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The role of promotional items during the Independance campaign of Scotland

Posted on 17/10/2014 by Lorene

Last 18th of September, Scottish had finally the possibility to speak their mind thanks to the referendum on Scotland independance : « Should Scotland be an independant country ? » The answer was NO but weeks before, we could assist to a « battle » between the pro and the anti. What did we see everywhere to help people show on what side they were ? Promotional items of course !

BRITAIN-SCOTLAND-INDEPENDENCE-VOTEThe-role-of-promotional-items-during-the-Independance-campaign-of-Scotland (7)

The-role-of-promotional-items-during-the-Independance-campaign-of-Scotland (8)The-role-of-promotional-items-during-the-Independance-campaign-of-Scotland (6)

Personalized goodies were activists’ number 1 weapon. Of course, the most successfull item was the national flag.  Fan clappers had a big success as well, as they were neither heavy nor bulky and they allowed to put clearly your ideas up. You couldn’t miss Foam hands as well. Personalized badges were also everywere, just like in all political battles. They’re classic, except when they are on glasses, just like below.

The-role-of-promotional-items-during-the-Independance-campaign-of-Scotland (4)The-role-of-promotional-items-during-the-Independance-campaign-of-Scotland (1)

In a cute style, we saw  inflatable balloons printed with NO or YES. Hard-liner activists chose  a must : the personalized tee-shirts while  bold ones dared body makeup they wore bare chested (with a kilt of course). Using your body as a communication medium. Message well-received thanks to this pushy attitutude ! :-)

The-role-of-promotional-items-during-the-Independance-campaign-of-Scotland (5)The-role-of-promotional-items-during-the-Independance-campaign-of-Scotland (2)

Finally, we have to talk about these pompom girls « on the returns » who dared (bold girls) to personalized themselves their pants, each one wearing a letter for SCOTLAND. Isn’t this national pride moving ? :-)

You want to support a cause and wants to personalize promotional items to comunicate ? Contact

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Highlights on Guest Events and its promotional items which extend the dream

Posted on 29/09/2014 by Lorene

Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream -Guest Events is THE reference for everyone who loves American TV shows.  The event company is born in 2011 and is specialized in organizing fan conventions. What is that ? It’s an event where people can meet the stars of their favourite TV show. You’ll do some photoshoot with your idols, Q&A sessions, autograph sessions, private meetings and even cocktail evening with your favorite actors… If you dream to meet your favourite TV hero, this is the best way to make your dream come true.

Brigitte Gillet, the co-manager of the company (with her daughter)  had the idea to start this business after assisting to that kind of event herself.  Their job : « to sell some dreams. ». It was  huge financial and human challenge for both. Their credo ? Bet on the leading actors and have at least 5 cast members present during the convention (even if we often reach the amazing number of 9 actors !). Sure bet.


Brigitte and her daughter entered in the arena in May 2013 with the BITE ME I’M FAMOUS convention, dedicated to The Vampire Diaries TV show. With more than 900 participants, the success was huge and went beyond what they expected. The event knew some little slip-up inherent in the 1st time. These two great managers immediately made the arrangement and from the second convention, Guest Events became the most successful convention organizer, with a strong reputation of quality and reliability. Today,  the loyal members buy their pass for future conventions without even knowing the guest participants. This is a trust relationship and a successful business that every entrepreneur would envy.

This is a convention :  you between actors for a great picture you’ll love until your last breath, you in front of the scene where actors will answer to your questions…

Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream -4Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream -6

Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream -5Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream -7

How such a successful event company communicate ? Social media are the best friends of Guest Events. Their major communication way is Facebook. For every convention, a private group is created. Nothing more is required. Brigitte only used radio advertisement for the first convention ; then, it wasn’t necessary anymore.

Guest Events dolls up her aficionados.  As a gift and because the pass to have access to the convention can easily reach 500 €, personalized goodies are offered to the participants. For every convention, you’ll received a personalized tote bag. The perfect gift to put your pictures (or your treasure, it depends on how you see it) or your make-up to be absolutely gorgeous when you’ll finally meet the man or woman of your dream. Even actors love these bags as they use it to put all the gifts given by fans. These tote bags are some of the most appreciated gifts simply because they’re useful.

Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream-1Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream -2

Over the different conventions, the organizers change the promotional items : personalized silicone wristbands, 4 colours ball pen… Last July,  for the Teen Wolf convention, slap silicone wristbands printed with the name of the event TEAM WOLF were a hit. « People nicely goofed around with these wristbands, hitting each other with these wristbands » tells Brigitte, happy of the friendly atmosphere.

Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream-3Promotional items are a great way to bring a souvenir of an unforgettable weekend. In the light of this, fans keep them. For example, lanyards and ID wristbands, which allow the entrance to the event, are often kept. Why ? Because of the emotional charge linked to this particular day. The promotional item is more than that, it becomes the Proust Madeleine for a lot of fans.

This is borne out by the fact that social medias are sufficient to spread information for such major events while promotional items remain an integral part of the communication.

Brigitte is already thinking about future personalized goodies she’ll pick up for next events. 2015 will be a huge year for Guest Events who’s preparing quiet one convention every month. For now, she’s working on the next one : From Wilmington to Paris 2, dedicated to the One Tree Hill fans.

Brigitte and her daughter spent 3 weeks in the USA last summer to plan the coming of guests for future conventions and keep putting stars in your eyes.

You want to participate to a convention ? Contact :
You want to personalize promotional items  for your future events ?




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YOU are the goodies’ king ! Share your stories

Posted on 01/08/2014 by Lorene

You-are-the-goodies-king-share-your-stories-2Hey guys, this blog is also yours ! If you’re here, it’s because  you’re interested in marketing, promotional items market and communication in general. You probably use it as well. Don’t be shy, share your experiences, your opinion, your doubts, have a rant, show us what you’ve accomplished, organized, succeed and/or fail.

Tell us your experiences, send us your pictures and you’ll be published ! You organized an event ? You support a great cause very important to you and you’re using goodies and personalized items to finance it ? Promotional items are your favorite communication tool ? Promotional products are part of your loyalty campaign ? TELL US !!! SHOW US !!

Communicate here as well ! A free adverstisement is always good to take.  Your message will be heard thanks to all our readers and followers on Twitter.
You-are-the-goodies-king-share-your-storiesNothing is easier :  send us your piece, answering the following question : where, when, what, why and how. Above all, don’t forget to send pictures (this is the only requirement). Show us people wearing your fabulous silicone wristbands or a place decorated with your promotional balloons… Let speak your imagination and your truth !

You’re not at ease  as a writer ? Don’t worry, we’ll do it for you. After a small interview, we’ll write a great post about YOUR event and you’ll be the blog star !

Let’s have fun guys ! Spread the word ! We’re looking forward to read you :-)
Contact-us !

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How to customize your silicone wristbands

Posted on 02/07/2014 by Lorene

How-to-customize-your-silicone-wristbandsHi everyone. I guess it’s time to sum up everything we can do with silicone wristbands. believe me, you can create an awesome customized product for a cheap spending. You just have to be creative.

It’s not always easy to understand because just a few thing on your silicone wristband can change the whole aspect.

1ST POINT :  Size and shape of your wristband.
A standard silicone wristband, adult size, generally measures 202 x 12 x 2 mm (length x  width x thickness).
You can have a standard silicone wristbands but a children size : 180 x 12 x 2 mm.

Then you can have different wristband widths. You can chose :

- THIN silicone wristbands : women love them. They are considered as more feminine ( only 7 mm of width).

- LARGE silicon wrisbtands : 18 mm or 24 mm of width. They will offer you a big print area but let’s be honest, they’re way less chic.


Then, if you have a bigger budget (because we don’t do non-standard product for a small quantity of course), we can begin to really have fun. Silicone wristbands can be created according to a special shape.
For this, we have to create special molds to fit in the silicone. As a consequence,  the minimum order quantity and the price will be higher but honestly, it’s worthy. The result is much more original and significant.


2ND POINT : the wristband’s style itself
The second step consist in stylizing your wristband. First, you choose its color. Of course, you can choose among all the Pantone colors. You can also do something fun with the multicolor option (different color sections), marbled option (mixec colors), glow-in-the-dark option, fluorescent option (flashy colors), golden or silver glitter option. With this huge choice, you should find something you like.


3RD POINT : The personalization type

The personalization type means : « how do you want your text or logo appears on your silicone wristband.
Here again, if you’re good to create a great design and if you choose the right font, the result can be absolutely wonderful.

You can chose among :

- IMPRINT (1 or several colors)



- FILLED IN  (print in the debossed part)


4th POINT : accessories

We usually accessorize special wristbands (I mean non standard wristbands). You can add a metal sheet on which will be engraved your text/logo.

You also have the possibility to make hologram silicon wristbands (but please, stop dreaming, it only works in your head. You’d better train your mental and your body if you really want to be a badass in sport).

The interlace wristbands (or double wristband)  is also very cool : original and very meaningful, it’s very appreciated for people who fight for fraternity causes and stuff like this. Also, its low minimum order quantity (only 200 pieces) is a very big advantage.


All right, I hope everything is clearer for you now. The silicone wristband is THE promotional product and its success remains huge. It’s the better and cheaper way to communicate. It still has the golden medal of the best goodies.

If you want to take the plunge, contact professionals who’ll be able to guide you :

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Coachella 2014 and its mythical ID wristbands

Posted on 25/04/2014 by Lorene

Coachella-2014-and-its-mythical-ID-wristbands1827165_et_2014_coachella_photo_2000_Day3_ 016_LS

Coachella is THE festival you have to attend if you want to be seen and if you want to be part of the « beautiful people » clan. A music and art festival held in Indio, California, USA since 1999. A very cool, fun and festive atmosphere with a tendancy to nature and flowers in your hair.

Coachella-2014-and-its-mythical-ID-wristbands (4)Coachella-2014-and-its-mythical-ID-wristbands (3)

Anyway, every young fashionable Hollywood actors and singers attend to this event, every spring, to celebrate the beautiful days coming. They all walk around in hippie-chic outfits, more hype one from another. Thanks to this Golden youth who enjoy this euphoric ride for a long weekend, Coachella Festival is now the centre of media attention and benefit from a huge media hype.

Coachella-2014-and-its-mythical-ID-wristbands-Jared-Leto (7)Coachella-2014-and-its-mythical-ID-wristbands-Ryan-Kwanten (11)

Jared Leto, Ryan Kwanten (True Blood), Kid Cudi, David Hasselhoff (who seem to have lot of fun) and Vanessa Hudgens who really  bet on the hippie influence (did she think it was a Halloween party ?), you can see here a bunch of popular people who are having a blast at Coachella with their ID wristbands completely integrated to their outfit.

Coachella-2014-and-its-mythical-ID-wristbands-Vanessa-Hudgens (8)Coachella-2014-and-its-mythical-ID-wristbands-Kid-Cudi-Davi-Hasselhoff (10)

With thousands of visitors, Coachella festival is like a new Woodstock. Each year, the music programming is the best of the best,with very different styles. This eclectism is really appreciated and satisfy a wide range of people. This year, Pharell Williams, Ellie Goulding, Lorde, Beyoncé, set fire in the Coachella Valley.

Coachella-2014-and-its-mythical-ID-wristbands (6)Of course, you imagine that, like for all « superior cast« , there is a distinctive element that allows us, poor not-hippie-not -from-Hollywood not fashionable people, to recognize hype people who succeeded to have a ticket : the Identification wristband. Yes, if you want to be allowed in the closed circle of Coachella visitors, you have to get the magic object : THE ticket that will open the door. You better be on the look-out : tickets are being snapped up as soon as the ticket office open on the Internet.


Coachella-2014-and-its-mythical-ID-wristbands (9)For music lovers who drive thousand miles to assist to awesome summer festivals everywhere in the world, collecting these ID wristbands is like adding a star to his record. it’s a pride, it means  « I was there » ! In Coachella, with celebrities who pose for the photographs with these wristbands and twit pictures of this precious gadget, the woven ID wristbands becomes THE fashion accessory we keep even when the event is finished. Even tyvek wristbands or PVC wristbands, printed with the logo of the major sponsor (nothing can’t serve advertisement !) which are for controlling the ingoing become very cool gadgets. Why ? For the feeling of belonging of course !

You too you want to personalize ID wristbands for your event and create a buzz ? Contact

You want to know everything about Coachella ? Facebook


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St Patrick’s day: celebrate with the best goodies !

Posted on 17/03/2014 by Lorene

St-Patrick-s-day-celebrate-with-the-best-goodiesHere we are : St Patrick’s day ! THE big Irish day. Why are we celebrating ? We’re simply commemorating the christianization of Ireland during the Vth century by Maewyn Succat, a Scotish well known as Saint Patrick who came to evangelize the island.  This man was the one who  introduced the Holy Trinity to the King thanks to the shamrock…

Since then, the 17th of March is a moment of celebration for Irish all around the world. Green is everywhere, people  buy goodies to accessorize their outfits and every pub decorates their place, where big crowds come to drink the traditional beer.Shamrock-winnies

Here is our selection of the best promotional products for this event.
You can of course  personalize the successful silicon wristbands you can offer to people and put a beautiful personalized coaster under the pint of beer. Don’t forget to decorate the place with printed inflatable balloons and shamrock winnies (so cute).


Obviously, the party will be memorable if you offer some gifts to people : green lanyards, a car air-freshener in a shamrock shape... Sure everyone will love it!


lanyard-st-patrickhappy st patricks day shamrock

You want to personalize some goodies for your next event ? Contact

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Temporary tattoos on TV and Movies: what do you think about?

Posted on 04/03/2014 by Lorene

Last Sunday at the Dolby Theater of Los Angeles took place the 86th Oscar ceremony. This is THE big event of the year in the show business world.  Here, at the promotional product blog, we love 7th Art and we are TV shows nerds. That’s why we decided to focus on Hollywood make-up artists’ secret weapon: temporary tattoos.

temporary-tattoos-on-TV-and Movies-Prison-Bearck-Michael-ScofieldOn set, everything’s begins with make-up but sometimes, it’s just not enough. When it’s an entire body part like the back that has to be covered by fake tattoos, wounds or burns, make-up artists calls professionals of temporary tattoos to buy time.

Do you remember the TV Show Prison Break with the handsome Wentworth Miller playing Michael Scofield ? Our hero had a huge tattoo which covered the entire high part of his body: arms, back, chest, and belly. The actor spent at least 5 hours at the making-up to get this result. Unbearable, even with a Hollywood salary! Fortunately for him, make-up artists of the show had the great idea to call a former tattooist who moved into official supplier of make-up and temporary tattoos specialized in Special effects in Hollywood. These guys released everyone.

7th Art world uses a lot this « trick« . Brad Pitt’s tattoos in Ocean movies, Sean Penn’s tattoo in the cult film Mystic River, Vin Diesel’s tattoos in XXX and Gary Oldman’s ones in Harry Potter.


Oh and we don’t forget the sex-symbol Ryan Gosling playing in the great movie « The place belond the Pines » where his numerous tattoos are very important and full of sense. Impossible to think temporary tattoos are dorky seeing these pictures.


Of course, we also think about the famous reproduction of Mike Tyson’s tribal tattoos on the face of one of the hero of Very Bad Trip 2. Warner even had problems because of it as the design was copyright! Ouch, we can’t play with everyone!

Your time to play now! Tell us to what movie or TV shows character you think about when we say temporary tatoos. If you wanna be the actor and have the main role, contact the specialist to order temporary tattoos www.temporary-tattoos-eu

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The right personalized socks for your activities

Posted on 21/01/2014 by Lorene

It’s the beginning of 2014 and, like every year, you took good resolutions. Of course, you want to do more sport, especially more outdoor activities to breathe and take time to focus on yourself. Of course you want to eat healthier food, be fitter, and more reasonable. As usual, you find excuses to not respect your resolutions and often, you charge your equipment to be the reason of your  lack of motivation.The-right- personalized-socks-for-your-activities

We can’t fix all your issues but we can help you about one important thing : the confort of your feet all day long.You’re right, to feel good, you have to wear the good outfits and have the right equipment (even if it’s only one part of your success). We all know the importance of our feet. The well-being of your feet ows everything to your shoes of course (high-heels are killers) but also to your socks ! The right material, the right size and the right options like half-terry or full-terry are super important. Then, the socks personalization is the cherry on the top.

standard-personalized-socks-logosocksSTANDARD SOCKS : A long working day is waiting for you. You have to be classy and simple : choose the plain standard socks. Keep it sober and choose dark colours. With their 21 cm of leg’s length, you’ll make no taste mistake.

sport-personalized-socks-logosocksSPORT SOCKS : You need to unwind and to expend your energy by doing a very energetic sport activity ? Choose the sport sport. Their leg’s length is about 12 cm so that you can wear them with your sneakers without being ridiculous.

You’re a football/rugby player and/or you like skiing ? Choose the right long socks (leg’slength 35 cm). Your legs will stay warm and


  • For these three models, you can add the half-terry option or the full-terry option. Your socks will be thicker, warmer and more cosy.
  • You’re assisting a yoga class and you’re afraid of slipping ? No worries, personalize your socks with the anti-slip dots option !

Finally, the best and last thing you can do is to personalize your socks with your own message. The socks can be woven up to four colours which give you a large range of possibililities. Moto or logo, you can do everything you want !

You’re interested in buying personalized socks ? Contact the specialists :

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