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Creating A Brand Identity Through Custom Stubby Holders

Posted on 29/09/2016 by Henk KROON

When it comes to ensuring that your customers (both existing and potential) remember you days, weeks, months or even years down the track, creating a brand identity is essential. One such way to achieve this is by handing out promotional products, like custom stubby holders, as they’re something that people are likely to hold onto and reuse. In this article, we’ve explained how to create a brand identity using these holders.


Value for Money
One of the main reasons that these holders are such a fantastic choice is that they offer great value for money. Many of the promotional products available will set you back a pretty penny, so it’s understandable that you’ll want to look for products that aren’t as costly.

Graphics & Branding
Holders provide you with ample space in which to include your branding and other graphics. This ensures that, no matter which angle a customer looks at it, they’ll be confronted with your brand. The graphics can also be in full colour and matched to your brand as closely as possible.

Neoprene Colours
Many of these holders are made from neoprene due to its ability to provide your drink with insulation. There is a wide range of colours to choose from (including navy blue, burgundy, red, yellow, orange, green, dark green, black, white, pink, purple and grey).

Amazing Designs
Your choice of graphics and logos can be included on custom stubby holders. Whether you want to include a photograph, a drawing or some other sort of digital graphic, the finished product will look fantastic. Don’t hesitate to speak with a graphic designer if you get stuck.

With or Without a Base
For most holders, you have the option of having them delivered with or without a base. Without a base, there is less material and stitching that you have to pay for. With a base, you can ensure that the drink doesn’t accidentally slip out of the bottom mid sip.

Custom Sizes
It’s important to remember that not all cans and bottles are of the same size. If you have a particular drink in mind, you might be interested in a custom sized holder that is designed specifically to accommodate it. This will ensure a snug fit that is like a second skin.

Made in Australia
Many of the holders currently on the market are made right here in Australia, which means that you can support local businesses as well as provide your customers with a useful promotional product. People like to know that you support Australia, not overseas pockets.

If you’re trying to create a brand identity for your company that cements it as an industry leader with a rock solid reputation, we hope that you’ve found the information provided in this article useful. As you can see, custom stubby holders are a perfect way to achieve this – everyone uses these holders to help keep their drinks cold and to protect their hands from the cold. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance if you require it.

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Reinventing Branding Tools for the Small Business Owner

Posted on 30/08/2016 by Henk KROON

executive-advertising-promotional-products-reinventing-small-business-branding-toolsYour brand is what people will recognize before they ever do business with you (or should, anyway). Just think about it: When Apple launches some new, high-tech product, you may not know anything about what that gadget does or how the technology behind it works, but you likely have favorable expectations of the product because you know Apple’s reputation as an innovator that produces high-quality and stylish personal technology.

You can recognize popular brands before you even see the name of the company on the product or advertisement. Sometimes, you can recognize brands just by the colors or fonts used in an ad. Think about how easy it is to recognize the Disney or Pepsi font even if you don’t see those brand names.

You don’t have to have a huge marketing budget in order to brand your small business. Starting with even small measures can help you start establishing the recognition you need, and you can grow your strategy as your business grows.

Here are a few tools you should be using to brand your small business now:

Branded Products

Everyone loves to get something free, and people will take a mug with your logo on it or a shirt with your company name on it just because you are offering it for free. Then every time they drink their morning coffee in that mug, they will think of you. Every time they go to the gym in that t-shirt, they and everyone else who sees that shirt will think of you.

logobugs-londonThousands of branded products are available, ranging from inexpensive pens to high-quality furniture and electronics. You can buy whatever products your budget allows and have them branded with your company name, logo, slogan, contact information and more. Give out these items at industry events, community events, or employee activities. You can also give them out on social media or as prizes in your online contest.

Consistent yet Scaled Messaging

The Internet has made it easier for businesses of all sizes to reach their audiences. Yet it has also opened up so many marketing opportunities that you may find it hard to keep up.

One mistake that businesses of all sizes make in marketing in this new landscape is to just stamp their logo on everything along with their slogan and contact information. But what works for an email marketing campaign may not work for a social media post, and what works for a social media post may not work for a direct mail campaign.

While you need to be consistent to establish your brand, you also need to remember to scale your messaging. That means having a variety of logos that can be selected depending on the medium. You should have a collection of logos that come with or without the slogan, that are in color and black and white, and that are a variety of sizes and orientations. You should have similar variety in your slogan, colors, and other aspects of your visual branding.

Think beyond the Web

Yes, the Internet does allow you to connect with vast numbers of your audience, and yes, you can connect with many of those people without paying a dime if you know what you’re doing and aren’t afraid of putting in the time.

However, the Internet is not the be-all-end-all. You can’t forget to take your marketing offline to establish your branding in the community, as well. You can easily do this by attending or sponsoring community events, such as local festivals, fundraisers, or school activities. You can also attend industry events, such as conferences, seminars, and workshops.

For offline events, you’ll need to create the right signage to convey your brand, and you’ll need to train everyone who will participate in these events to ensure that they are consistent in their messaging and the way they present your brand’s values.

Branding is an ongoing process, and it requires that you remain consistent in expressing your values and showcasing what makes you unique. Using these simple tips can help you start to get better brand recognition now, and you can slowly work your way toward more comprehensive (and expensive) marketing campaigns that you get you more widespread exposure.

Dan King
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Daniel King is an IT and marketing strategist for The Executive Advertising. Daniel has been a developer and marketer for years, and specializes in digital marketing, brand strategy, and ecommerce sales. Daniel has been creating websites since he was a teenager. He has developed entertainment, affiliate, and ecommerce businesses for over a decade. Daniel now oversees marketing and IT operations at The Executive Advertising, a promotional products company located in Hendersonville, TN.

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Alessandra Ambrosio’s golden temporary tattoos

Posted on 26/05/2016 by Lorene

You thought temporary tattoos were “has been”? You were wrong ! It’s actually the opposite. Metallic tattoos, meaning golden and silver tattoos are a must if you want to play the “summer attitude”. They’re now a special accessory that every fashionistas has in her bag. Last April, the famous Coachella Festival happened in California. This internationally well-known event is the place to be for every stars of the moment. The bohemian chic and gypsie style are required meaning the temporary tattoos are everywhere! Just like the Stetson for a cowboy, metallic tattoos are now part of the identity of people assisting to this festival.

Alessandra-Ambrosio-s-golden-temporary-tattoos-4 Alessandra-Ambrosio-s-golden-temporary-tattoos7

The Brasilian top model Alessandra Ambrosio understood it pretty well. As a businesswoman, she rode the wave and created her own temporary tattoos line. Magically, it happened just before Coachella: smart lady. Alessandrao Ambrosio is very active on social media. During the festival, she posted pictures of herself, tattooed of course, having fun and enjoying her time in California. These Instagram pictures have been seen by millions of followers, a good way to advertise without seeming to do it. A lot of people following her on Twitter and Instagram dream to be like her so where do they start? They buy these tattoos of course!

Alessandra-Ambrosio-s-golden-temporary-tattoos-1 Alessandra-Ambrosio-s-golden-temporary-tattoos-6 Alessandra-Ambrosio-s-golden-temporary-tattoos-9 Alessandra-Ambrosio-s-golden-temporary-tattoos-10

Honestly, golden tattoos are gorgeous on tanned skins; that’s why they’re a huge fashion phenomenon during the summer. Also because they’re cheap, everyone can play it cool and look like famous people they adore without being financially broke. Good point!

Ale by Alessandra is a real deal. It’s actually a blog where the top tells everything of her life and show how cool it is to wear temporary tattoos!
3 different tattoos sheets are available, every one of them have been hand-drawn. As a main design, one of them is made of a dreamcatcher, another one of a crown and the last one of a chain necklace. Classic but efficient.

Alessandra-Ambrosio-s-golden-temporary-tattoos-2 Alessandra-Ambrosio-s-golden-temporary-tattoos-3

Well, you got the idea. If you plan to assist to a music festival this summer or if you organize that kind of event, you have to buy or distribute  temporary tattoos as a gift to the participants ! Golden and silver temporary tattoos are definitely THE accessory of such an event.

If you want to personalize temporary tattoos, contact the specialists:

Photo credit : Instagram Alessandra Ambrosio


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Invoking Loyalty, Appreciation & Provoking a CTA with Promotional Products

Posted on 08/04/2015 by Lorene

Invoking-Loyalty-Appreciation-and-Provoking-a-CTA-with-Promotional-ProductsA recent study by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) demonstrates just how effective promotional items are for invoking loyalty, appreciation & also for provoking a call to action (CTA).

The study compares promotional items, TV, Direct Mail, Online & Print. The questionnaire was served to 1000 participants, each of whom were asked following three questions:

  1. Which advertising medium has the ability to make you feel appreciated?
  2. Which advertising medium provides you with an incentive to take action?
  3. Which advertising medium is best suited to invoking loyalty to an event or cause?

 Promotional Products - Print - Direct Mail - Online - TV Infographic-2WAPP Promotional Products have put together this info-graphic (click on it) which displays the results.
From these results it’s clear to see that promotional products are indeed the best marketing & advertising medium to make your customers feel appreciated, this is something that allot of companies do not focus on and ultimately your clients are undoubtedly your biggest asset. Invoking loyalty in business is priceless, if your customers look to you & see you as friendly and caring company, the chances are that you will be the first in line the next time they need a product or service that you provide.

Just over half of the people asked thought that receiving a branded gift would motivate them to complete a call to action, this could be anything from phoning or emailing a company to visiting a website or even buying a product. It’s therefore important to add any relevant information to a printed item that can help & persuade the recipient to complete a desired call to action, this can be anything from phone numbers to web addresses to a QR code.

The results are quite obvious when we compare the advertising mediums as whole, promotional products can be personally handed out & stand out as the one marketing tool that are useful due to their reusable & practical nature. This is extremely effective when combined with the fact that on average 87% of people who received a branded gift, kept that item for over one year.


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Highlights on Guest Events and its promotional items which extend the dream

Posted on 29/09/2014 by Lorene

Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream -Guest Events is THE reference for everyone who loves American TV shows.  The event company is born in 2011 and is specialized in organizing fan conventions. What is that ? It’s an event where people can meet the stars of their favourite TV show. You’ll do some photoshoot with your idols, Q&A sessions, autograph sessions, private meetings and even cocktail evening with your favorite actors… If you dream to meet your favourite TV hero, this is the best way to make your dream come true.

Brigitte Gillet, the co-manager of the company (with her daughter)  had the idea to start this business after assisting to that kind of event herself.  Their job : « to sell some dreams. ». It was  huge financial and human challenge for both. Their credo ? Bet on the leading actors and have at least 5 cast members present during the convention (even if we often reach the amazing number of 9 actors !). Sure bet.


Brigitte and her daughter entered in the arena in May 2013 with the BITE ME I’M FAMOUS convention, dedicated to The Vampire Diaries TV show. With more than 900 participants, the success was huge and went beyond what they expected. The event knew some little slip-up inherent in the 1st time. These two great managers immediately made the arrangement and from the second convention, Guest Events became the most successful convention organizer, with a strong reputation of quality and reliability. Today,  the loyal members buy their pass for future conventions without even knowing the guest participants. This is a trust relationship and a successful business that every entrepreneur would envy.

This is a convention :  you between actors for a great picture you’ll love until your last breath, you in front of the scene where actors will answer to your questions…

Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream -4Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream -6

Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream -5Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream -7

How such a successful event company communicate ? Social media are the best friends of Guest Events. Their major communication way is Facebook. For every convention, a private group is created. Nothing more is required. Brigitte only used radio advertisement for the first convention ; then, it wasn’t necessary anymore.

Guest Events dolls up her aficionados.  As a gift and because the pass to have access to the convention can easily reach 500 €, personalized goodies are offered to the participants. For every convention, you’ll received a personalized tote bag. The perfect gift to put your pictures (or your treasure, it depends on how you see it) or your make-up to be absolutely gorgeous when you’ll finally meet the man or woman of your dream. Even actors love these bags as they use it to put all the gifts given by fans. These tote bags are some of the most appreciated gifts simply because they’re useful.

Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream-1Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream -2

Over the different conventions, the organizers change the promotional items : personalized silicone wristbands, 4 colours ball pen… Last July,  for the Teen Wolf convention, slap silicone wristbands printed with the name of the event TEAM WOLF were a hit. « People nicely goofed around with these wristbands, hitting each other with these wristbands » tells Brigitte, happy of the friendly atmosphere.

Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream-3Promotional items are a great way to bring a souvenir of an unforgettable weekend. In the light of this, fans keep them. For example, lanyards and ID wristbands, which allow the entrance to the event, are often kept. Why ? Because of the emotional charge linked to this particular day. The promotional item is more than that, it becomes the Proust Madeleine for a lot of fans.

This is borne out by the fact that social medias are sufficient to spread information for such major events while promotional items remain an integral part of the communication.

Brigitte is already thinking about future personalized goodies she’ll pick up for next events. 2015 will be a huge year for Guest Events who’s preparing quiet one convention every month. For now, she’s working on the next one : From Wilmington to Paris 2, dedicated to the One Tree Hill fans.

Brigitte and her daughter spent 3 weeks in the USA last summer to plan the coming of guests for future conventions and keep putting stars in your eyes.

You want to participate to a convention ? Contact :
You want to personalize promotional items  for your future events ?




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YOU are the goodies’ king ! Share your stories

Posted on 01/08/2014 by Lorene

You-are-the-goodies-king-share-your-stories-2Hey guys, this blog is also yours ! If you’re here, it’s because  you’re interested in marketing, promotional items market and communication in general. You probably use it as well. Don’t be shy, share your experiences, your opinion, your doubts, have a rant, show us what you’ve accomplished, organized, succeed and/or fail.

Tell us your experiences, send us your pictures and you’ll be published ! You organized an event ? You support a great cause very important to you and you’re using goodies and personalized items to finance it ? Promotional items are your favorite communication tool ? Promotional products are part of your loyalty campaign ? TELL US !!! SHOW US !!

Communicate here as well ! A free adverstisement is always good to take.  Your message will be heard thanks to all our readers and followers on Twitter.
You-are-the-goodies-king-share-your-storiesNothing is easier :  send us your piece, answering the following question : where, when, what, why and how. Above all, don’t forget to send pictures (this is the only requirement). Show us people wearing your fabulous silicone wristbands or a place decorated with your promotional balloons… Let speak your imagination and your truth !

You’re not at ease  as a writer ? Don’t worry, we’ll do it for you. After a small interview, we’ll write a great post about YOUR event and you’ll be the blog star !

Let’s have fun guys ! Spread the word ! We’re looking forward to read you 🙂
Contact-us !

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Coachella 2014 and its mythical ID wristbands

Posted on 25/04/2014 by Lorene

Coachella-2014-and-its-mythical-ID-wristbands1827165_et_2014_coachella_photo_2000_Day3_ 016_LS

Coachella is THE festival you have to attend if you want to be seen and if you want to be part of the « beautiful people » clan. A music and art festival held in Indio, California, USA since 1999. A very cool, fun and festive atmosphere with a tendancy to nature and flowers in your hair.

Coachella-2014-and-its-mythical-ID-wristbands (4)Coachella-2014-and-its-mythical-ID-wristbands (3)

Anyway, every young fashionable Hollywood actors and singers attend to this event, every spring, to celebrate the beautiful days coming. They all walk around in hippie-chic outfits, more hype one from another. Thanks to this Golden youth who enjoy this euphoric ride for a long weekend, Coachella Festival is now the centre of media attention and benefit from a huge media hype.

Coachella-2014-and-its-mythical-ID-wristbands-Jared-Leto (7)Coachella-2014-and-its-mythical-ID-wristbands-Ryan-Kwanten (11)

Jared Leto, Ryan Kwanten (True Blood), Kid Cudi, David Hasselhoff (who seem to have lot of fun) and Vanessa Hudgens who really  bet on the hippie influence (did she think it was a Halloween party ?), you can see here a bunch of popular people who are having a blast at Coachella with their ID wristbands completely integrated to their outfit.

Coachella-2014-and-its-mythical-ID-wristbands-Vanessa-Hudgens (8)Coachella-2014-and-its-mythical-ID-wristbands-Kid-Cudi-Davi-Hasselhoff (10)

With thousands of visitors, Coachella festival is like a new Woodstock. Each year, the music programming is the best of the best,with very different styles. This eclectism is really appreciated and satisfy a wide range of people. This year, Pharell Williams, Ellie Goulding, Lorde, Beyoncé, set fire in the Coachella Valley.

Coachella-2014-and-its-mythical-ID-wristbands (6)Of course, you imagine that, like for all « superior cast« , there is a distinctive element that allows us, poor not-hippie-not -from-Hollywood not fashionable people, to recognize hype people who succeeded to have a ticket : the Identification wristband. Yes, if you want to be allowed in the closed circle of Coachella visitors, you have to get the magic object : THE ticket that will open the door. You better be on the look-out : tickets are being snapped up as soon as the ticket office open on the Internet.


Coachella-2014-and-its-mythical-ID-wristbands (9)For music lovers who drive thousand miles to assist to awesome summer festivals everywhere in the world, collecting these ID wristbands is like adding a star to his record. it’s a pride, it means  « I was there » ! In Coachella, with celebrities who pose for the photographs with these wristbands and twit pictures of this precious gadget, the woven ID wristbands becomes THE fashion accessory we keep even when the event is finished. Even tyvek wristbands or PVC wristbands, printed with the logo of the major sponsor (nothing can’t serve advertisement !) which are for controlling the ingoing become very cool gadgets. Why ? For the feeling of belonging of course !

You too you want to personalize ID wristbands for your event and create a buzz ? Contact

You want to know everything about Coachella ? Facebook


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St Patrick’s day: celebrate with the best goodies !

Posted on 17/03/2014 by Lorene

St-Patrick-s-day-celebrate-with-the-best-goodiesHere we are : St Patrick’s day ! THE big Irish day. Why are we celebrating ? We’re simply commemorating the christianization of Ireland during the Vth century by Maewyn Succat, a Scotish well known as Saint Patrick who came to evangelize the island.  This man was the one who  introduced the Holy Trinity to the King thanks to the shamrock…

Since then, the 17th of March is a moment of celebration for Irish all around the world. Green is everywhere, people  buy goodies to accessorize their outfits and every pub decorates their place, where big crowds come to drink the traditional beer.Shamrock-winnies

Here is our selection of the best promotional products for this event.
You can of course  personalize the successful silicon wristbands you can offer to people and put a beautiful personalized coaster under the pint of beer. Don’t forget to decorate the place with printed inflatable balloons and shamrock winnies (so cute).


Obviously, the party will be memorable if you offer some gifts to people : green lanyards, a car air-freshener in a shamrock shape... Sure everyone will love it!


lanyard-st-patrickhappy st patricks day shamrock

You want to personalize some goodies for your next event ? Contact

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