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Water on Mars

Posted on 10/10/2012 by Henk KROON


NASA just published the first photo of water on Mars


So what  did you expect?


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Metallic silicone wristbands: express your personality!

Posted on 10/10/2012 by Alice
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Nowadays everybody knows silicone wristbands and their success story. It is a steady and solid success, why? Well, because the price is really attractive and because it is a fashion accessorize.

A silicone wristband can change and adopt many different looks. Its aspect will vary according to the colours you choose and to the type of personalization that you like the most (printed, debossed, embossed, etc…).

As you already know, colours communicate too; a red wristband won’t have the same impact than a pink one if its ultimate purpose is to incite rebellion.

Metallic silicone wristbands are the latest trend :  gold, silver, metallic green… for an awesome success!


They have a vintage aura which is really irresistible! But be careful: the result is not shiny but rather matt! Original and cool!

A silicone wristband is a simple objet, but with this type of personalization it turns somehow in a promotional product with a personality.

If you also want one, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Posted on 11/06/2012 by Priscilla
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Written by B dynamic Australia

If you look in your stationary drawer at work, you’re most likely to find countless plastic company pens rolling around inside. You’ll grab one, realise it doesn’t even work and throw it away or back in the drawer. You won’t remember where they came from or even what the company does. And in the ever changing technological world of iPads and smart phones, who’s to say you even need a pen to jot down that memo?pens

Even though marketing spend is on the rise, more companies are having to embrace new and innovative ways of promoting and launching their products to stand out from the crowd. The promotional products industry is moving on from useless and worn-out merchandise ideas like pens and mouse pads and welcoming in “a veritable fireworks of innovations” (Source: article from Clever marketers are realising that quality, exclusivity and sustainability are what really count.

Environmentally friendly products have come a long way in the last few years and are now considered a trendy way to go green. They extend beyond hemp tote bags and recycled notebooks to include travel mugs, photo frames and cooler bags. Combined with the newest technology; materials made of bamboo, cotton, jute and even corn starch create renewable and reusable products that not only care for the environment, but show that businesses care too.

7721_0003While the move to go green may seem simple or unsophisticated, the quality of these products speaks for itself. The dual nature of the materials is that they are both naturally durable as well as biodegradable. This satisfies the increasing demand for retail quality products that still have heart. Best of all, the move to use eco-friendly products doesn’t compromise relevance or style. Neither does it discriminate. B dynamic’s eco products range from herb plants in zinc pots (for the lawyers who secretly pretend to be master chef’s at home), to a solar desk tree that guarantees your iPhone will never run out of juice when you’re video conferencing.

ECO1120_BambooFrame (2)Promotional products are used not only to increase sales and brand awareness, but they also reflect back on the business that chooses them. Ultimately, the value of the product is up to the client. So, when deciding which direction to go for your next campaign, ask yourself this. Are my clients more likely to use and remember a plastic click pen that hides in their desk or an engraved bamboo photo frame of their family that sits above it?

Source :  Katia Samia

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Free promotional pocket ashtray

Posted on 07/05/2012 by Priscilla
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Our pocket ashtray is a free packet case made in carton.
The pocket ashtray just makes up one with the packet of the smoker who has always it with him.
With a large printable surface, it is a main communication and advertising medium and it will finance the

A lot of smokers are not ready to buy pocket ashtray. Thanks to our product which offers the possibility to
make advertising, the financing and the distribution are FREE.
Doing it slide on the packet, an opening is created in which the cigarette end will be introduced without being
stub out
Inserting the packet into the case, oxygen is driven out so the cigarette end goes out in few seconds.
Thus the case can go out and keep until 8 butts which will be throwed in the dustbin. People can use our
pocket ashtray as often as they need.
With a ratio, “folded / unfolded” from 1 to 20, it is easy to stock and distribute.


Eco-friendly, the Pocket Ashtray helps to protect the environment by preventing the careless disposal of
cigarette ends in the nature.
“Cigarette butts may seem small, but with an estimated 4.5 trillion butts (worldwide) littered every year, the
toxic chemicals add up!”
The cigarettes ends pollutants are diffused, in short or long term in rivers which, of course, create a polluting
Studies speak about 4000 toxic products in each cigarette end
The pollutants contained in cigarette ends are not actually treated and can’t be treated by the purification
Collect the cigarette ends at the source, decreases the number of cigarette ends throw out in nature.
A very economic advertising product, sensitizer and 100% biodegradable
Besides the ecological and advertising interest, it also allows an economic interest by reducing the possible
time of collecting of the cigarette ends.
A smoker smokes on average 15 cigarettes by days, and we estimate that they keep “LePoket” around 10
days. Thus they see the publicity approximately 150 times, with a repetitious effect. In conclusion, the ratio
“price / seen” is better than others publicities.
Ashtray of beach, pocket, of ski, case of package, hides package or portable ashtray, it is excellent gifts, or
advertising object, a support of communication, or support of prevention campaign

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Little printable flag: just shake it!

Posted on 06/04/2012 by Priscilla
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The flag, a representative symbol of a country, a community, or even of a commercial group is well-known and has always been used.


This little printable flag, light and compact, is a very simple but rather funny and effective means of advertising.

It can be printed in full color, on both sides to provide you with a large surface for communicating :  there are not many promotional products  to offer you such big visibility. This little printable flag is the best ally of your publicity.

The second  asset of this customized banner, for those who yearn for more ecology, is the choice of the handle : initially in plastic, it can be replaced by a wooden handle.

Different sizes are available: for example 15×21 cm or 20×30 cm.

If you too you want to experience the pleasure of shaking YOUR OWN printable flag  please contact :

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What is a vector graphics ?

Posted on 20/03/2012 by Yuliya
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Finally! You have decided to make a step further and to place your order. You have made the right choice. You will finally be able to get your cute promotional products…But, there is an important step to make before producing these wonderful items: you have to make a final art proof. This step will define the quality of the final result.

Indeed, the production department goes only by the elements indicated on the final proof in order to create a product that will fully correspond to your wish. That is why it is of utmost necessity to carefully check all the details that you see on your final artwork. It is vital for the quality of the picture to be perfect.

In order to make this final proof and to be sure of the faultless final design, the graphic designer will ask you to give him a vector graphics, a proof of quality. Ouch, ouch, ouch, this is the moment when you start panicking: “What is this vectorized file??”

Take your breath, the explanation is below!pixel_text

A vector graphics is a digital picture. This is the opposite of the matrix image; when we work with matrix pictures we work on the pixels.

You can change the size of a vector graphics and the quality will be unchanged, contrary to the matrix image that will show the multitude of pixels from which it is made of when you try to enlarge it. Try it on your own; it will be clearer than any explanations or descriptions.

When you vectorize a graphics, you actually draw again all the lines, points and other details from which the picture is made of. To do it, you use special software which allows you to work with vectors (vector: right directed segment on which we click to define a point of origin and a point of extremity in order to give it a shape). This can take a lot of time and you have to be very patient.

The advantage of a vector graphics is that we can enlarge it without any damage made to the picture, the vector lines will be created through mathematical formula and they are recalculated every time the size is changed.

If we take logos for example, they are mainly drawn under the vector form, in order to be able to print them in high definition regardless of their size. That is why it is important to work with this type of files in order to customize promotional products. vectorize-image-08

The more often used softwares for the creation of the vector graphics are Adobe Illustrator, or Macromédia Flash, but there are a lot of others.

In any case, no worries: if you cannot provide a vector graphics, either because of lack of time or because you do not have technical skills to do it, the graphic designer will do it with pleasure.

Source :

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Is Social Media Right For Your Business

Posted on 29/02/2012 by Yuliya
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Written by Liz Allen

social-mediaI recently read that Proctor & Gamble are going to lay off 1,600 people in order to “moderate” their advertising budget because social media can be “more efficient” than traditional media. The CEO, Robert McDonald is quoted as saying:

“In the digital space, with things like Facebook and Google and others, we find that return on investment of the advertising, when properly designed, when the big idea is there, can be much more efficient.”

P&G spend 9–11% of their sales budget on marketing, a huge sum of money which hasn’t wavered in the face of recession or poor sales results. I’ve heard frequent criticism of the ‘flabby’, non-ROI driven tactics deployed by the company, but is Mr McDonald over-rating social media as a “free” resource that can achieve the same as 1,600 people?

Time will tell, but what this does illustrate is the approaching shift in resources towards digital marketing. I really do believe it behoves all of us working in the marketing sphere to get a better grasp of the tools available, and how both we and our clients can benefit from their use.

So what’s so good about social media?Social-Media1

  1. It’s free.
  2. It’s measurable. You can easily see how many likes you have on Facebook, how many followers on Twitter, and how many connections you have on LinkedIn. You can also track 12 different social media platforms at once using the (also free) Klout website (
  3. You can’t fake it. If you’re really passionate about what you do, and what your customers think, social media is ideally positioned to help you narrowcast at a grassroots level. On the other hand, if you’re a modern day Gerald Ratner, your lack of authenticity will show.
  4. When integrated with traditional media it provides a cross-channel, cross-experience and cross-audience campaign which – like P&G’s wildly successful Old Spice advert – can have a dramatic effect on sales.

The main negative levelled at social media is that most marketers (as yet) haven’t seen a direct impact on sales, but arguably they’re missing the point.

Alex Pearmain, head of social media at O2, says it’s in engagement and not direct response where social media will prove successful for marketers.

He adds: “Social media can make money, but businesses need to have a broader view of how it can do this. If someone invests in direct response and wants a return within 10 days, I would query the use of social media.

“However, if it is a longer-term approach to drive customer engagement and customer value, then social media is more appropriate.”[1]

The other issue – for me, certainly – has been the ever increasing number of social media platforms available.

Here for your viewing pleasure are the main ones that I’m aware of, along with my – highly inexpert – feedback on using them!social-media3

  • LinkedIn – My personal favourite, with the discussions being fantastic for both market research, gauging customer opinion, and yes, even direct sales!
  • Facebook – Great for connecting with existing customers and industry peers. Haven’t yet nailed getting the world at large to take notice!
  • Twitter – Again, great for engaging with your peers.
  • Google+ – I haven’t really given this a proper shot yet… Too early to tell. It seems pretty similar to Facebook.
  • Foursquare – I don’t really see this as a business app but it’s good fun.
  • YouTube – Video content is surprisingly good for SEO, and this is the home of viral campaigns too. One area I’m really going to push in 2012.
  • Instagram – This is a photo sharing app that publishes your photos to most of your social media platforms. Handy!
  • Tumblr – An easy to set up and use website for blogging. I’ve just started on this but it’s great for sharing content.
  • Pinterest – The hottest thing in the world right now! I’ve just signed up. Very excited about using this to share content and (hopefully) drive traffic to our websites.

I’m aware I’ve missed out loads but that’s the point – you can’t possibly expect to get great results from each one.

Each one you sign up to means a little less time on the others, which probably means poorer quality and less frequent posts. I think the answer here is to give them all a fair trial and then cut back to the ones which show the most promise.

So in conclusion, I don’t think any of us can afford to ignore or avoid the social media explosion, whether it’s from the perspective of growing your own business, or advising your customers on achieving the best results from their cross-channel campaigns. Better to be driving the band wagon than merely riding it!social-media-world

Written by Liz Allen

[1] Source: Marketing Week

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Eco Giveaways for the Style Conscious

Posted on 09/02/2012 by Priscilla
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Written by Helen Louka from

Environmental awareness is now firmly engrained in our lives and that extends to promotional product selection. Giveaways do not need to be wasteful and harming to the environment so if you plan to use eco gifts, try our top picks for a stylish but green promotion…

Jute Bags
Spotted on celebs such as Amy Childs and Little Mix the jute bag is set to surpass all other promotional bags as a top trend this spring. No longer resigned to the supermarket checkout, jute bags are now a fashion staple – a coveted item on which to promote your logo. Available in a vast range of sizes, the jute tote bag is not just a pretty canvas; it also provides a great print area for personalisation so plenty of room to add a logo, contact details, and a strapline. Giving jute bags as part of your advertising campaign is a sure fire way to get your logo noticed, as any recipient is certain to want to carry this ‘it’ bag everywhere!3471

Organic Cotton T-Shirts

Organic cotton t-shirts are a popular alternative to traditional promotional t-shirts, especially the trendy skinny fit. Ideal for staff uniforms or to personalise with your message, an organic t-shirt will promote your brand to today’s eco conscious consumers. And did we mention price? No longer a high ticket item, eco t-shirts are an affordable fashion staple which won’t break the bank.

Eco Sports Bottles
2012 is an Olympic year and that means sports promotions will be high on the agenda.  Eco sports bottles are hotly tipped to become the ‘must have’ sporting souvenir offering a convenient and popular way to showcase your green values. And banish all thoughts of cheap recycled plastic, today’s eco bottles are made for the style conscious, on and off the field.

Bamboo Computer Accessories


For a distinctive promotion, nothing says ‘eco chic’ more than a stylish bamboo computer accessory. For office workers, how about giving a promotional bamboo mouse, made from environmentally friendly bamboo? Used with great frequency, a mouse is an ideal way to keep your logo in view and can be teamed up with a bamboo USB flashdrive to give an air of real elegance to the workspace.

Eco Notepads
With the current trend for all things vintage there is an increasing interest in promotional gifts with a retro look and feel. In some cases, the more rustic the better so an eco friendly notepad with retro looking recycled paper is the perfect backdrop for your logo. For added visibility why not accessorise with a recycled pen and hand out as part of your next green promotion.


Remember, care about your carbon footprint, and your customers will care about you!

If you need information concerning promotional product, don’t hesitate to contact: www.

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