of different Logobugs, on for each sport or corporation. The slogan or logo can be printed on the ribon in full color.

Below are a few questions and answers from the producer about this evergreen promoter .

How many different Logobugs do you offer ?

There are 100’s of different Logobugs that have been created over the past 34 years since the product was first invented.We have the most popular product that is the Original Standard logobug.All the other different models are the original logobug + hats and handholders and more pom poms to create animal characters.There have been a great many bespoke creations which are a combination of all these components .The promotional Logobug  is without doubt the most flexible product available to match any marketing or advertising scheme.You have a large choice of Pom pom andfeet colour that further increases the choice.

Can I choose the color of the pompom and the feets ?

Yes you can ,plus you can order assorted colours to give a really exciting look to your order.

Can I mix pompom colours for one order of custom logobugs? for example 500 Logobugs total but with 50 pieces of each color.

Yes as long as the order is in multiples of no less than 50 per colour. 

hand-hatjpgWhat is the minimum quantity I should order to have my own print on the ribbon of the logobug?

Minimum is 250 to have a full colour print on The Ribbon style attachment

What is the average size of a Logobug ?

15 cms x 3,4 cms

Can you print a full color image on the ribbon?

Full colour print was introduced by Logobugs when the Apple Mac revolution changed marketings attitude to Full colour .

What is the size of the ribbon and what is the print surface ?

The standard ribbon is 100mm x 19 mm ,but if you want  a different size of ribbon we can make it.
hand-logobugsHow long does it take for me to receive the order?

From the telephone call “Can you do” we have achieved a completed order for 1000 pieces including printing and production in 26 minutes .In normal circumstances up to 5000 pieces can be made and shipped in 5/6 days .The larger the order the longer the production time. All orders are subject to our current stock levels.This is when assorted colours will help us to provide larger orders in quicker time.

Are Logobugs safe for children ?

Every Logobug has a sensible  warning printed on the underside of the feet advising that they are unsuitable for children under 5 years

Do the logobugs come with sticky feets and do these leave any marks ?

They all come with sticky feet and over the 34 years of the product we have had only 2 genuine complaints about marking of clothes and in both cases these involved a silk blouse .

In which countries do you deliver and which languages can you deal in ?

We have made orders for every European country ,and wth our European distributors understand many languages.

logobugs-londonDo all the Logobugs have the same cost ?

We have tried to keep the number of price Bands to a minimum .On large quantities we will quote a specific price .

see online prices in sterling here : Cost for logobugs

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