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Knowing everything on promotional balloons inflated with helium

Posted on 18/12/2014 by Lorene

Knowing-everything-on-promotional-balloons-inflated-with-helium-2Helium, the magic gas that allows us to pump up promotional balloons and to let them go in the sky. For unitiated people, it’s not easy to understand and to know all what we can do with it.
Here is a summary of everything you need to know to organize successful events with a wonderful balloon decoration.

Helium is a rare gaz (low responsive), colourless, odourless, non-toxic and non inflammable. This gas was discovered in 1868 by a French astronomer named Jules Janssen. Helium gas is completely innocuous, besides it’s used for medical use mixed with other gas.


Helium is 7 times lighter than air (that’s why inflated helium balloons fly), 50 times more compressible than water, has a thermal conductivity 5 times bigger than air and helium outspreads through solid body 3 times faster than air. This is THE major information to keep in mind because it means inflated helium balloons will not stay inflated as long as air inflated balloons. At this point, balloons’ quality is major. Of course, the cheaper your balloons will be, the thinner the latex will be as well (if it’s real latex) Knowing-everything-on-promotional-balloons-inflated-with-helium-3and the sooner helium will evaporate.
Clearly, if you’re organizing a party and want to inflate balloon with helium, never decide to inflate the balloons the previous day to anticipate or your balloons will be deflated the the D Day. It’s very important, while you use helium, to inflate your balloons at the latest moment. To give you an estimate, I’d say inflated helium balloons remain inflated approximately 11 to 15 hours.

We already said it, balloons’ quality is very important for the gas quickness to evaporate. Mylar is more resistent than latex,  it preserves helium 7 times longer than classic latex balloons.

Knowing-everything-on-promotional-balloons-inflated-with-helium-44.WHY SUCH A SPECIAL VOICE WHILE INSPIRING HELIUM ?
The duck voice produced when we inspire helium is due to the fact that helium replace the air in our respiratory tracts. As helium is less dense than air we usually breathe, the sound quickness is faster. The respiratory tracks will vibrate  faster and sounds will have a higher frequency. As a result, we’ll get a high-pitched and nasal voice. You’ll find here a good example with the  famous Morgan Freeman video and the fabulous Dolce & Gabbana advertisement.

All right, you now know the main things about inflated helium balloons. Keep in mind to choose balloons of good quality, ask help to promotional balloons professionals who will provide you advices and good balloons capable of flying.

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Promotional power banks beat records of sale in 2014!

Posted on 08/12/2014 by Carletti mathilde

Promotional-power-banks-beat-records-of-sale-in-2014Your mobile phone gets off battery at the worst moment? When your are waiting for this important call, or about to meet a friend, or even when you are lost in a city you don’t know, and you can’t access Google Maps because your battery is lower than the sea level! We all have those failed moments with our beloved phone !

And while I am writing, I realize how addicted we have become to our Smartphones, tabs, and all member of the electronic devices family!  We are so dependant and over-connected that the smallest disconnection is stressful and uncomfortable.
Happily, a new product have seen the light to give an effective solution to the « low-battery problem »: the Promotional power bank!

The promotional power bank, also called external battery charger or powerbank is a portable emergency charger to carry with you everywhere to give an extra shot of power for all your electronic devices.

Promotional-power-banks-beat-records-of-sale-in-2014.2WHAT IS IT ?
A promotional power bank is essentially  a battery  that stores and transfers power to your devices thanks to a USB /micro US cable. There are many different models and capacities from 1400 mAh to up to 30 000 mAh. The bigger the capacity of your promotional power bank is, the more you will recharge your phone.
To give you an example, an Iphone 4 ‘s battery is 1420 mAh. A 4000 mAh promotional power bank would recharge completely your iphone 2.25 times!
For most promotional power banks, about 20% of its capacity is consumed during the charging process. Here is a simple formula to know how many times you will recharge your phone with a promotional power bank : (capacity of the promotional power bank in mAh x 80% ) / Capacity of your Smartphone/device in mAh


To use a promotional power bank, you only have to connect it via the USB cable to a power source, charge it completely, then take it with you wherever you go and use it to recharge your mobile devices when the battery threatens to give-up and tadaaaa! An extra shot of power for you phone! Some precious hours of phone calls, google maping, texting, and access to the World Wide Web!

Promotional-power-banks-beat-records-of-sale-in-2014-4 Promotional-power-banks-beat-records-of-sale-in-2014-3

As you can see, a promotional power bank is a very useful product! Furthemore, a quality promotional power bank has a long-lasting life as they offer a minimum of 500 charging cycles, which represent years of good services.
Last but not least, it’s universal. It can be used with all of the electronic devices that are manufactured nowadays thanks to the universal USB cable for all Mac products and any other brand!
In other words, it possesses the 3 highest assets a great promotional product must have for the European  consumers!

Then it’s not surprising that the promotional power bank was the best sale of 2014 isn’t it?


If you are looking for doing some promotional power banks for you company, association or event, please click here and discover our power banks full range.

And for any question, or need of any kind regarding promotional products, please contact-us!


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HANDS OFF OUR GIRLS silicone wristbands to raise money and awareness

Posted on 04/12/2014 by Lorene

Hands-off-our-girls-silicone-wristbands-to-raise-money-and-awareness (5)Promotional items beauty resides in the great cause it serves. When these advertising mediums are used to spread the word and communicate powerful messages, we’re proud.
That’s the case with the HANDS OFF OUR GIRLS silicone wristbands made for Serious Request, a very big charity event in the Netherlands. Serious Request takes place every year since 2004 the week before Christmas on 3FM radio station’s initiative. The aim is to collect money for the Dutch red cross projects.

Hands-off-our-girls-silicone-wristbands-to-raise-money-and-awareness (4)During this week, 3 DJ’s are locked in a glass house in Haarleem (from 18 to 24 of December 2014) and go without food for 6 days. The objective is to encourage people to give. How ? People are expected to give when they call the radio to require a song. The money is finally given to the Dutch Red Cross. The event is live broadcast on the radio and TV.
This year, the HANDS OFF OUR GIRLS project is highlighted. It helps girls and women who are victims of sexual violence in conflict zones. The Red Cross section in charged helps victims to rebuild their lives and protect sensitive population.

Hands-off-our-girls-silicone-wristbands-to-raise-money-and-awareness (3)The silicone wristbands printed with the slogan HANDS OFF OUR GIRLS will be given to boost awareness about this cause and spread the word to the biggest number. The will is to encourage people to donate.

If you want to support HANDS OFF OUR GIRLS, please visit
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Promotional socks : the best heroes’accessory

Posted on 26/11/2014 by Lorene

You think promotional socks square ? I know why. That’s simply because you’re thinking about the stupid little designs woven on the socks you can buy everywhere. Promotional socks’ world is bigger than that. If you work in business, you have to know that offering a beautiful pair of promotional socks is considered as a great gift. A lot of big and powerful companies choose to offer socks because it’s a useful gift. We all need socks (at least for those who don’t leave in a warm country).

If you’re working in a modern start-up full of young people, I swear that offering socks can be good as well. Yes, it can ! Again, sock can be personalized ; It means you can do whatever you want with it. I looked for some example on the web and I found awesome pairs of socks that « geek » will love. Are you ready ?


The superheroes’ socks are very successful. We all need and dream of a superhero and Marvel, besides its movies, boosts the sell of its tie-in products.  Superman, Batman and wonderwoman socks with their cape are a hit. So cool ! I really want to make a special focus on the  Captain America socks with their wings. Isn’t it too cute ? Oh I also need to show you the Turtle Ninjas’ socks and their beautiful satin ribbon used to imitate the bandana. So awesome !

The beautiful thing is you don’t necessary have to add an accessory to the socks. They can be super original by themselves just like the ballet shoe socks, the Converse socks the sushi socks or the pencil socks. You just need a creative mind, a good designer and a good manufacturer. You can generally can wove socks up to 4 colours, it lets you plenty of possibilities to make fun and memorable promotional socks with a special design and/or your logo and/or your slogan.

Do not forget that socks are a daily items ; It means your promotional socks will be seen again and again until being well « printed » on your clients’ mind. If it’s a gift for your employee, keep smiling : having a boss who wants us to laugh and be warm thanks to promotional socks, it’s wonderful.

You want to personalize some socks ? Contact the expert

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Hunger Games 3 the mockingjay: the merchandising success

Posted on 18/11/2014 by Lorene

Tomorrow is the big day : the release of Hunger Games 3  the Mockingjay part 1. With the huge success of the two first movies,  the production company Lionsgate has a field day with this high quality teen movie. Also producer of Divergent, the company understands how much teenagers  can be profitable to business  thanks to their passion for their heroes but also thanks to their tendency to identify themselves with the characters. During adolescence, the identification is a very strong feeling and makes young people want to scream to the world what they love and where they belong. That’s exactly why tie-in products are so successful with the young.


We’re talking about a huge business that production companies  take care of developing a lot. Besides the capital choices of the right actors, of the story, of the set ; the work on the right communication plan is significant. Communicate with promotional items is as important as the rest of the business plan ;  it extends the passion feelings for a movie or a tangible product.

You’re working in communication and are looking for ideas ? Follow the  Hunger Games example. Here is our selection of the best tie-in products that you can win by assisting to preview showing  or by answering to quizzes on the Internet.


We begin with temporary tattoos. Still fashionable, the fake tattoos are awesome for young people who feel like they are breaking the rules…while they’re only playing. The wide silicone wristbands is great as well, it allows  the slogan to be seen correctly.  My favourite ones are the glitter silicone wristbands : different and classic at the same time.  If you’re really fed up of the silicone wristbands, you can choose the Hunger Games slap wristbands, very efficient as well. Once it’s put on the wrist, it stays there for generally a while.  That’s it for the  personalized jewel part.


Then, you have the Hunger Games outfit : sweatshirts,tee-shirts and personalized socks. Really cool ! My favourite ones are the Katniss socks. All the big fans will wear it and make you a huge promotion for free. I also found this original items : the Hunger Games shoes-socks converse style. If you believe they’re « too much », you can choose the Hunger Games flip flops, efficient as well.


Finally, when you’ll have dressed up your « promotional target« , you’ll just have to give them plenty of personalized accessories : a beautiful Hunger Games Lanyard where people will hang their pass for the preview showing, a gorgeous Mylar balloon and a Hunger Games bag. That’s how a pure fan becomes a perfect mobile advertisement support who has the virtue to smile all the time and makes us want to do the same. Cute and efficient.


You want to  communicate thanks to promotional items as well ? Contact the expert

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Divage, the new cosmetic brand which builds buzz thanks to promotional items

Posted on 06/11/2014 by Lorene

Do you know Divage? I bet you don’t…yet. This is a young cosmetic brand which is growing very fast. Founded in 1999 in Russia, the mark is now targeting the Italian and French markets.  Its positioning « average range » makes it aim women like us, neither with very big income nor without. With a young and fresh communication, the young brand follows fashion and shares its good taste for joy, beauty and life though social media.
Divage-the-new-cosmetic-brand-which-builds-buzz-thanks-to-promotional-items (1)Divage-the-new-cosmetic-brand-which-builds-buzz-thanks-to-promotional-items (4)

Divage-the-new-cosmetic-brand-which-builds-buzz-thanks-to-promotional-items (3)Divage-the-new-cosmetic-brand-which-builds-buzz-thanks-to-promotional-items (8)

For its development in Italy, the communication team chose what its considered as the best by young people : social media and personalized goodies! Divage mostly chose silicone wristbands and satin wristbands and added some personalized flags and other printed tee-shirts perfectly staged on Instagram. Why these promotional items instead of others and how have they been used ? Yana Nanova, the communication manager explains the role of these goodies and the different ways Divage used them for 3 different events :

-Event n° 1 : the GAMF (= Golffo Aranci Music Festival) from the 1st to the 14th of August 2014 in Sardinia. Divage was sponsor of the music festival and presented its products by giving free make-up, make-up artists’tips and promotional goodies. Satin wristbands were used to wrap gifts while silicone wristbands were distributed (new king of visiting card.)
Divage-the-new-cosmetic-brand-which-builds-buzz-thanks-to-promotional-items (6)Divage-the-new-cosmetic-brand-which-builds-buzz-thanks-to-promotional-items (2)

-Event n° 2fashion show and gala dinner Divage on the 11th of August at Bagno Adriaco in Italy. The aim was to communicate on the brand, again. The main word was visibility. This time, satin wristbands was multi-use, showing the clever and creative spirit of the marketing team. Satin wristbands were used as hair accessories in the beautiful hairdressing of the models. Some mascaras were offered to women during the dinner, they were wrapped with the beautiful pink satin wristbands. Some other were just decorating the tables.

Divage-the-new-cosmetic-brand-which-builds-buzz-thanks-to-promotional-items (7)Divage-the-new-cosmetic-brand-which-builds-buzz-thanks-to-promotional-items (5)

-Event n° 3 : During the Divage conference form the 22 to the 23 of September in Rimini, Italy. The aim was to present Divage products to different potential distributors of the brand. The atmosphere was more serious and studious but the promotional items did their effect anyway. Satin wristbands  injected some dynamism in this space decorating the table of work while silicone wrisbtands were given to the potential distributors with tee-shirts and catalog. Who wouldn’t want to sell Divage products after that ?

Divage-the-new-cosmetic-brand-which-builds-buzz-thanks-to-promotional-items (9)Divage-the-new-cosmetic-brand-which-builds-buzz-thanks-to-promotional-items (10)

Divage chose promotional items to push the development of the brand and to increase its visibility towards the public and the distributors. By using these goodies, the aim was clear : silicone wristbands were useful to remind the name of the company in people’s mind. With its punchy colors, the silicone wristbands were a physical  and visible trace of the brand and they were fun enough to be worn. Satin wristbands were a perfect support of Divage image on different « scenes » : decoration on table, fashion hair accessories or simple ribbon for gift, this product is simple, useful and beautiful.

For Yana, the importance of using promotional items to communicate is huge :  « I think goodies are less formal visiting card. People  remind us by wearing our wristbands and other people discover them. That’s why quality and design are super important. The more a product is attractive and fun, the more people will use it or wear it and the more they will spread the word by speaking of it or showing it to other people. We know where starts this communication  but we don’t know where it ends… »

Divage definitely understood the importance of promotional items to succeed in its development.

You want to know more about Divage ? www.divage.comYou want to communicate thanks to promotional itemps, just like Divage ? Contact

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The role of promotional items during the Independance campaign of Scotland

Posted on 17/10/2014 by Lorene

Last 18th of September, Scottish had finally the possibility to speak their mind thanks to the referendum on Scotland independance : « Should Scotland be an independant country ? » The answer was NO but weeks before, we could assist to a « battle » between the pro and the anti. What did we see everywhere to help people show on what side they were ? Promotional items of course !

BRITAIN-SCOTLAND-INDEPENDENCE-VOTEThe-role-of-promotional-items-during-the-Independance-campaign-of-Scotland (7)

The-role-of-promotional-items-during-the-Independance-campaign-of-Scotland (8)The-role-of-promotional-items-during-the-Independance-campaign-of-Scotland (6)

Personalized goodies were activists’ number 1 weapon. Of course, the most successfull item was the national flag.  Fan clappers had a big success as well, as they were neither heavy nor bulky and they allowed to put clearly your ideas up. You couldn’t miss Foam hands as well. Personalized badges were also everywere, just like in all political battles. They’re classic, except when they are on glasses, just like below.

The-role-of-promotional-items-during-the-Independance-campaign-of-Scotland (4)The-role-of-promotional-items-during-the-Independance-campaign-of-Scotland (1)

In a cute style, we saw  inflatable balloons printed with NO or YES. Hard-liner activists chose  a must : the personalized tee-shirts while  bold ones dared body makeup they wore bare chested (with a kilt of course). Using your body as a communication medium. Message well-received thanks to this pushy attitutude ! :-)

The-role-of-promotional-items-during-the-Independance-campaign-of-Scotland (5)The-role-of-promotional-items-during-the-Independance-campaign-of-Scotland (2)

Finally, we have to talk about these pompom girls « on the returns » who dared (bold girls) to personalized themselves their pants, each one wearing a letter for SCOTLAND. Isn’t this national pride moving ? :-)

You want to support a cause and wants to personalize promotional items to comunicate ? Contact

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Highlights on Guest Events and its promotional items which extend the dream

Posted on 29/09/2014 by Lorene

Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream -Guest Events is THE reference for everyone who loves American TV shows.  The event company is born in 2011 and is specialized in organizing fan conventions. What is that ? It’s an event where people can meet the stars of their favourite TV show. You’ll do some photoshoot with your idols, Q&A sessions, autograph sessions, private meetings and even cocktail evening with your favorite actors… If you dream to meet your favourite TV hero, this is the best way to make your dream come true.

Brigitte Gillet, the co-manager of the company (with her daughter)  had the idea to start this business after assisting to that kind of event herself.  Their job : « to sell some dreams. ». It was  huge financial and human challenge for both. Their credo ? Bet on the leading actors and have at least 5 cast members present during the convention (even if we often reach the amazing number of 9 actors !). Sure bet.


Brigitte and her daughter entered in the arena in May 2013 with the BITE ME I’M FAMOUS convention, dedicated to The Vampire Diaries TV show. With more than 900 participants, the success was huge and went beyond what they expected. The event knew some little slip-up inherent in the 1st time. These two great managers immediately made the arrangement and from the second convention, Guest Events became the most successful convention organizer, with a strong reputation of quality and reliability. Today,  the loyal members buy their pass for future conventions without even knowing the guest participants. This is a trust relationship and a successful business that every entrepreneur would envy.

This is a convention :  you between actors for a great picture you’ll love until your last breath, you in front of the scene where actors will answer to your questions…

Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream -4Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream -6

Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream -5Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream -7

How such a successful event company communicate ? Social media are the best friends of Guest Events. Their major communication way is Facebook. For every convention, a private group is created. Nothing more is required. Brigitte only used radio advertisement for the first convention ; then, it wasn’t necessary anymore.

Guest Events dolls up her aficionados.  As a gift and because the pass to have access to the convention can easily reach 500 €, personalized goodies are offered to the participants. For every convention, you’ll received a personalized tote bag. The perfect gift to put your pictures (or your treasure, it depends on how you see it) or your make-up to be absolutely gorgeous when you’ll finally meet the man or woman of your dream. Even actors love these bags as they use it to put all the gifts given by fans. These tote bags are some of the most appreciated gifts simply because they’re useful.

Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream-1Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream -2

Over the different conventions, the organizers change the promotional items : personalized silicone wristbands, 4 colours ball pen… Last July,  for the Teen Wolf convention, slap silicone wristbands printed with the name of the event TEAM WOLF were a hit. « People nicely goofed around with these wristbands, hitting each other with these wristbands » tells Brigitte, happy of the friendly atmosphere.

Hightlights-on-Guest-Events-and-its-promotional-items-which-extend-the-dream-3Promotional items are a great way to bring a souvenir of an unforgettable weekend. In the light of this, fans keep them. For example, lanyards and ID wristbands, which allow the entrance to the event, are often kept. Why ? Because of the emotional charge linked to this particular day. The promotional item is more than that, it becomes the Proust Madeleine for a lot of fans.

This is borne out by the fact that social medias are sufficient to spread information for such major events while promotional items remain an integral part of the communication.

Brigitte is already thinking about future personalized goodies she’ll pick up for next events. 2015 will be a huge year for Guest Events who’s preparing quiet one convention every month. For now, she’s working on the next one : From Wilmington to Paris 2, dedicated to the One Tree Hill fans.

Brigitte and her daughter spent 3 weeks in the USA last summer to plan the coming of guests for future conventions and keep putting stars in your eyes.

You want to participate to a convention ? Contact :
You want to personalize promotional items  for your future events ?




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