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Creating A Brand Identity Through Custom Stubby Holders

Posted on 29/09/2016 by Henk KROON

When it comes to ensuring that your customers (both existing and potential) remember you days, weeks, months or even years down the track, creating a brand identity is essential. One such way to achieve this is by handing out promotional products, like custom stubby holders, as they’re something that people are likely to hold onto and reuse. In this article, we’ve explained how to create a brand identity using these holders.


Value for Money
One of the main reasons that these holders are such a fantastic choice is that they offer great value for money. Many of the promotional products available will set you back a pretty penny, so it’s understandable that you’ll want to look for products that aren’t as costly.

Graphics & Branding
Holders provide you with ample space in which to include your branding and other graphics. This ensures that, no matter which angle a customer looks at it, they’ll be confronted with your brand. The graphics can also be in full colour and matched to your brand as closely as possible.

Neoprene Colours
Many of these holders are made from neoprene due to its ability to provide your drink with insulation. There is a wide range of colours to choose from (including navy blue, burgundy, red, yellow, orange, green, dark green, black, white, pink, purple and grey).

Amazing Designs
Your choice of graphics and logos can be included on custom stubby holders. Whether you want to include a photograph, a drawing or some other sort of digital graphic, the finished product will look fantastic. Don’t hesitate to speak with a graphic designer if you get stuck.

With or Without a Base
For most holders, you have the option of having them delivered with or without a base. Without a base, there is less material and stitching that you have to pay for. With a base, you can ensure that the drink doesn’t accidentally slip out of the bottom mid sip.

Custom Sizes
It’s important to remember that not all cans and bottles are of the same size. If you have a particular drink in mind, you might be interested in a custom sized holder that is designed specifically to accommodate it. This will ensure a snug fit that is like a second skin.

Made in Australia
Many of the holders currently on the market are made right here in Australia, which means that you can support local businesses as well as provide your customers with a useful promotional product. People like to know that you support Australia, not overseas pockets.

If you’re trying to create a brand identity for your company that cements it as an industry leader with a rock solid reputation, we hope that you’ve found the information provided in this article useful. As you can see, custom stubby holders are a perfect way to achieve this – everyone uses these holders to help keep their drinks cold and to protect their hands from the cold. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance if you require it.

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Reinventing Branding Tools for the Small Business Owner

Posted on 30/08/2016 by Henk KROON

executive-advertising-promotional-products-reinventing-small-business-branding-toolsYour brand is what people will recognize before they ever do business with you (or should, anyway). Just think about it: When Apple launches some new, high-tech product, you may not know anything about what that gadget does or how the technology behind it works, but you likely have favorable expectations of the product because you know Apple’s reputation as an innovator that produces high-quality and stylish personal technology.

You can recognize popular brands before you even see the name of the company on the product or advertisement. Sometimes, you can recognize brands just by the colors or fonts used in an ad. Think about how easy it is to recognize the Disney or Pepsi font even if you don’t see those brand names.

You don’t have to have a huge marketing budget in order to brand your small business. Starting with even small measures can help you start establishing the recognition you need, and you can grow your strategy as your business grows.

Here are a few tools you should be using to brand your small business now:

Branded Products

Everyone loves to get something free, and people will take a mug with your logo on it or a shirt with your company name on it just because you are offering it for free. Then every time they drink their morning coffee in that mug, they will think of you. Every time they go to the gym in that t-shirt, they and everyone else who sees that shirt will think of you.

logobugs-londonThousands of branded products are available, ranging from inexpensive pens to high-quality furniture and electronics. You can buy whatever products your budget allows and have them branded with your company name, logo, slogan, contact information and more. Give out these items at industry events, community events, or employee activities. You can also give them out on social media or as prizes in your online contest.

Consistent yet Scaled Messaging

The Internet has made it easier for businesses of all sizes to reach their audiences. Yet it has also opened up so many marketing opportunities that you may find it hard to keep up.

One mistake that businesses of all sizes make in marketing in this new landscape is to just stamp their logo on everything along with their slogan and contact information. But what works for an email marketing campaign may not work for a social media post, and what works for a social media post may not work for a direct mail campaign.

While you need to be consistent to establish your brand, you also need to remember to scale your messaging. That means having a variety of logos that can be selected depending on the medium. You should have a collection of logos that come with or without the slogan, that are in color and black and white, and that are a variety of sizes and orientations. You should have similar variety in your slogan, colors, and other aspects of your visual branding.

Think beyond the Web

Yes, the Internet does allow you to connect with vast numbers of your audience, and yes, you can connect with many of those people without paying a dime if you know what you’re doing and aren’t afraid of putting in the time.

However, the Internet is not the be-all-end-all. You can’t forget to take your marketing offline to establish your branding in the community, as well. You can easily do this by attending or sponsoring community events, such as local festivals, fundraisers, or school activities. You can also attend industry events, such as conferences, seminars, and workshops.

For offline events, you’ll need to create the right signage to convey your brand, and you’ll need to train everyone who will participate in these events to ensure that they are consistent in their messaging and the way they present your brand’s values.

Branding is an ongoing process, and it requires that you remain consistent in expressing your values and showcasing what makes you unique. Using these simple tips can help you start to get better brand recognition now, and you can slowly work your way toward more comprehensive (and expensive) marketing campaigns that you get you more widespread exposure.

Dan King
IT Marketing Strategist
The Executive Advertising
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Daniel King is an IT and marketing strategist for The Executive Advertising. Daniel has been a developer and marketer for years, and specializes in digital marketing, brand strategy, and ecommerce sales. Daniel has been creating websites since he was a teenager. He has developed entertainment, affiliate, and ecommerce businesses for over a decade. Daniel now oversees marketing and IT operations at The Executive Advertising, a promotional products company located in Hendersonville, TN.

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Promotional shoelaces with your logo? Now it’s possible

Posted on 29/07/2016 by Mathieu Alaimo

promotional shoe laces

Let’s start with one question: do you know someone that doesn’t wear shoe laces? No one, right? Indeed, everyone wears some: at home, at school, in the streets, during sports, at work, etc. So why not use them as promotional products? You’ll be sure to have them seen everywhere and every time!


What are the available colors?multi colored promotional shoelaces

Good question. And the answer is “Your colors of course!” Indeed shoelaces are printed according to PMS colors, there’s no restriction, you can even choose multi colored shoe laces. You can choose to print your logo, your baseline or whatever you want on a long surface: the whole length of the shoe laces is available for the personalization. You can have several colors with the same imprint and let your
clients choose the one they prefer or use them for different events.


customized shoe lacesYou can also choose between 2 sizes: 1100 x 70 mm for the adults and 800 x70 mm for the children. Of course, you can mix these sizes in your order.

Do you have to order a container? If you want! But remember that 500 pairs are enough to have your own personalized shoe laces.


Customized shoe laces : it’s up to you to choose a fun and affordable product that will make your communication take a brand new step.
Feel free to contact the specialist Euro-Logo either by phone +44 207 099 21 66 or by mail :

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Customize the yoyo with your own logo

Posted on 09/06/2016 by Mathieu Alaimo

Do you wish to make some yo-yos with your own logo? It’s fast and easy thanks to Euro-Logo. In our company you can buy and personalize them, the production is really fast and above all it’s a cheap product.custom yoyo

Everyone knows the yo-yo: both children and adults, indeed it’s still a very popular and famous product.

The yo-yos are nowadays a very effective tool for brand’s communication.

For example, if you need a gift that will bring some fun to your prospects, the yo-yo will be perfect for that. You can be sure that everyone will try to play with it as soon as it’ll be given one. Most likely, the yo-yos will be given to the kids and your message will be delivered many times and for a long period.
promotional yoyo

Another important point, one that should be the first to be taken into account while choosing a promotional gift : what kind of reaction do you want from the prospect when he receives the gift. If the answer is a smile, the yo-yo with your logo will be perfect for that.

There are several models of yo-yos: made in wood, plastic or stainless steel, with lights and/or sounds, all of them are printable and they can be customized with a text, a picture or a logo.light-up yoyo
Do you also have a precise PMS color for your company? No problem, you can have it on the yo-yos very easily.

The MOQ is 250 pieces; we’re at your disposal for any questions.

The model you’re looking for isn’t there? Feel free to ask us, through the phone 004402070992166 or through mail: we don’t have enough place here to show them all!


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Invoking Loyalty, Appreciation & Provoking a CTA with Promotional Products

Posted on 08/04/2015 by Lorene

Invoking-Loyalty-Appreciation-and-Provoking-a-CTA-with-Promotional-ProductsA recent study by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) demonstrates just how effective promotional items are for invoking loyalty, appreciation & also for provoking a call to action (CTA).

The study compares promotional items, TV, Direct Mail, Online & Print. The questionnaire was served to 1000 participants, each of whom were asked following three questions:

  1. Which advertising medium has the ability to make you feel appreciated?
  2. Which advertising medium provides you with an incentive to take action?
  3. Which advertising medium is best suited to invoking loyalty to an event or cause?

 Promotional Products - Print - Direct Mail - Online - TV Infographic-2WAPP Promotional Products have put together this info-graphic (click on it) which displays the results.
From these results it’s clear to see that promotional products are indeed the best marketing & advertising medium to make your customers feel appreciated, this is something that allot of companies do not focus on and ultimately your clients are undoubtedly your biggest asset. Invoking loyalty in business is priceless, if your customers look to you & see you as friendly and caring company, the chances are that you will be the first in line the next time they need a product or service that you provide.

Just over half of the people asked thought that receiving a branded gift would motivate them to complete a call to action, this could be anything from phoning or emailing a company to visiting a website or even buying a product. It’s therefore important to add any relevant information to a printed item that can help & persuade the recipient to complete a desired call to action, this can be anything from phone numbers to web addresses to a QR code.

The results are quite obvious when we compare the advertising mediums as whole, promotional products can be personally handed out & stand out as the one marketing tool that are useful due to their reusable & practical nature. This is extremely effective when combined with the fact that on average 87% of people who received a branded gift, kept that item for over one year.


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The weepuls success story

Posted on 01/10/2013 by Lorene

By  Tom Blundell, Creator of the « Original » Weepul

BIPO was started in 1969 by my parents, Bill and Polly Blundell (BI from Bill, PO from Polly). I joined the company in September of 1971 after serving 3 years in the US Army (including 1 year in Vietnam).  In September of 1971 my parents to a one week holiday, travelling to Europe. They left me in charge of our staff of 12 employees who manufactured a line of plush animals.  It was during this time that I created the original Weepul.  I started everyone to work on Monday morning and immediately retired to our front office. There I began my career as an Executive as I read the morning newspaper and drank my morning  coffee.


After a few hours I had read the paper from front to back and had filled myself with more than enough caffeine. I began to look around the small office for something to occupy my time. I spotted  some small cotton pompons that were used as noses on a few of our designs. I also discovered some very small plastic eyes which were part of a sample pack provided by one of our raw material suppliers. I proceeded to glue two small eyes onto the surface of one  of the pompoms.

Skier 0342

When finished I placed the pompon on top of my desk. Because the pom was spherical in shape, the added weight of the eyes caused the pompon to roll over until the eyes were on the bottom of the pom. I continued to peruse the office and I found a small set of pressure-sensitive, die-cut paper feet. They were about 1″ in length. I took two of the feet (1 right foot and 1 left foot) and I attached them together at the heel in the shape of a « V ». (This was a position that I had stood myself many times during the previous 3 years in the military.) I then glued the pompon with the eyes on top of the feet.

By being permanently attached the resulting character « stood at attention » as I placed it on my desk. The whole process probably took less that an hour and as it was almost lunchtime, I not only totally forgot about my creation for the remainder of the day and for the rest of the work week, to be quite honest.

Bride & Groom 1609

My parents returned home from their trip late on the following Sunday night. Apparently they stopped by the office to be sure that it had not burned down during their absence. It was at that time that they discovered my work of « goofing off« . My father immediately called me at home and demanded an explanation regarding the origin of this pompon design. I did my best to dodge his questions as I knew that I had inadvertently left evidence of my « executive work » and I really didn’t want to admit that i was the responsible party. Unfortunately I finally caved in and admitted that I had creation the item.
I remember the distinct, harsh tone of his voice as he told me he wanted to talk to me immediately on Monday morning. I had heard that tone of voice from him many times growing up and I knew that I was in line for a stern lecture about my time management skills and my immaturity in managing the family company in their office. I informed my young bride of less than a year that I fully expected to be scolded royally and then I would be fired by my father for failing to live up to his standards.Squirrel Red_0944#62FB

I showed up for work early the next morning. As I entered the office both he and my mother were waiting for me. My head hung low as he began to speak to me. I was already in an apologetic mode and I was not ready for what i heard come out of his mouth. Instead of « I am severely disappointed in you son » he was saying how proud he was of by creative skills. He noted that the company was in need of a new product to manufacture and sell and that he was sure we could sell at least 1,000,000 of these characters to our customers. He then told me that I had done a very good job while they were gone. I had managed to dodge many bullets while I was in Vietnam but I had just dodged the biggest one ever, the wrath of my father.

My mother added the antennas to the item and the original design was complete. We struggled with a name for the character for a while but finally decided to revive a name  of a former product that had never sold well and the Weepul was born. Weepul is actually a compressed version of Wee People. The original character did not include the imprinted ribbon. This was added several years later as a way to extend the life of the product. In the beginning the imprints were generic in nature, such as Smile, It’s Contagious or Have a Great Day. In the beginning we sold the product to variety chain stores such as TG&Y, Ben Franklin, FW Woolworth and KMart.Antennae Weepul 0321

In 1976, after graduating from Central State University, I purchased the company from my parents. I set out to find a new market for the Weepul and I stumbled upon the Advertsiing Specialty (aka Promotional Products) industry. After exhibiting at national premium shows in New York and Chicago for 3 years, I finally joined SAAI (now known as PPAI) and we attended our first show in Atlanta in the summer of 1979. By adding a custom imprinted ribbon to the Weepul, we had created a low-end item that revolutionized the promotional product industry. Between the years 1971 and 2012, Bipo Inc manufactured and sold in excess of 400,000,000 Weepuls. (Obviously my dad’s original prediction of 1,000,000 was not very accurate).


Over the years we have created 100’s of custom designs for a multitude of clients. We coined the phrase many years ago that « the Weepul was the giveaway that was never thrown away« . It is known around the world by a variety of names and still brings smiles to the faces of those that come across the item. Many times in the early days people would ask what function the Weepul served? I wise person told me to merely look them in the eye and ask them what are the first three letters of the word function? F -U – N. That is what the Weepul is all about. That is why it has survived for more that 40 years and will continue to brings smiles to faces of countless people around the world, thanks to the owners of Weepuls, LLC.

Tom Blundell, Creator of the « Original » Weepul
You love weepuls ? Like the Facebook page  !


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